ROH 22/12/12

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Jonathan, Dec 23, 2012.

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  2. Are RoH weeklies worth getting into right now?
  3. I'm not sure. Ask @[seabs] or @[Stopspot].
  4. ROH? I :NO: IMO, not digging it.
  5. Comprendez, so what is the best to get into then?
  6. Check PWGs monthly shows, also some DGUSA shows.. No weekly tv show is better than IW currently imo.
  7. Cool, will give them a try. Yeah I've loved it since I started watching.
  8. PWG is the best indy fed out there, period. ROH 90% sucks, DGUSA and EVOLVE are very good, but nobody touches what PWG does. #SuperDragon
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    PWG imo is what ROH was when you had Punk, Joe, Aries, Nigel and Danielson running around.. Guaranteed quality every time you see it.
  10. Btw, what were the matches on this show? Is it worth a watch?
  11. Yeah I'll definitely give some of their stuff a try (I'll start with what you posted last page).

    Oh and Dragondragon > Super Dragon
  12. Yeah, start with Generico/Steen from Steen Wolf (check Legends content).
  13. Eddie Kingston was dragon dragon wasn't he?