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    27/1/13 Phoenix

    Preshow : (#1 contender for the diva's championship , RR match)
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    Josh Mathews and Striker as commentators with Kaitlyn (c).
    Order :
    #1: Layla
    #2: Beth Phoenix
    #3: Aksana
    #4: Alicia Fox
    #5: Natalya
    #6: Naomi
    #7: Cameron
    #8: Rosa
    #9: Tamina
    •Beth Phoenix returns to the WWE.
    •Aksana is eliminated by Natalya , however , she manages to get back in the ring and eliminates Natalya.
    •Cameron eliminates Naomi .
    •At the end , only Layla ,Tamina and Beth are left . Beth and Layla eliminate each other .
    Winner and #1 contender to the title: Tamina .
    Time : 16 minutes 21 seconds

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