(Roster) First Impression v2

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Arrow, Mar 12, 2012.


    So, here's a new kind of thread. In this thread, I would like you to say two things.

    - Which superstar(s) made the best 1st impression to you?
    - Which superstar(s) made the worst 1st impression to you?

    I'll start off :emoji_slight_smile:

    Best: Randy Orton (Srsly bro)
    Worst: Daniel Bryan......
  2. 1. Ray Mysterio

    2. D bry when he was on S down
  3. Are we talking when they debuted in the WWE or in general or on the brand?
  4. Best: Daniel Bryan. I love his heel turn.
    Worst: Khali. Please gtfo of WWE.
  5. Debuted, or changed to heel/face @[seabs]
  6. When I first came back from my break, I quite liked Sheamus. I don't as much now, but if he isn't overbooked then I think he could become decent.

    Worst, Khali as face.
  7. Best : Cara when he came out to attack Sheamus and hit that high cross body was great.

    Worst : I'll go with Khali when he debuted.
  8. He's still on SD.