Ring of Honor ROH/NJPW Global Wars Night 1 Results

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    You can find more detailed results here.

    Seems like another ROH/NJPW I'm really looking forward to watching.
  2. This was a really stellar show!

    - Moose & Gedo vs Young & Watanabe was an okay show opener.

    - KUSHIDA vs Chris Sabin vs Kyle O'Reilly was a good triple-threat match.

    - The Kingdom vs Liger & Sydal was solid. Highlight of the match was Maria/Liger moment on the apron. LOL'd so hard at that.

    - Okada vs C-Alexander was some good, enjoyable stuff.

    - The Addiction vs Roppongi Vice vs The Decade was good.

    - Nakamura vs ACH was awesome!

    - Jay Lethal vs Naito was pretty good.

    - Tanahashi vs Elgin was good. Tana getting the win floats my boat!

    - ROH All-Stars vs Bullet Club was a rad, fun-tastic ME. I loved every bit of it!