Rollins....The "Next Big Thing?"

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  1. Hey All,

    I know that there has been several discussions on Rollins, but I truly feel he's the future of WWE. This is not discrediting any one else as I think there's a lot of talent on the roster as of right now. But, Rollins has something special....his fluid movements, timing, and improved mic skills are amazing. I really believe that he would do well as a face or heel at this point; however, I feel the heel roll suites him best.

    He stole the show at the RR. Every match he's in feels exciting and edgy. His one on one segment with Paul Heyman on SD not too long ago proved he can go toe to toe with the best mic workers. His sit down interview I felt also proved that: he's a convincing asshole and he's great in the ring to back it up.

    How do you guys feel about Seth? When do you think he will or should cash in? And is he the future?
  2. He is definitely the future.

    Rollins to cash in at WM 31, please! :yay:
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  3. I liked Seth Rollins before the Royal Rumble, but that Triple Threat match really got me behind him. He was pretty much the best part of the Royal Rumble. I really hope he gets to cash in. Seth Rollins is definitely the Next Big Thing.
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  4. I hope he does....whether it's bryan or reigns who wins it.
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  5. I seemed that Seth really took it a step further with the rumble.
  6. Since I first saw Seth Rollins debut in the SHIELD, he clearly was the future of WWE along with Ambrose and Reigns, but I could clearly see Rollins as face and Ambrose as heel. And here we are today, Ambrose is a top face and Rollins is a beast heel who just competed against Lesnar (c) and Cena. He's so good at getting heat, too, we all still clearly remember him betraying Ambrose and Reigns - then he's been a total dick for the rest of the year, we think he's scared of Lesnar, and he just comes in and seems to give it his all in one of the best Triple Threats of all time. I could see him getting beat by returning Orton at WM31, but cashing in on the champ at the same PPV, completing a cycle to become the ultimate heel in WWE. But too bad he can't cash in on Bryan, that would just be the GOAT cash in of all time.
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  7. yes it would...can you imagine the heat that would be brought to Seth if Bryan lost his title to him right after he just beat Brock? the crowd would be so mad....then have them feud throughout 2015....
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  8. I'd be down for Rollins cashing in on the new champ (Bryan) at Mania all the way.
    But, right now, when it comes to Bryan defeating Lesnar or even him being in the ME of WM, it's just a fantasy-booking.
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  9. oh I know it wont happen as much as id like it too.....Bryan vs. Beast would be amazing. Then to have Seth cash in after his huge win...amazing.
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  10. Seth Rollins is benefiting from a talent pool of specialists.
    He is one of only two young guys on the roster with no perceived weaknesses. He does everything well, but not great.
    Every other talent I see has a glaring weakness which could hold them back.
    With specialists, they must be booked a particular way to be effective and draw a desired reaction.

    Rollins has no weakness, so he can be booked in a ton of different ways. He isn't a game changer or a franchise guy. He's worked on all his tools and blessed with decent size. No more, no less.
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  11. I'd Love to see Rollins usher in a new era of the middle sized guys being top of the food chain. I have nothing agaisnt the big giants but I miss those guys that could really wrestle and just not rely on their strength.
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  12. this was the only thing I enjoyed about Randy Orton for a while....he was tall....but lean and not crazy strong...he relied on wrestling and quickness, mixed with hard hitting moves to win.
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  13. I got back into wrestling watching the cruiserweioght guys and I thought they were awsome so different from the old days of Hogan and Nash and taker. Just so cool to see what these small guys could do.
  14. true, it is fun to watch...something I wish they'd still emphasize more often than not....but, Vince still has the "I need big strong, monkey, slow man mentality" when it comes to WWE.