Roll Call: Where do you hail from? and Where are you now?

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  1. I didn't see one of these anywhere... correct me if there is one please.

    I know this forum has a bunch of people from various parts of the world... soooo... the question is....

    Where do you hail from? (Where were you born?) and Where do you live now?
    Also, what is something unique about the place where you reside?

    I was born in and still live in Norfolk, VA in the US of A
    Interesting fact about Norfolk, VA.... we are home to the world's largest naval base.

  2. I'm in the UK. Originally from 'The Steel City' Sheffield, I now live in Northwest London and have done for five years. There really isn't anything special about where I live now- it's kind of a dump. But I'll share a fun fact about Sheffield- It was built between seven hills.
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  3. Was born in New Jersey (East Coast USA) and moved to Ohio (Mid West USA) when I was really young.. pretty much have been here all my life although I do visit Jersey frequently.
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  4. From Parts Unknown.
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  5. I was born in Casper Wyoming. I moved to Cleveland Ohio when I was one with my mother, been here ever since. Hmmm something unique... Ahh all my sports teams in cleveland are the best at being the worst.
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  6. A hospital, A house.
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  7. LMAO Smartass :aries:
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  8. Born in Brawley, California.
    Lived in El Centro, California until age 8
    Moved to Norfolk Virginia until age 9.
    Moved back to El Centro, California.
    Moved to New Orleans,Louisiana.
    Moved to Fort Worth, Texas due to Hurricane Katrina.
    Moved back to New Orleans, Louisiana.
    Moved back to Fort Worth, Texas.
    Moved and currently living in San Diego, California.
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  9. Obviously military.... how did you like your stay in Norfolk?
  10. Tokyo, Osaka, Shizuoka, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Seoul, Kyoto, Philadelphia.
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  11. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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  12. It was interesting. My stepdads family has property in the woods, a damn nice house and we lived litterally beside the beach. It was a dun experience as a kid.
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  13. Born in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Living in Los Angeles, California
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  14. Pottsville,PA (never heard of it? good, shit hole) and I still reside. Do plan on moving when ever I graduate HS doe.
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  15. Leicester, England. All day, everyday.
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  16. Born in Bury, Greater Manchester moved to Manchester then back to Bury.
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  17. I was born a poor black child in southern Alabama....

    No, seriously, Houston, Texas.....and I'm white....well, really, kind of a pinkish-beige color.

    I was put in the jail in Rock Ridge by the Sheriff before Sheriff Bart for being drunk in public.

    I like to play chess.....screw.

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  18. Ahh, stuck here in good ol' Knoxville as you all well know. As for things about it?

    -A melting pot of several different types of people. Sure, most of them are drunk, but we have everything from blonde bombshells to new-age hippies to average joes to people who think you go to hell if you play soccer
    -Home to over 100 fast food restaurants, and also an organic shopping center all the way the hell out west in the douchey part of town if you're interested
    -The local music scene comes out with all kinds of new americana, bluegrass, and death metal
    -We have the most passionate college football fans in the country, according to some sports radio guy who says they said it on ESPN one time
    -Amazing landmarks like the Womens' Basketball Hall of Fame, the counter on the interstate that says how many people have died there, and something that looks like a warty penis
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  19. Oh, I also lived in Port St.Lucie,FA for a good amount of time before moving back up here.
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  20. Are you suggesting this isn't true?

    Ahhh...the famous "Bewarted Penis of Knox County". It's always one I check out when I'm in town.

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