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    On July 27th ROH will start a tournament to crown a new world champion which will be going until their Death Before Dishonor event on September 20th and 21st. As can be read over in this thread the reason for the tournament is because Jay Briscoe being stripped of the belt due to his contract ending (and a storyline injury).​
    This thread is meant to serve as a discussion thread for the tournament leading up to the crowning of the new champion. It will feature a full listing of the competitors as they are revealed and listings and results from matches. The tournament will be single round elimination style so it will likely be a hoot with the matches.​
    The competitors to have been revealed so far have been the following:​
    1st entry: Unbreakable Michael Elgin
    2nd entry: Brian Kendrick
    3rd entry: Machine Gun Karl Anderson
    4th entry: Kevin Steen
    5th entry: Paul London
    6th entry: Roderick Strong
    7th entry: Adam Cole
    8th entry: Sonjay Dutt
    9th entry: BJ Whitmer
    10th entry: Tommaso Ciampa
    11th entry: Jay Lethal

    12th entry: Michael Bennett


    13th entry: Silas Young


    14th entry: Matt Taven (World TV champion)

    15th entry: ACH

    16th entry: Mark Briscoe

    *More to come as the contestants are finalized (Page vs Young).*​
    For more info visit ROH's website.​
    Looks like it is going to be interesting and fun to watch ROH again.​

  2. I'd Like to see Paul London added....If he is, then I expect Brian Kendrick vs Paul London!
  3. Hardy and Steen will be added I'm sure.
  4. There will be a lot of surprises/not the usual bunch of ROH guys added I think. With the Briscoes being out and the Wolves leaving and all.
  5. I think they're just going to mix 3 current star against former stars of ROH.
  6. To fill a 17 man tournament? There will need to be more current guys and guys who haven't wrestled in ROH before.
  7. 17 Man you say, I never caught that bit.
    Anyway, I have my Bets on a Certain Superstar, I'll say if he is Announced.
  8. Dolph'sZiggler is probably getting a semi by the thought of Elgin getting a chance at a world title.
  9. I am not a big Elgin fan tbh. Liked him at first but the more I see him the more he exposes his own weaknesses.

    Why not just put the belt back on Steen? He deserves it.
  10. Oh damn did not expect to see Kendrick in there. Still pulling for Hardy to win the title.
  11. I remember you being one back when Steen vs Elgin was announced. But I was a big Elgin fan back then as well. As soon as he dropped Truth all his weaknesses became apparent.

    I also think ROH tries to avoid multiple time champions to help sell the prestige of the belt or something like that.
  12. Brilliant logic.

    "ROH Title. Pfft. Kevin Steen held that belt TWICE. Not prestigious at all."
  13. The 4th entry is....

  14. Thank fuck already.
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    Depending on the other 13 guys being brought in to this tournament this could be the best thing to happen to ROH in a long time. With most of the matches to be televised and with Sinclair doing good money right now and expanding into more states and bringing ROH to every new state and pumping more money into ROH this could end up real good for the company in the long run.
  16. Any former ROH champions you want to see back for this tournament? And any current roster members you want to see in this tournament?

    For me the dream former champ to return would be Morishima. And I can see Ciampa being added to this to help build his return push. I could see him being a dark horse, going to the semis at least.
  17. If He hadn't Retired, I would of put my Money on Low-Ki!
  18. And London makes five.

  19. Hell yea. This tournament is turning out pretty good.
  20. Karl Anderson is so badass, I would mark out if he won the tournament.
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