ROH's 14th Anniversary is TONIGHT Live on Pay Per View

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    For the second year in a row, Ring of Honor celebrates its anniversary in LAS VEGAS! On February 26th, all your favorite ROH stars head to the fight capital of the world for ROH's 14TH ANNIVERSARY! Not only will this be a massive live event for all in attendance, the 14TH ANNIVERSARY is available LIVE on pay-per-view. Plus, this year's anniversary features stars from NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING!

    Just one week after some of ROH's athletes journey to Japan for a weekend of collaborative events, some of the top stars from NJPW - including current IWGP Heavyweight Champion OKADA - will travel to Las Vegas and compete at the 14TH ANNIVERSARY! And the very next night, February 27th, Ring of Honor is back at Sam's Town Live! for an ROH television taping featuring all of the fallout from the 14 ANNIVERSARY!


    Since winning the ROH World Championship at BEST IN THE WORLD 2015, Jay Lethal has proven that he is a TRUE World Champion, defending his title around the globe and here in Ring of Honor. Whatever you think of Lethal's arrogance (and Truth Martini's willingness to interject in his matches), Jay Lethal is the best in the world right now. But that also means he has a giant target on his back.

    Kyle O'Reilly has made the ROH World Championship his goal since the first day he stepped into a professional wrestling ring. Known for rigorous training and discipline, O'Reilly worked and struggled until he finally seized an opportunity in Ring of Honor. At ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, the fans leapt to their feet as Adam Cole looked poised to ensure his longtime best friend FINALLY won the ROH World Championship.

    One super kick later, Adam Cole revealed his true intentions to the entire world.

    Adam Cole had orchestrated a disgusting, manipulative plot to earn Kyle O'Reilly's trust just so he could ensure he never became champion. Cole points to the fact that O'Reilly had turned his back on Cole in the past, but nothing could possibly justify the extent that Adam Cole had betrayed not just his former friend, but also every ROH fan who fell for his scheme.

    At FINAL BATTLE, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly battled in a grudge match that felt more like a FIGHT than a competition! In the end, the record books will show that Adam Cole walked out of FINAL BATTLE the victor, though his tactics were less than honorable. Thanks to that victory, Cole became the number one contender to Lethal's championship and Nigel McGuinness granted him a World Championship opportunity at the 14TH ANNIVERSARY in Las Vegas!


    Tomohiro Ishii is a nearly twenty year veteran of professional wrestling, but it is relatively recently that he gained international acclaim and attention. He has made up for lost time quickly! This includes capturing the NEVER Openweight Championship four times, with his most recent reign concluding mere weeks ago at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom. As a member of CHAOS alongside current IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada, Ishii is a charismatic star known for his brawling as well as his unique persona. And just days at HONOR RISING, he defeated Roderick Strong to with the ROH World Television Championship!

    This victory has impacted the entire landscape of the 14TH ANNIVERSARY. Roddy was set to take on Bobby Fish in Las Vegas. Up until now, he has granted TV Championship opportunities to absolutely anyone EXCEPT Fish. Fish has claimed the (former) champ is running scared after Fish scored a visual tap out at FINAL BATTLE. Meanwhile, Strong called Fish a "sore loser" and refused a rematch. Bobby Fish was finally set to get another chance at gold, but then ISHII captured the title in Japan!

    Nigel McGuinness has made the call in this late-breaking update. Bobby Fish STILL gets an ROH World Television Championship opportunity, and Roderick Strong will still face him. But now Ishii has been added to the match as defending champion: ISHII vs. FISH vs. STRONG for the ROH World Television Championship in Las Vegas!


    The old adage “Be careful what you wish for” was proved to be true than in Concord, NC. The All Night Express, KENNY KING and RHETT TITUS, cashed in their ROH World Tag Team Title match that they earned at FINAL BATTLE 2015 in Philadelphia against WAR MACHINE, HANSON and RAYMOND ROWE!

    King and Titus were prepared for a battle against the two powerhouses. And then, as quickly as ANX brought a table into the match, King was sent through it! Because War Machine was disqualified, ANX has petitioned ROH Matchmaker NIGEL McGUINNESS for a re-match. Their reasoning? They never lost to War Machine! But Nigel has raised the stakes and made the rematch "NO DISQUALIFICATIONS"!!

    While their point is valid, it has drawn the ire of the fans, much like their claims of being the true ROH World Tag Team Champions because the two never lost them in 2012! It has drawn no greater ire than that of “War Beard” and Rowe – one of the most dominant teams Ring of Honor has ever seen! We will find out who the undisputed ROH World Tag Team Champions are in Las Vegas!


    KENNY OMEGA back in Ring of Honor?! This is one 2016 return NO ONE could have predicted! It has been over 5 years since Omega last competed in an ROH ring, but on February 26th he returns. Kenny Omega has become a massive star while competing almost exclusively in Japan, eventually joining the BULLET CLUB alongside his teammates for the 14TH ANNIVERSARY, The Young Bucks. This trio made international headlines just weeks ago when they unceremoniously forced AJ Styles out of the Bullet Club and declaring themselves the ELITE members.

    But also joining Omega in Vegas will be a very familiar rival: KUSHIDA! KUSHIDA has wowed ROH fans each and every time he has competed in front of them as part of our growing collaboration with NJPW. KUSHIDA is also the current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion, currently in his third reign with that title. In fact, he won the championship gold after defeating none other than Kenny Omega!

    Speaking of longtime hostilities, the Bucks and the team of Matt Sydal and ACH continue their rivalry at the ROH 14TH ANNIVERSARY pay-per-view! These two teams pull off some of the most incredible combinations and high-flying maneuvers in all of professional wrestling and adding Omega and KUSHIDA to the mix only adds to the chaos. But now the stakes are even higher! Omega and the Bucks are now the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions and the titles are on the line LIVE on pay-per-view!


    Making his return to ROH: HIROOKI GOTO! This highly decorated competitor makes his return to Ring of Honor for the 14 ANNIVERSARY. ROH fans got to see Goto live at FIELD OF HONOR when he battled Michael Elgin! Prior to that encounter, Goto had teamed up with the one and only Briscoes to take on RPG Vice and Okada!

    Goto was set to face Ishii at the 14TH ANNIVERSARY. But with the recent shakeup to the World Television Championship picture, a major opportunity has arising for none other than Dalton Castle! Fresh off his first tour of Japan with HONOR RISING, Castle will face Goto in Las Vegas. Goto has been in a slump ever since failing to defeat Okada at NJPW New Beginnings. Can Castle capitalize on this massive opportunity with a win on pay-per-view?


    After a very successful 2015 in singles competition, #DemBoys JAY and MARK BRISCOE have their eyes set on one thing in 2016: their record-ninth ROH WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP! The Briscoes picked up the winning fall in a huge eight-man tag in Indianapolis and a tag-team brawl against “The LAST REAL MAN” SILAS YOUNG and BEER CITY BRUISER!

    Their next challenge en route to number nine? The dream team of former ROH World Champion “UNBREAKABLE” MICHAEL ELGIN and a record seven-time IWGP World Heavyweight Champion HIROSHI TANAHASHI!

    Elgin and Tanahashi formed a formidable duo in the Tag League Tournament, racking up a winning record in their first time teaming together! With instant chemistry, Elgin and Tanahashi have proven they are not only great singles competitors but also a world-class tag team!


    Since Best in the World 2014, experts have recognized MOOSE as a potential ROH WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. All that was missing for the former NFL star, they said, was experience and guidance.

    Enter Stokely Hathaway.

    Hathaway has been instrumental in making Moose one of the most improved wrestlers of 2015, carefully lining up matches consummate with Moose’s experience and skill level. He may have gone just a little bit too far this time.

    “THE RAINMAKER” KAZUCHIKA OKADA retained the IWGP WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP in his defense against HIROSHI TANAHASHI. Okada has an amazing combination of speed, strength, agility, and wisdom beyond his years that his led him to the top of New Japan. It is rare Moose is an underdog, especially when he has the size and strength advantage. But Okada is a competitor that is hitting the peak of his career, a rare generational talent. But who is to question Hathaway’s decision-making process?

    The man who led Moose to a nine-month winning streak will get his opportunity in a non-title encounter with Okada in Sin City. Both Moose and Hathaway know that Okada has been among the very best in the world. But they also know for Moose to be the best, he has to challenge and beat the best. Will Hathaway guide Moose to the biggest win of his career and instant IWGP World Title contention? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


    Freshly reinstated after striking referee Paul Turner in Philadelphia, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS returns to action in Sin City! Paranoid and hell bent on revenge, Daniels has his eyes set on the man who cost the Addiction the ROH World Tag Team Championships at All Star Extravaganza VII, ALEX SHELLEY!

    Shelley made his presence felt in San Antonio, disguising himself in the KRD’s signature red mask and interfering in the Addiction’s three-way title defense! When CHRIS SABIN told the man in the red mask to reveal himself in Nashville, he was blown away when it was revealed to be Shelley, his former IWGP Jr. Heavyweight tag team championship partner!

    The bond between Sabin and Shelley runs deeper than pro wrestling and, in Daniels’ absence, FRANKIE KAZARIAN has accused Sabin of foul play in tag team matches! Acting on Daniels’ wishes, Kaz cost Shelley his biggest singles’ match to date in Indianapolis against ADAM COLE! After the match, Kaz instructed Sabin to continue the beatdown but Sabin chose otherwise.

    Seeing dissension within the KRD, Daniels has petitioned for and had his suspension lifted and will get his shot to defeat the man who he believes has shaken the foundation of the KRD, Alex Shelley, in Las Vegas!


    BJ Whitmer has always been a bully. But the true lows of his character were never more apparent than when he pulled Adam Page into The Decade as his young boy. Supposedly in the name of "respect" and "paying dues," Whitmer bullied and berated Page for a year. But rather than stand up for himself, like most hoped would happen, Adam Page seemed to learn all the WRONG lessons from his so-called mentor!

    In short order, Page got his own young boy: Colby Corino. Colby's inclusion in The Decade was spun by Whitmer as giving a bright young athlete the opportunity to learn from a veteran. Obviously, this "opportunity" was nothing more than a slap in the face for Colby's father, Steve Corino. The bitterness between Whitmer and Corino is nothing new, and with Whitmer now claiming to be a real father to Colby, it got intensely personal. So personal that Corino violated the provisions of his ROH broadcaster contract and got into a physical altercation, forcing Nigel McGuinness to suspend him from commentary and the suspiciously familiar Mr. Wrestling 3 to take his place.

    Colby Corino was an entrant into this year's ROH TOP PROSPECT TOURNAMENT, a major opportunity for him to step out of the shadow of The Decade. Although Colby fought his hardest, he was no match for the massive Punisher Martinez. After the match, BJ Whitmer attacked Colby, destroying him with six exploder suplexes while goading Mr. Wrestling to take his mask off and do something about it. Whitmer then added another layer to his psychological warfare, telling Colby he still loves him. The entire scene was extremely disturbing and fans were left to wonder who would finally put a stop to BJ Whitmer's twisted mind games.

    Just weeks later, BJ Whitmer once again grabbed a microphone and took over an ROH ring. This time, he and Adam Page wanted to address rumors swirling in the locker room that Corino convinced someone to take out BJ Whitmer for him. Whitmer seemed to take this threat lightly, claiming Corino doesn't even have any friends in wrestling anymore. But Whitmer should have been paying closer attention to his own camp - or had "eyes in the back of his head," as Corino warned - because he was suddenly attacked by ADAM PAGE himself!

    We are SOLD OUT in Las Vegas, so the only way to see the #ROH14th Anniversary Live is on Pay Per View - Available on All Major Providers, the Fite App,, and the Playstation Network, where if you are PS plus member you’ll receive 20% OFF!!

    Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini vs Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly

    War Machine (c) vs the All Night Express

    *New* ROH World TV Champion Tomohiro Ishii vs Roderick Strong vs Bobby Fish

    NEVER Openweight Six Men Title Match
    The Young Bucks & "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega (c) vs IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion KUSHIDA, ACH & #Reborn Matt Sydal

    The Briscoes vs Hiroshi Tanahashi & "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin

    IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada w/ Gedo vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway

    Alex Shelley vs "Almighty" Christopher Daniels

    BJ Whitmer vs Adam Page

    Hirooki Goto vs Dalton Castle w/the Boys

    Silas Young
    Cedric Alexander w/ Veda Scott


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