ROH: Revival of Honor (Self Written BTB)

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  1. This a BTB I'm currently working on. I write just the endings/important spots of the matches, ROH IS BACK TO HOUSE SHOWS (DVDS) AND IPPVS ONLY.

    Champions as of Eye of the Storm 3 (open)
    Champions as of Eye of the Storm 3 (open)
    ROH World Heavyweight: Jay Briscoe
    ROH World Television: Matt Taven
    ROH World Tag Team: Generation NEXT (Roderick Strong and Alex Shelley)

    Currently working on the full, updated roster.



    Death Before Dishonor 11 (open)

    Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness open up the show on commentary, announcing tonight's the night that is going to allow the moment of a lifetime, one man will be crowned the new ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa, Kevin Steen or Michael Elgin. We open up the show with six "new" man mayhem, the winner receiving a spot in the Honor Rumble, taking place soon.

    AR Fox vs. Ricochet vs. Rich Swann vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Johnny Gargano vs. The Redneck Rebel (OOC - Custom masked Characer, wears full jump suit and mask with the rebel flag as a design.)

    AR Fox would hit a huge hurricarna onto Gargano, Back breaker from Chuck Taylor! Taylor makes the cover, Swann hits a dropkick onto the face of Taylor, Swann goes for the cover now, 1.. 2.. RR picks him up off the pin and hits a HUGE german suplex, RR then swings around Ricochet who just stepped into the ring and hits a DDT, plants him face first, Gargano comes in for a roll up, RR kicks out immediately and picks Gargano up and drops him with a piledriver, 1..2..3!!

    The Redneck Rebel wins the 6-man mayhem, and now qualifies for the Honor Rumble.


    ROH World Heavyweight Championship Semis: Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa

    Adam Cole and Ciampa put up a hard fight between one another in this bout! Ciampa hits hard chops onto Cole, Cole is backed up into a corner, Ciampa runs back to the far corner and goes for a running drop kick into the corner, Cole pushes himself out of the way, ROLL UP!! Cole has the trunks!! 1..2..3!!

    Adam Cole swiftly rolls out of the ring and raises his arms in victory. The announcer declares Cole the winner of the bout, moving onto the finals.
    ROH World Heavyweight Championship Semis: Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen
    Michael Elgin makes his way to the ring, the crowd cheers, he waits for Kevin Steen.
    Kevin Steen begins to make his way to the ring, BUT WAIT, 5 masked men attack Steen from behind, Elgin looks confused, 2 of the men continue to beat down a weakened steen as 3 of the others go to Elgin and beat him down. Both men have been laid out. The crowd is chanting "Bull sh*t!"

    Who will face Cole for the title now?

    Kyle O'Reilly vs. Jay Lethal

    O'Reilly would lock in a clover leaf, Lethal pulls his ways to the ropes, Lethal sets up O'Reilly up for the Lethal Injection, O'Reilly counters and throws Lethal into the ropes, Lethal ducks, O'Reilly jumps over, Lethal and O'Reilly roll to the opposite sides of the ring, they scoot around the ring, go for another lock up with eachother, O'Reilly would overpower Lethal, he is able to get Lethal down to his knees and WHAM! Round house right to the skull, it's over! 1..2..3!!

    O'Reilly would smirk as he got his hand raised, Bobby Fish comes down to the ring and
    grabs a mic. and begins to speak.
    Bobby Fish: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, my best friend, and the other half of the ring of honor world tag team champions, Kyle O'Reilly!!

    the crowd boos.

    Bobby Fish: Now that the match is over, it is time for I, Bobby Fish to go one on one with one of ring of honor's best, a former world champion, Roderick Strong!!

    the crowd cheers.

    Bobby Fish: Yeah, you guys like Roderick Strong? HA! Roderick is nothing, and has been nothing ever since he lost that belt to the likes of someone as Eddie Edwards back 2011. My partner O'Reilly and I are here to prove that Roderick Strong and the pathetic piece of trash that O'Reilly just defeated, Lethal, are nothing but garbage!!

    Roderick Strong's music hits, he makes his way to the ring with a mic. He's smirking, he stays on the floor while Fish and O'Reilly look ready to fight.

    Roderick Strong: Fish, you never shut up, do you? Well, I had a feeling that you'd want to pull something like this and talk, talk, talk. The whole point of ring of honor is REAL wrestling and putting on the BEST matches, we're not a monday night talk show!! So since
    you seem all high and mighty today, why don't you face my partner and I for those titles?

    Bobby Fish: And who would that "partner" be?

    Jay Lethal is rolled out of the ring by someone, another man steps in.

    Roderick Strong: He's in the ring, as we speak.

    Fish and O'Reilly laugh as they assume it's Lethal, IT'S..


    Shelley super kicks O'Reilly, Fish goes for a clothesline, Shelley ducks, he whips off the corner and jumps backwards over Fish, Strong is in the ring by now (**BELL RINGS**) He hits a back breaker onto Fish, Shelley tops it off with a running Moonsault, cover! 1..2..3!!


    Shelley and Strong celebrate their win with the belts.


    Adam Cole cuts a promo.

    Cole: A lot of people are already sending me LOADS of tweets, LOADS of Emails, asking if I had anything to do with the attacks that happened to Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin. And to answer your question.

    -Adam Cole pretends to look shocked and then smirks.-

    Cole: Yes, I did. The people that attacked Steen and Elgin, ARE the men that have been trying to destroy this company for the LONGEST time. The dirt sheets are true, a "group of men" ARE helping me win tonight's match for the world title.
    Cole smirks and then pushes the camera away.


    ROH TV Championship: Matt Taven(c) vs. ACH

    ACH would have Matt Taven down on the ground, Matt Taven began to hold his throat and turn over to his stomach and cough. The ref. checks on Taven, ACH is going to the top turnbuckle, he's setting himself up for a shooting star press. Truth Martini jumps on the ring apron, He whacks ACH with the Book of Truth, Taven takes the chance, gets up and sets ACH for a superplex, ACH reverses and lands on his feet, he swipes Taven off the turnbuckle, Taven falls down, ACH goes to the top rope and hits a HUGE shooting star
    press, cover.. 1...2...


    The ref. calls for the bell, Taven has been disqualified. The crowd is booing.
    Taven, Martini and the HOOPLA Hotties leave the arena with Taven holding the belt high above his head.

    NO DQ Four Corner survival for Honor Rumble spot: Richards vs. Edwards vs. Koslov vs. Romero

    Davey and Eddie are double teaming on Koslov, Eddie plants Koslov with a DDT, Davey goes to the top rope and hits a elbow drop onto koslov, Eddie would wait for the chance of Davey to stand back up, Davey is facing Koslov, Eddie rolls Davey up, Davey kicks out at 1, Davey gives Eddie a look. Then Davey realizes, after all, it's every man for himself, Davey approaches Eddie, they lock up, Rocky low blows Eddie from behind, after all, it is NO DQ. Rocky would super kick Davey, lock in the ankle lock, pulling Davey's leg up as high as
    possible, Davey began to tap.

    Rocky Romero celebrates his victory.


    ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Adam Cole vs. ???
    Adam Cole makes his way to the ring. He is smirking, knowing there isn't anyone left in the tournament that will be able to beat him.

    The crowd is dead quiet, waiting to see what is going to happen with the finals of the tournament.

    Nigel McGuinness stands up with a microphone.

    Nigel: As most of you know by now, Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin will not be able to participate in tonights finals of the tournament. But what I can guarantee you, there will be a FINALS match here tonight. I have found someone with the COURAGE and respect for HONOR through some e-mails from someone in the back, and after his impressive victory earlier tonight, I am willing to give this man a championship match.. Ladies and Gentlemen, the redneck.. REBEL!

    The masked man makes his way down to the ring for the World title match, the crowd does not seemed impressed.

    ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Adam Cole vs. The Redneck Rebel

    Adam Cole and RR have been going at it for 25 minutes now, Adam Cole reaches into his trunks and grabs a pair of brass knucksles, Adam Cole hides his fist and slowly walks over to RR, the ref. spots the knuckles, he takes them away from Cole, RR swoops Cole around, kicks him in the gut, sets him up.. PILEDRIVER!! Cover, 1..2..3!!
    The crowd is still a bit dead as RR is being handed the world championship, RR picks up a mic.

    breathing heavily into it.. he is about to speak, the music stops. He then drops the mic. and takes off his mask, it's...

    JAY BRISCOE!! (Shaved, so the mask could fit.)
    The crowd goes crazy with cheers! Chanting, "ROH! ROH! ROH!"
    Jay Briscoe smiles and holds the title high above his head.


    Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are saying, "IT HAS TO BE CORINO AND SCUM!!"
    The masked man walking reveals himself as..



    Honor Rumble (open)
    Honor Rumble (open)
    Honor Rumble (open)

    ROH Honor Rumble:
    Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness give a warm opening to the crowd and to the fans watching at home for the Honor Rumble!! They hype up the World Heavyweight Championship 3-way match between Jay Briscoe, Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin, PLUS, The main event featuring 20-Men stepping into the Honor Rumble. We will also hear from Gabe later tonight on the actions from DBDH XI. Our opening contest is a 2-for-1 Honor Rumble Qualifying tag match, to replace Redneck Rebel, aka Jay Briscoe's spot.
    "2-for-1 Honor Rumble qualifying tag match:" Generation Next vs. The American Wolves:
    Shelley and Edwards are on the outside of the ring, brawling, the legal men, Strong and Richards are in the ring blowing at each other. Strong begins to give stiff chops to Davey, backing him up into the corner, Strong heads to the opposite corner and runs to do a move onto Richards, Eddie steps in the way and kicks him in the gut, Eddie grabs the head of Strong and drags him over to another corner and hits a Swinging DDT. Shelley would then run into the ring and begin to brawl with Edwards again, Shelley and Edwards fall to the outside. Richards is left with Strong alone, both men on their knees, Davey and Roderick grab eachother hands and lean their faces side to side one another, head butting back and forth, Davey would kick Roderick in the gut, kick behind is right knee, bringing roderick down a bit, went off the ropes and then roundhoused Strong in the face, Edwards drops Shelley with a power slam on the outside, davey begins the cover! 1..2..3!!
    Davey and Eddie shake both their opponents hands as they have been qualified for the Honor Rumble.
    Honor Rumble qualifier: Alex Koslov vs. Local Jobber:
    Alex Koslov would squash the jobber, making him submit to a Sharpshooter.
    Alex Koslov would celebrate his win, now qualifying 4-Men for the Honor Rumble.
    Honor Rumble qualifier: 6-Man Tag: Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal and ACH vs. Matt Taven, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish
    Lethal would have Taven down for an elbow drop, Fish would come and stop him, pushing him off the turnbuckle, Fish drops down to the floor, showing off his cheap move, the crowd boos but then gets riled up again as ACH comes at Fish with a running suicide Dive, Fish and ACH are both laid out on the outside of the ring!! O'Reilly and Mark Briscoe begin to fight on the outside, Briscoe throws O'Reilly into the ring, Briscoe comes in to attack O'Reilly some more, Taven would drop kick Mark from behind and then cover Lethal, 1..2.. ACH stops the cover, Truth Martini distracts the referee as Taven looks intimidated at the ready to strike ACH, ACH heads over to Martini to stop his nonsense, Taven would pick Lethal up and hit a suplex, He screams, "COME ON REF!" the ref. turns around, Martini whacks ACH with the Book of truth, Martini steps back down, the ref. counts, 1..2..3!!
    Matt Taven, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish are the winners, qualifying themselves for the Honor Rumble!!
    Gabe Sapolsky makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Adam Cole. Sapolsky steps into the ring, Adam Cole stays on the outside, facing the entrance way, so no one can interupt.
    The crowd booing as Gabe begins to speak.
    Gabe: Hello there, Ring of Honor fans!!
    The crowd would boo even louder.
    Gabe: I don't have a clue why you're booing me? I am the man that kept this company in firm grasp of becoming a serious contender for becoming the BEST wrestling promotion in the entire world!! But ROH, being average ROH couldn't stand me, they KNEW that I was better than anything they had ever had. They couldn't stand to see me be succesful, nor could they stand to see me be praised for my work here. So they fired me. I was left with nothing, but finally, after 5+ years in the making, I make my come back to Ring of Honor, and by come back, I don't mean return, I mean, MY STRIKE on Ring of Honor. I helped form the promotion known as Dragon Gate USA!! I hear by claim a war onto Ring of Honor and ALL who step in our wa--
    Jay Briscoe's music hits as the World Champion steps through the curtain, already with a microphone in hand, he begins to speak as Adam Cole looks ready to fight.
    Jay: DAMN! It feels good to be back here in Ring of Honor.

    The crowd cheers loudly.

    Jay: But what aint feelin' no good, is listenin' to you talk smack about a company 'dat I personally love, a company that I personally helped BUILD!! Jay Briscoe is the World Champion of Ring of Honor, and if you aint got the soul to respect anything else in this company, you GOT to respects me!! If you wanna bring a war on this company, well, you got yoselves a WAR!! Because I'm now on the front line for Ring of Honor!!

    Gabe looks pissed and begins to yell.


    Nigel McGuinness would interupt Gabe.

    Nigel: Listen here, both of you!! I don't know why you have such a problem with Ring of Honor, you got what you deserved, personally is what I think. But, if you want a war, I'm not letting what happened with SCUM earlier this year go down in my favorite wrestling promotion AGAIN!! So I'm going to make you a deal, at Glory By Honor 12, I want you to find 4 of your top guys, put them against four of my top guys and we'll have ourselves a 4 on 4 survivors rules tag match!! That's not all, I'm also willing to put your World Champion against one of our bests, and our world champion against one of your bests, the best out of 3 matches WIN the series. If Ring of Honor wins the series, You leave, no questions asked. If DGUSA wins the series, We'll share the company with you.

    Gabe smirks.

    Gabe: That sounds like a "GREAT" idea, you got yourself.. a deal!!

    The crowd is split between a "RING OF HONOR.. DRAG-ON GATE!" chant.


    Street Fight: Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa

    Adam Cole is setting a table up on the outside, Ciampa comes in and strikes cole on the back, lays Cole on the table, Ciampa smirks and gets the crowd riled up for a huge spot, he steps inside of the ring, goes on the opposite side, Ciampa comes running at Cole to do a spot, Cole moves, Ciampa saw it coming, fakes the jump, then leaps over the ropes and hits a flying clothesline onto Cole, they are both laid out. The crowd is cheering and the ringside fans are slapping the barricade chanting "ROH! ROH! ROH!" Ciampa would pick Cole up and set him up for a suplex into the table, Cole would make his way out of it, land on his feet, HUGE LARIAT! Cole pushes Ciampa into the ring, locks him in the figure four!! Ciampa is tapping!!

    The bell is rung, but Cole isn't letting go!! The refs. have to come in and pull Cole off of Ciampa.

    Ciampa is holding his knee and screaming in pain, the crowd left speechless as they have to help Ciampa to the back while Cole plays the crowd.


    ROH World Heavyweight Championship 3-Way: Jay Briscoe(c) vs. Kevin Steen vs. Michael Elgin

    A very short, but sweet lived match, the match has been going for about 15 minutes now, all 3 men are worn out after spot after spot, a barricade has been broken, Kevin Steen is busted wide open in the face and Michael Elgin has a weak arm. Jay Briscoe makes it to his feet and covers Elgin after a Jay Driller, 1..2.. Elgin kicks out!! Jay can't believe it. Jay covers Steen, 1..2.. STEEN KICKS OUT!! Briscoe is getting fired up, he goes over to Elgin and picks him up and begins to "Redneck Kung Fu" Chops to him, Elgin begins to power up and shake his arms as if he was Hulk Hogan, he blocks a chop from Briscoe, He then starts to head butt Briscoe into a rope, Briscoe is leaning, Elgin whips Briscoe over to the other side, Briscoe comes running back and WHAM! Elgin picks up Briscoe like hes nothing and throws him over his back, Slams briscoe down as he lands on his back, Elgin covers..1..2.. BRISCOE KICKS OUT!! Steen is up now and comes at Elgin, begins to give right fists to Elgin, Elgin tries to fight back, but Steen spits blood in Elgin's face and laughs. Steen kicks Elgin in the gut multiple times, pick him up for a packaged piledriver.. IT CONNECTS! Steen doesn't get the chance to capatilize the moment though, because Jay Briscoe comes swinging at Steen, Steen gets back into a corner, Briscoe bends him down and picks him up, turns the opposite way.. JAY DRILLER!! He looks like he's going for a cover, but he isn't, the crowd is shocked. Jay picks up Steen again and hits ANOTHER Jay Driller, COVER!! 1..2..3!!

    The crowd is clapping with an uproar as Jay Briscoe celebrates his victory, STILL the Ring of Honor champion!!


    Honor Rumble:

    We're down to the final 9-men, with one final entry left:

    - Davey Richards
    - Eddie Edwards
    - Alex Kozlov
    - Rocky Romero
    - Matt Taven
    - BJ Whitmer
    - Homicide
    - Eddie Kingston

    Davey and Eddie are double teaming on a weakened Taven, Stomping onto him in the corner. Martini distracts the Wolves and gets up on the apron, the wolves head over to Martini, ACH runs from the crowd and picks Taven up and suplexes him to the outside!! The ref. can't do anything about it.

    Announcer: Matt Taven has been eliminated!!

    Truth Martini begins to throw a tantrum for Taven's elimination. Davey and Eddie knock him with a double fist, but from behind come Kozlov and Romero, throwing both men out of the ring.

    Announcer: Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have been eliminated!!

    Announcer: Entry number 20 will be out, in 10.. 9.. 8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..

    The lights flash in the arena, and then a drum begins to play.. it's...


    The crowd goes insane with pops!! IT'S SAMOA JOE! THE FORMER ROH WORLD CHAMPION!!

    Joe comes and immediatly throws out The Hooligans and Whitmer.

    Joe is smirking as he spots Eddie Kingston, and formal rival, Homicide. Kingston comes running at Joe, he ducks and throws Kingston to the outside.

    Homicide and Joe are the final two men. Joe and Homicide lock up, Homicide nearly over powers Joe, but Joe throws Homicide into the ropes and picks him and hits him with a samoa drop! Joe then picks him up and tosses him over the top rope like NOTHING!!

    The crowd is going insane with cheers, it will be Samoa Joe challenging the World Champion at Final Battle 2013!!

    Jay Briscoe comes out and smiles and claps for Joe, the show goes off air with Joe getting streamers thrown at him for his return.

    Eye of the Storm 3:

    ROH Eye of the Storm 3:

    ROH World Tag Team Championship match:
    Generation Next vs. ???

    Silas Young vs. Samoa Joe

    Boiling Point 2012 Rematch:
    Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Steen

    TORNADO Tag Team Turmoil, winning team gets Tag title shot later that night:
    Entry #1) The Briscoes

    Other Entries:
    - Jay Lethal and ACH
    - reDRagon
    - American Wolves
    - Matt Taven and Michael Bennett
    - Forever Hooligans

    BJ Whitmer vs. Adam Cole

    Samoa Joe explains his return to ROH.

    Show After Eye of the Storm 3:

    DGUSA/ROH Presents: "Open The Honor Gate"

    The brand with the most points will decide who their representing superstars for GBH will be, and what stipulation for the opposite brand world title match.



    5 Points:
    The Young Bucks vs. Generation NEXT
    Johnny Garganovs. Jay Briscoe

    3 Points:

    CIMA, YAMATO and Shingo vs.Michael Elgin, BJ Whitmer and Tommaso Ciampa
    Inner City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Rush (ACH and Jay Lethal)
    AR Fox vs. Davey Richards
    Akira Tozawa vs. Kevin Steen

    1 Point:
    Brian Cage vs. Samoa Joe


    - Adam Cole decides, ROH or DGUSA?
    - Nigel McGuinness special announcement.
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