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    Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall"

    Rodrigo walks out as he skips down to the stage, he then turns his back to the crowd for a moment, opening his arms wide before spinning round again and walks to the ring high-fiving fans. He slides under the ropes and stands in the ring

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Burgos, Spain, weighing in at 187lbs, Rooodriigoo!!"

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring

    Announcer: "And their opponent, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs, Jacob "Nano" Coolltooon!"

    Rhodes vs Based God Darth

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both.
  2. Second match in this company!!!

    *Crowd cheers*

    And not only that, I havent been beat yet! What a night! I wont lie to all of you, he was a tough opponent, he dominated the match. But as I've said before, I've achieved my dream. I've won a match, WE have won a match. And more victories will come.

    This is only the beggining, with you in my side, we will beat anyone, because when you cheer me, when I feel you, when you buy the tickets just to see us live... We need to entretain you, we need to win. We need to give the best. Because you deserve the best.

    When I won the match last night, I knew I wasnt going to win the title. Why? Because winning a match isnt enough. Beating every opponent will give the chance to chase the most important title in wrestling. So when I knew I was going to wrestle again, I thought ¨Great, I have another option to show you and the GM why you should believe in me¨

    *Looks at Based God now*

    I've seen you before, I've been live to some of your wrestling matches. You're good. THere are some facts that you just cant deny. You're good, but you shouldnt be calling yourself god. Why? Well, God is relationated to perfection. And we can't reach perfection. You might reach a personal satisfaction, but satisfaction is the lost of desire.

    *Turns back to the crowd*

    Never ever feel satisfied. Because, there will be always someting to be better at.

    *Turns back again to Based God*

    I've heard you backstage, you just claim you're God. The God of wrestling. Today, I've been called out to show you there will be always something new to learn.
    I've already beat a guy who thought I would never make it. And, at the end of the match, I was the one stading. When your time comes, I promise you, you'll reconsider calling yourself God.
  3. Darth isn't going to show up and I don't want to disappoint anyone in the crowd, they want to watch a match. That's why I went to Dennis' office and asked him to make this match official. It's official, now it's Jacob Colton against Rodrigo. I also asked about your promos, he wants equality so you'll start over with your three promos. Please, only one thing, let me start the match
  4. How's everyone doing? You wanna be entertained?! Of course you want, that's why we're here, to give everybody what they want! This is my second match, I hope no one comes out and fucks it all up. I wouldn't like to see the same thing as in the last match I competed in. It was the main event, a really hard match. I'm still happy from that match if I'm honest. And now I have another match, this is simply amazing, brilliant, great, I don't know how to tell you what I feel. This is like the best thing in my life, one week after I fought in the middle of this same ring, I can repeat this week in front of one of the best guys in this company! I admire you, Rodrigo. Really, I want to shake hands before this starts.

    *Crowd cheers*
    *Jacob now stares at Rodrigo*

    My last match didn't end as I wanted, as the crowd wanted. This week this isn't going to be any different because one of us is going to lose but lets take care about what we have to do now. Lets forget the future, that hasn't arrived yet. We didn't win the title, but we did win something and that's their respect, they love us and we must give them what they want to see, we're entertainers but we're wrestlers too. This is the first time I face a man like you, I was impressed, you won your first match in this company. And it was against another great wrestler, but you weren't the main event of the evening while in the other hand I was. I'm not claiming I'm better than you. I'm just saying that the owner, Dennis, thought I had something to be in the main event, even when he knew I wasn't the strongest of the contenders. In the end we didn't find who the best of the three was because Messias and another ridiculous man interrupted us, but I know I could have a chance to win that match and I wanted to prove it. Mr Dennis did a great job putting us in the same ring, it's good for the people, good for the business and good for us. We can learn in every match we take part of. This match will prove who the best man is. Good luck trying to defeat me, I'm not a weak wrestler at all...

    *Jacob smirks*
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  5. Rhodes. It's your turn buddy
  6. Can someone explain FNW to me? It seems to be identical to IWT?
  7. Sorry for te delay. I've had a personal issue. Will post it tonight. Hope we can finish it tonight.
  8. You cut the promos but the manager controls it all. The manager picks the winner, the rules and everything else. Then he makes the show
  9. Doesn't matter but I don't think I'll be on... I may be only two hours, today I'm busy...
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    First of all,

    *Looks at the camera*

    Darth, I know you are watching me. You have made the biggest mistake of your career by not showing up. It shows the respect you have for all this people and for me. This is not gonna end like this. Trust me.

    *Looks now at Jacob*

    I've always said, wrestling is not only what happens inside a ring. While most of the guys rely in their wrestling skills, I go one step further.
    I study my rivals at home, I know every single move of their moveset, and I know a counter for them. Therefore I know how you move inside a ring, I know your style, and damn, you are a though guy. I do respect you too. I know you've said you dont think you're better than me. But your words have meant a different thing. Otherwise you would have not brought up this main event crap. And I hate you might think you're better than me just because....You have main evented a show.

    Let's be serious, when I look at my short career, I see, 1 Match, 1 win. Can you say the same? The other guy, Nixon, he was a beast. And he thought I would not be good enough to beat him. Last time I checked, the ref was rising my arm.

    Now just because you have main evented a show, means you're better than me. Why? Well, I was booked in this show. You weren't. The current champion didnt main evented last week's show or this week's show. But he's the champ. Therefore wether we like it or not. He's the number one guy of the company. That's why you cannot be proud and think you're better than anyone else. That's a status you gonna earn by defeating every single guy you face. Dont matter if you're live or not. Opening the show or closing it. I've been booked two times this far. The two of them, I've been in the middle of the card. My aim? To steal the show, overshadow the main event and give this fantastic crowd what I think they deserve.

    I give my best in every match. No matter what.

    *Spaniard chants*
  11. You can say what you think it's the truth. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else because I know I'm not, but I know something about this business and is that if you want to win, you must beat the hell up your opponent. I work on my wrestling skills but I don't forget about my opponent and you did that for one second. I want a clean match because that's what they deserve. A clean match, because if not it would be a lost of their time and a waste of their money.

    You're right. I haven't win a match yet, but that was because of a son of a bitch called Messias. You see? Our career here has been really different. Someone fucked up my match while you could end yours. I see my career, I see 1 match, 0 loses. This may not change this night, because after I win you, I'll have 0 loses. You're a great opponent but you can't defeat me right now. Why? Really easy. You can't defeat me right now because you can only talk about what you did, you're not focused in this match and I know how to take advantage from that.

    You said another thing and it's true. I wasn't booked for this show because I'm exhausted from my last match, they told me to stay at home and relax but I came here like every single day and when I saw that your opponent is so coward I came here, because they deserve it, because they want to see a match, because without them we wouldn't be here, because I love them and because I wanted to fight again! I know I can't say I'm the best everywhere I go, I have to earn that right and I'll earn it sooner or later. I don't care who the champion is if I'm honest. I'm not in my best moment but I stand here every time I can because I want to fight, I want to be with them. As I said a lot of times, they'll push me to my limit because without them I would be nothing.

    *Jacob talks to the crowd*

    You all know why I come here, I know you don't care about how many times I fall down, you give me your energy to get back up when they push me down. I can't win any match without you. You're the most important thing for me, you're the most important thing in this business and you're the best thing in this whole company! Thanks for this amazing moments, hope you enjoy the rest of this match.

    *stares at Rodrigo again*

    Well, I'll tell you something I learned from my other match. It doesn't matter how strong you are or you look. Intelligence is the most important thing in a match. It doesn't matter if you study every move and you know how to counter them if then in the ring you're slow you can't counter every move. Some will hit right in the target and don't forget that even if I respect you, in this ring... You're in my target
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    You basically say I can't beat you because I only talk about what happened las week while...Hey check your words again because the 80% of the time you talk about what happened in that show.

    You claim you're tired because of your last match? Dude, I'm here, I am ready for any opponent who wants to face me and I had the most phisical match of the night. Have you ever face a ex MMA champ? I've had and it's not all hapiness. And guess what. One minute after that match finished, I went to the GM office and asked him for another match.

    You have just started your career and you're already tired? You already want to skip shows and go to rest? Well, I'm not that kind of wrestler. People pay to watch me. And I will come here and give every single bit of energy I have left. As my theme says.

    *Points at the tron*

    Till I collapse.

    I was trained by the best luchador ever. He has been a father for me. He has taught me everything. And I'm probably the faster guy in the ring you'll ever face.

    Dont lie to this people. Dont try to make the believe something that is wrong. Because the watch the show every single week. They know how I wrestle, they know my style. And they know that when I speak, I always say the truth. You try to be the good guy, the guy everyone loves.

    But then, you prefer to stay at home instead of coming here and showing this crowd why they should believe in you. But I guess we cant change that. There are some wrestlers that only wrestle because at the end of month, the GM will give you your salary. There are other wrestlers like me that decided to get paid less so more young talent like me could be hired. Yeah that's right. I'm the guy who gets paid the less. And I dont care about the money. It's enough live. I do this because I like it. Because I want this people to enjoy the moves I do.

    Wich brings me to the next point. Every time we sign a contract, we submit our moves. The moves we like the most. And well..

    *Rodrigo shows a paper and show it to the camera*

    Show Spoiler
    Rodrigo's moveset

    Jacob's moveset

    It's easy to copy someone's moveset. Ive seen that before. And that might work in the indies jacob. You can copy all the moves you want. But let me tell you two things.

    First of all, the guy who copies the 80% of the moves of other wrestler, will never earn the damn respect of this people. People wants someone with personality. Not a puppet. Not a lazy bones. And the guy who copies moves, will never ever hit those moves as the guy who used them first. Ever.

    Secondly, what this company is searching is original people. Not people who does the same every single show. And that's why this people like me.

    I believe wrestlers choose their themes with a reason. And that's true. I will give everything I've got. Till I collapse, while you...You will be gone.

    *Crowd cheers*
  13. You can say as much as you want that I copied your move-set but you forgot about something. We signed the contract the same day. We came to this company the same day. And the most important thing is that a contract is private! You can't see other wrestler's contract. You showed my move-set, but it isn't full. You took the things I showed in the last show, but that's it. I have a lot of moves you haven't seen yet. And you said I couldn't hit you with that move-set but the fact is that you forgot about execution. Your trainer may be a greatest of all times, but that doesn't matter if the pupil is just a kid who doesn't even understand what is this business all about. This is about giving everything in every match you're in. You say you'll give everything until you give your last breath but I know I'll continue fighting here until the day I die! Because this is my passion. Because this is my life. Because without this I would go back to my previous life and I don't want that to happen. Your life was better than mine. Almost everything for you was easy. I don't know your life, that's why I won't tell everyone how it was.

    Yeah, I said I'm exhausted. It was a triple threat match against the best in this company. But you weren't listening because I said that I came here like every single day, then I saw your opponent was a coward and asked to take his place. You better listen before talking. I also asked for a match but as I said before, they told me to stay at home, get ready for the next week's show. Also, you could walk when you won. I know it's not all kindness. Anything in this business is. But did you leave the ring in a stretcher? I did. And right now I'm here in this ring, fighting you like a man and even if I'm exhausted I know I can defeat you. You're less paid wrestler, true. But do you know who's behind you in that rank? Yeah, it's me. I'm the second man who earns the less amount of money in this entire company. The difference between your salary and mine is just five bucks.

    You're wrong again. People pay to watch wrestling. People pay to have a great time here. People pay just pay to get entertained. I do what I love, I don't really care if I'm cheered or booed because I'll stand in this ring because of them. They can believe in my words or not. I'll respect their decision.

    I won't be gone when you'll collapse. I picked this theme just because my mum told me things like the ones this song says. I loved my mum and now I can't see her because she isn't alive. She's watching me from there up. She pushes me. She gave me the life and I can't thank her enough, but I wish she's proud of me. I need this people as I need my mom, but anything is forever. Someday we'll die. Someday you'll realize your crap isn't important because you don't have the facts to show them in front of this people. Someday you'll realize that this match is live because of me. You would win because of a count-out or something similar. But you're with me right now. I respect you but I must defeat you here and open your eyes.
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    Oh wait a second Jacob.

    So... the contracts are private but you know how much I get paid? Once again, you're just using your words against you. There's something called the indies. And check the date again. I signed it up before you.

    True, this company is about how much you give in the ring. That's why I'm here, that's why it seems like this people hear me. Do you hear them? Looks like if they are on my side.

    Jacob, there's something you can't never ever say. You dont know my life. You dont know how I am deep inside. You talk without knowing what you say. Please once again, dont lie to the people. I thought you were a guy who I could believe in, trust, I used to respect you. But, from what I've seen in this match. You have shown to me, to this people, your real colours. You aren't like you want this people to believe. You have lied. You have tried to make them believe I was a bad guy.

    This might sound mean, but the background doesnt mean anything. Yeah it's true,

    *Looks at the people*

    I was bornt in a rich family, I had all kind of facilities. But money cannot buy certain things. Money cannot buy dedication. Money cant buy success.
    *Looks to Jacob*
    You will always have your mother with you. I'm sure. I'm sure she's now in a better place. And I hope she gives you strenght in life. But there's a lot of people that have faith in me. Wich means they give me strenght. Every single guy in this crowd. Every single person I met in my life that are now important for me, are now watching this. And they believe in me. And I need to give them something back. And that's the reason why I fight/wrestle till I collapse.

    Once again I wanna say that there's something that will not help you in this company. And it's to try make your opponent look like trash.

    You havent gave me the reason why you can defeat me. I dont believe in luck. For me, luck means hardworking.

    If you train like I do. 24/7, you wont believe in luck. Because only me and the one who is above everything will be the one who writes my destiny.

    Check out you last week's match, I won't say you were the weak link. But it looked like a 1vs1. You were out the most of the time. They know what I'm talking about. Your ego is too big for seeing that you were the guy who was supposed to eat the pin. So neither Kid or AIDS would be hurt by a loss. Let's face reality.

    I dont know if I will beat you. You are sure you'll beat me. If that's the scenario. No matter how much trash you have thrown at me, I will ask for a handsake, and then, I will be focused in my next match. And you can learn from every single loss.

    I've travelled all over the world. Searching how to improve my skills, I've visited countries you wouldnt know how to pronouce. Just searching the level were, FNW would heard of a guy who ¨Knows how to wrestle¨. You claim I dont know what this company is all about? That's the biggest lie you have ever said. If you have to explain this company in three words, those would be Hardworking, Skill and Entretainment. And....

    *Shows his hoodie to the camera*

    You can read those three words are written in gold inside the hoddie, so everything I put it on, that's all I can read. I'm more dedicated to this company that any single wrestler will ever be. This company is your pasion? Well for me this company is my life!

    *Crowd cheers*

    I know we will someday die, we all do. But everything you do in life, will remain for the end of time. That's my main aim. To make people remember me till the end of time.

    I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time. I want that bit, to be endless. And all that began last week, but continues tonight

    *Crowd cheers*
    *Spaniard chants*
  15. Sackfist chooses the winner, and writes it into the "tapings" or actual events. It takes out the anon voting, and gives build to stories in a more constructive way. Same deal with this, and we are looking into having "house" shows, which would be exactly the same as IWT, minus the 7 titles.