Storyline Royal Rumble in my hands

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  1. Farooq is shown backstage with 12 robed men, and Chrysalis by his feet. He's sitting on a throne as he lights a cigar and takes a puff. "So, the Royal Rumble is today, and of course we have 29 other pieces of garbage, mistakes that should have been swallowed thinking that their gonna win? They already made two mistakes, they were born, and they signed up for IWT to oppose me. Skanky little bitches, they won't get a third turn in success in their life. The last words I'll hear from their mouths, is the screams when they get tossed over the top rope by me." He says with a smirk, as he reaches down and pulls Chrysalis up and sits her on his lap. "Why did I send this feed to the fans right now? Because I'm here to clear up any false reports and clarify, here's a spoiler folks; Farooq wins." He says with a laugh, he reaches into Chrysalis shirt, and takes out a knife then tosses it at the camera and destroys the lens. "Shit, looks like I'm becoming Unknown now." Farooq says before the feed cuts off completely.
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