Storyline Royal Rumble Play By Play [2015]

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  1. Ring Announcer: The following match, is the Royal Rumble Match! Now, two superstars will start in the ring at the same time. Every 90 seconds a new participant will enter the match. Elimination occurs when you're thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. This will continue until all 30 participants have entered this match. The last remaining superstar will be declared the winner and will earn a championship match at Wrestlemania!

    *As the weird song plays throughout the area an unexpected Mr.Smith walks out to a nice nostalgia pop. The former co-GM now dressed as casual a fan makes his way to the announce table and picks up the mic placed on it.*
    Mr. Smith: It's that time of year again and I was approached about appearing for the second time to do commentary, and I just couldn't say no! I love being dragged out here as much as possible and I hope all of y'all do too. And with that...

    let's get ready to Rumble!

    *Mr.Smith takes his seat, puts on a headset and waits for the first entrant.*

    Christian makes his way out with his World Heavyweight Championship around his waist and Tag-Team Championship on his shoulder. He taunts the crowd before proceeding onto the commentary booth and sights Mr. Smith.

    Mr Smith: Got damn! I was hoping I'd get a professional this year, there goes my dream team with Adam!

    Christian approaches the commentary booth, takes a seat and puts on his headset.

    Christian: What the fuck are you doing here? Is this going to be some annual game of yours?

    Mr. Smith: Oh, you fancy huh? Thinking that since you're champion you ain't finna do work, I never see you in this thing! I was hoping I'd get an upgrade this year..

    Christian: Watch who you're talking to. I'm the World Heavyweight Champion and actually have been for every Royal Rumble PPV there has been here in the IWT. Last year you were safe since you were the GM, but this year you aren't. Watch your mouth...
    I'm going to ignore you for the rest of this match.

    Mr.Smith: You won't be able to last more than 5 minutes with that little game of your's, if I was ignorable I wouldn't even be here right now! You better be glad you got me instead of Nano, he may be able to write FTJ to victory but that doesn't mean make him any more tolerable. Haha!

    Christian: Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, this is the third annual Royal Rumble match! One man will either get a shot at my World Heavyweight Championship or my partners Alias's IWT Championship at Wrestlemania 3! Also, unfortunately Alias won't be able to join us on commentary tonight. He's exhausted and has left the arena.

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    Christian: No fucking way!?
    Mr. Smith: Way! Our broadcast partner from last year is number one! He drew number one!

    El Nino proceeds to walk down the ramp with Taco Bell bag in hand.

    Mr. Smith: Wait, what is he doing coming over here?
    Christian: Looks like no one told us we're having one more broadcast partner.

    Christian and Mr. Smith shake El Nino's hand before he takes a seat and puts on his headset.
    El Nino: It is I, El Nino, your Taco Saviour! Taco, taco, taco, taco! I brought some tacos for you guys!
    Christian: No thanks, but great to have you here.
    Mr. Smith: I'll take a couple.
    El Nino: Alright, lets get this match started!

    Entrant #1 (open)

    Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, the first entrant of the Rumble match, Nick!

    Mr. Smith: Oh ho ho ho, look who we have here!
    El Nino: Nick, the former World Heavyweight Champion who lost it earlier tonight to none other than the man beside us.
    Christian: ...
    Mr. Smith: Not going to say anything Christian or are you two scared.
    Christian: Keep on eating your fucking tacos.

    Nick eyes on Christian who is on commentary with a furious look.

    Entrant #2 (open)

    Big D. Smark walks out on stage wearing a IWT Out of Buildness shirt. He rips his shirt off revealing his oversized stomach and man titties. He runs down the ramp, but gets tired after reaching the ring.
    Ring Announcer: And the second entrant of the Rumble match, Big D. Smark!

    Christian: Hey I know this guy! He's a known IWT Fan online! Big D. Smark!
    El Nino: Then what on earth is he doing in the rumble match?!
    Mr. Smith: Man, this companies gone down hill since I was in charge.


    Mr. Smith:
    The match finally begins!
    El Nino: Christian, what are your thoughts on the two men in the ring. Knowing that you have history with them.
    Christian: First of all, I don't know about Big D. personally. All I know is that he purchased one of my shirts and I appreciate that. As for Nick. He's a young and talented star, he's got a bright future for him, but his big mouth cost him his World Heavyweight Champion. He underestimated the veteran that is, Christian.
    Mr. Smith: Why do you talk in third person?

    Christian: You know what, go fucking fly a kite. As I was saying, he underestimated me and because of that, I carry this championship.

    Nick runs up to Big D. Smark and tackles him down. He begins throwing rights at him and looking back at Christian. He picks up Big D and tries to throw him over the top rope, but he's too heavy. Nick runs towards the ring ropes to gain speed as he goes to hit Big D with a clothesline. Nick connects with the clothesline, but it wasn't that effective as Big D just stumbled. Big D grabs Nick's head and hits him with a headbutt taking out both of them.

    Entrant #3 (open)

    Christian: Is it bad that I don't know this guy? He looks like one of the local fans.
    Mr. Smith: I've been watching IWT at home, who is he?
    El Nino: C'mon guys, you know him! He might have a chance to win the rumble! He's... who is this guy?

    The Reagmaster slides through the ring ropes and starts throwing a right back and forth against Nick and Big D. He looks over at Big D and irish whips him in the corner before running and hitting him with a dropkick. Reagmaster turns around grabs Nick and hits him with the scoop slam. The Reagmaster taunts the crowd to a few cheers.

    Christian: The Reagmaster looking strong in this match currently. Looks like we have a few seconds until... WAIT WHO'S THAT?!?
    Mr. Smith: What's with all those cops there?!
    El Nino: I think I might have an idea on who it is!

    Titantron (open)

    Christian: Oh my lord, he's been released from the mental facility! And look at that, he's still wearing the EBW Championship! That means Jeff Shock failed to cash in his money in the lunchbox!
    El Nino: Or maybe he just ate it...
    Mr. Smith: OH MY GOD! The straight edge, jock strapped, homosexual savior! Will we see pipebombs dropped on people's asses right now?!

    Entrant #4 (open)

    Frank the Jock comes out wearing sweatpants and a green shirt to a massive pop. He drops his EBW Championship and runs towards the ring.

    El Nino: There he is! He's free at last!
    Christian: Rumour has it that he's been banging Britanica in the mental facility creating little jock babies!
    Mr. Smith: I'd go to the mental facility if the same thing were to happen to me!
    Christian: Yeah, with Adam probably.
    Mr. Smith: Shut up!

    Frank the Jock jumps on the apron but trips going through the ring ropes. All three men in the ring see the huge threat FTJ and decide to stomp on his back. FTJ slowly gets up and starts hitting rights on all three men. He pushes Nick and Big D away and hits the Reagmaster with the SUMMER! Nick comes over to but he gets knocked out by the SUMMER! FTJ walks up to Big D breathing onto the back of his neck. Big D turns around and gets hit by a SUMMER!

    Christian: Wait a second, what is he going to do here?

    Frank the Jock pulls down his sweatpants and is sporting a strap-on!

    Mr. Smith: Is that a strap on? What is he going to use that for? Is this legal?!
    El Nino: Everything is legal in the Rumble match!

    Big D. gets up on his knees and puts his arms on the second ropes. Frank the Jock pulls down Big D's tights.
    Christian: Ugh. Why isn't he wearing any underwear? Definitely not a Big D or even medium if we're being honest.
    Mr. Smith: Do you really need to ask that question? Look at him!
    El Nino: Bigger question, what is Frank the Jock planning to do?!

    Frank the Jock raises his hand as the cheers grow.

    Frank the Jock grabs Big D's waist and thrusts his strap-on into Big D's rectum.

    Christian: Yeah... we're getting complaints after this show.
    Mr. Smith: Good thing I left when I left.

    Entrant #5 (open)

    El Nino: And here comes another guy you know very well, Christian!
    Mr. Smith: Where is this guy?
    Christian: Fucking loves taking his time to come out. He rivals Senhor on making it to the ring!

    At the 00:48 mark he finally appears and makes his way out on stage.
    Christian: Holy fuck, another entrant would have come out by now.
    Mr. Smith: This guy would have been smart if he picked number 30 at least.
    El Nino: Patience is key. That's what the taco bible say!

    Drake jumps on the apron and hits FTJ with a springboard dropkick. The Reagmaster picks up a laid out Nick and throws him over the top rope. He also spots a laid out Big D and throws him over the top rope.

    El Nino: Oh my god! The Reagmaster has just eliminated the former World Heavyweight Champion, Nick! And he's also eliminated Big D! Things are looking good for Reagmaster right now!

    As Reagmaster throws Big D out of the ring, he gets hit by a german suplex by Drake. Drake looks up at the Wrestlemania sign and points at it. He then waits as FTJ stands up and hits him with the DDT Impaler! Drake rolls FTJ and Reagmaster side by side, then quickly goes up on the top rope connecting a senton bomb on both men. Drake picks up The Reagmaster and throws him over the top rope eliminating him.

    Entrant #6 (open)

    El Nino: Drake just eliminated The Reagmaster right there... wait... It's Senhor Perfect! Another return in the rumble match!
    Mr. Smith: Half of the people in the ring aren't even on the current roster. What the fuck is up with this company?
    Christian: I'm more interested to see if he'll reach the ring before Drake.
    El Nino: Wasn't he your former tag-team champion partner, Christian?
    Christian: Yeah, he's not beating Drake's time.

    After a while, Senhor Perfect finally reaches the ring.

    Entrant #7 (open)

    Christian: Holy shit, by the time it took Senhor to reach the ring, the next entrant is coming out. Make sure he's not in the next rumble.
    El Nino: And here comes out B.Dazzle, a former tag-team champion!

    B.Dazzle storms to the ring as Senhor is going through the ring ropes. FTJ slowly gets up and all four men are looking at each other from each corner. They all come forward and B. Dazzle hits all all three men with rights, but Frank counters it and hits him with the SUMMER! FTJ quickly gets up and Drake quickly grabs FTJ's abnormal shaped head and throws him over the top rope eliminating him. The crowd starts boo'ing.

    Christian: The crowd, just in awe. Drake has just eliminated the crowd favourite FTJ!
    Mr. Smith: No more pipebombs will be dropped tonight it seems.

    FTJ looks onto Drake in the ring and gets pissed off. FTJ goes to the announce table and grabs a microphone.


    FTJ drops the microphone and leaves. In the meantime, Drake hits a pele kick on Senhor Perfect He picks up Senhor and throws him over the top rope.

    El Nino: Drake! He just eliminated the longest Intercontinental Champion and the former IWT Champion!

    Drake picks up a laid out B.Dazzle and throws him over the top rope as well. Drake drops down on his knee and once again points at the Wrestlemania sign.

    Mr. Smith: Drake is really impressive tonight! He just might be my pick to win the Rumble! He's the only one in the ring!

    Entrant #8 (open)

    Mr. Smith: Oh my god! It's Dat Kid! One of the most iconic stars in IWT!
    Christian: Pretty sure that's Farooq!
    Mr. Smith: I know what I said!
    El Nino: Farooq, one of IWT Legends in the Rumble! How great is this?!

    Drake taunts Farooq and Farooq storms down the ramp and straight into the ring. They start throwing rights at each other, but Farooq gains advantage and hits him with a superkick! Farooq climbs the top rope and taunts the crowd to a loud reaction. Farooq comes down and misses a off the top rope leg drop on Drake. Drake picks up Farooq and throws him over the top rope, but Farooq doesn't get eliminated as he's still holding onto the ropes from the outside ring. Drake realizes and charges Farooq who kicks him on the head. Drake is dazed and Farooq attempts to do a springboard clothesline, but Drake pushes Farooq out of the ring eliminating him. The boo's in the crowd grow.

    Entrant #9 (open)

    El Nino: Wait? No, can it be?!
    Mr. Smith: Oh snap, it's my hero! The "I don't got time for this IWT shit!", angry, ginger freak, Unknown! Wasn't he banned from IWT?!

    Unknown speeds through the ring and starts going at it with Drake. A security man tackles Unknown down and tries to take him out of the ring.
    Christian: Well it looks like he still is banned from IWT.

    The security and Unknown argue, but the security guard throws him over the top rope!

    The security guard leaves the ring and pulls Unknown out of the arena.
    Christian: Where's he going, he can win this?!? He's losing a once in a lifetime opportunity?!

    Drake gets passed a microphone.
    Drake: Is this the best we've got so far? IS THIS THE BEST WE'VE GOT?! I want the next person to come out and show me what he's got, because if that's all we got, the top championship is as good as mines!

    Entrant #10 (open)

    Christian: And here comes the newcomer, Danny Jacobs entering his first Rumble match. I've been watching some of his stuff and this guy has a future, one half of the Big Guys!

    Danny Jacobs runs into the ring and hits Drake with a strong clothesline. Drake quickly gets up and gets hit run over by another clothesline. Drake gets up quickly, but gets hit by a back body drop. Danny Jacobs picks up Drake with both hands high and tries to throw Drake over the top rope, but Drake counters and kicks Danny in the knee.

    Entrant #11 (open)

    Mr. Smith: And here comes out the former IWT champion, Gav. Fun fact, he still thinks he is champ. He's won Money in the Bank, but will he win the Royal Rumble tonight?!
    Christian: What's up with him having no theme? And why does the titantron have a black man on it?

    Gav runs into the ring and Drake starts throwing rights at him immediately. Drake runs towards the ropes, but gets hit by a scoop slam by Gav. Now Danny starts going at it with Gav, but Gav ducks a clothesline and gives him also a scoop slam.

    Entrant #12 (open)

    El Nino: Here comes out Jwab, he was really impressive the past few month, especially in the Survivor Series match!
    Christian: He can be impressive all he wants, but he still can't beat me. FACT!
    Mr. Smith: Yeah, and you can't seem to stay in this company. FACT!
    Christian: I'm gonna slap that fucking headset off your face, boy.

    Jwab takes his time getting into the ring and stalks a chance to take advantage. Jwab slides in quickly and leg sweeps Gav. He goes up to Danny Jacob and sets him up for the Jwabtista Bomb. Danny Jacob counters and kicks him on his thigh. They both start hitting elbows at each other.

    Entrant #13 (open)

    Mr. Smith: OMG! It's Hollywood Farooq!
    El Nino: That's Dat Kid, one of the most beloved and hated star in the IWT!
    Christian: To me, he will always be a loser. Avoids me because he thinks I'm not worth it, but takes the time to face Michael. I would face him now, but all he is, is a has-been and I would be wasting my time, just like he's wasting his time in the Rumble match!

    Dat Kid struts his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. He goes up to Danny Jacobs and Jwab and hits them with a double DDT. Gav goes for a clothesline on Dat Kid, but he ducks and hits him with the crucifix driver!

    Entrant #14 (open)

    El Nino: Woah, here is another guy I know! He's a fan of IWT, Xanth!
    Mr. Smith: Again, why is he in the Rumble then? But holy cow, he's huge!
    Christian: The 700 lbs monster Xanth is coming to the ring. Hopefully it doesn't break!

    Xanth tries to enter the ring, but is unable to because the ring ropes aren't wide enough. He then proceeds to go on the steel steps and climbs the turnbuckle, using that as a leverage of getting into the ring. He falls from the top rope and lands on everyone brawling in the ring.


    Xanth who is on the mat is having trouble getting up. The rest of the men roll over and heal in the mean time.
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  2. Entrant #15 (open)

    Christian: Wait a second. Isn't that George?!
    El Nino: YES, IT IS! GEORGE FROM THE CURE! One of the most impressive stars in this company!
    Mr. Smith: He's been impressive, but not in the last few matches he's had here!

    Jwab slowly gets up and looks in front of him. It's George and they're face to face reminiscing The Cure days. They both look at Xanth and agree to eliminate him.They attempt to pick him up, but he's too heavy. Eventually, Danny Jacobs, Gav and Drake all help in throwing him over the top rope. They eventually manage to do so and begin brawling with each other, but Jwab and George side with each other.

    Entrant #16 (open)

    El Nino: Here's someone who I've been waiting for! The explosive Marcus Anthony! Watch him detonate the arena with his reactions!

    Marcus Anthony storms into the ring and joins the brawl. George throws Danny Jacobs over the top rope, but he lands safely. He charges at him to eliminate him, but Jacobs counters. Drake elbows Jacobs and Danny Jacobs falls out of the ring.
    Christian: Drake has just eliminated Danny Jacobs!
    El Nino: Drake has been impressive thus far in the Rumble match. He might just win it!

    Marcus Anthony goes to do a running knee on Jwab, but Dat Kid pushes Anthony over the rope. But he lands safely and Dat Kid starts posing thinking he eliminated him. Marcus Anthony goes up behind Dat Kid and the two start brawling.

    Entrant #17 (open)

    El Nino: Wait a second?! HOW'D THEY GET HIM?! IT'S JACK ANTONIO!

    Jack Antonio gets in the ring and starts going at it with George. George tries to go for a suplex, but Jack counters it into a backdrop driver. Jwab comes in to assist George and take out Jack, but Jack takes him out with the WASTE Boot!

    Entrant #18 (open)

    El Nino: Here comes out IWT Hall of Famer, Aids Johnson! He vowed that he'd be seeing one of the top champions. He was also part of The Cure!
    Christian: The only thing this guy should be seeing is the door out of this profession. I don't care what he's accomplished, if he ever faced me, you better believe that I would end his career!

    Aids charges in and starts going at it Jack Antonio. They trade rights, but Aids pushes him away and hits him with a big boot. Jwab and George slowly get up and they all face each other remembering The Cure. They agree to align themselves temporarily and go to attack other competitors. George goes to attack Gav, Aids goes to attack Jack and Jwab goes to attack Drake.

    Entrant #19 (open)

    Mr. Smith: Here we got entrant number 19 coming out, Lee! Another member of The Cure coming out here! Is this luck?!
    Christian: Lee is talented, but I highly doubt he's talented enough to win the Rumble match.

    Lee enters the ring and the other three member of The Cure come into the middle of the ring. They all once again look at each other and agree to work with each other. As they part ways to take on other competitors by the ring, Lee grabs Jwab's head and throws him out of the ring. Aids and George look at Lee shocked and the three start brawling. Gav comes in and starts taking on George, but George grabs him and sets him up for a suplex near the ropes. George half-suplexes Gav out of the ring and Gav is eliminated.

    Entrant #20 (open)

    El Nino: And here comes the impressive Aiden Ryan entering his second Rumble match! He's been impressive in this company, but lets see what he can show tonight!

    Aiden Ryan comes in the ring and starts going at it with George. Jack Antonio and Aids start going at it as well as Jack hits Aids with a European Uppercut. Jack Irish whips Aids over the top rope, but he lands safely. Jack tries to attempt to throw a punch on Aids, but he counters and shoulders his gut through the second rope. Aids gets back into the ring.

    Entrant #21 (open)

    Christian: This guy might have what it takes to be big in this business. The only problem is that he's ugly as fuck!
    Mr. Smith: Look who's talking.
    Christian: One more fucking time and watch what happens.

    Alkatraz comes running down the ramp and into the ring. He starts attacking Drake in the corner while he's still slowly getting up. Jack tries to eliminate George, but he counters it into a Lou Thesz Press. He picks Jack up and throws him over the top rope eliminating him. George turns around and gets hit by a shining wizard from Lee.

    Entrant #22 (open)

    El Nino: Here comes last years winner, Bruce Knight!
    Christian: Will he be able to pull off an upset victory once again?!

    Bruce Knight leaps into the ring and hits a Belly to belly Suplex on Aids. Drake goes after him and he hits Drake with a German Suplex. After that, he grabs Aids legs and puts him in a figure four leg-lock submission weakening his legs. Aiden Ryan goes after Drake and attempts to throw him over the top rope.

    Entrant #23 (open)

    El Nino: Wait, what?! What is he doing here?!
    Christian: He still wants to be relevant I assume. Eric Draven, you're irrelevant! LEAVE!
    Mr. Smith: So were you a few months ago.

    Christian knocks Mr. Smith's headset off his head. Christian takes his headset off and curses him off and explains the consequences if he continues this. They both put their headset back on.

    Eric Draven comes out on stage and walks down the ramp. He enters and goes after Marcus Anthony who's been quietly resting in the corner during the match. Draven kicks Anthony on the head a few times, followed by a somersault leg drop. He then proceeds to go after Aiden and sets him up for a Death valley driver. Aiden counters, but Draven reverses again and connects the Death Valley Driver!

    Entrant #24 (open)

    Mr. Smith: Here comes possibly the worst star in all of IWT and a guy who has the biggest losing streak, Michael!
    El Nino: He self-pronounced himself as the FTW World Champion just last night.
    Christian: Should be the I don't win champion, just like he won't win tonight. Surprised they let him have a Rumble number.

    Michael comes out wearing his FTW Champion and drops it on the ramp. He runs into the ring and goes after George. George gets the upper hand, but Michael reverses it and throws George through the second rope. Michael raises his hand signalling dominance. The commentators all facepalm at him. Michael gets hit in the back of the head and gets taken down by Aids.

    Entrant #25 (open)

    Mr. Smith: WHAT THE HELL?

    Aids looks at the stage and sights D'Z. He unknowingly pops up a boner and everyone in the ring steps back from him and glare at him D'Z enters the ring and Aids walks up to him. They go nose to nose as the tension builds. Aids plants a kiss on D'Z to everyone reacting awkwardly. D'Z is flustered and pinches Aids ass. Everyone rushes in to them and a huge brawl breaks out with all men. D'Z takes down Drake and hits him with four elbow drops, with the fifth one being a huge one. He then grabs Arab and puts him in a sleeper hold. D'Z lets go of him and stalks his other opponents.

    Entrant #26 (open)

    El Nino: Number 26, here comes Johnny B. Cool. We haven't seen much of him, but lets see what he has at number 26!

    Johnny B. Cool enters the ring and gets clotheslined out by D'Z and Lee.

    Christian: And there he goes! Back to where he belongs.

    Lee and D'Z start going at it with rights and then Lee corners D'Z. He hits him with a few chops but D'Z reverses and returns the favor. Marcus and Dat Kid still go at it as Dat Kid gains advantage. He does a few punches followed by a powerslam. Lee gains advantage on D'Z and lays him out with an enzuguri.
    Lee sees that Dat Kid is attempting to throw Marcus over the top rope. Lee runs towards them and lifts Dat Kid's leg eliminating both of them.

    Entrant #27 (open)

    El Nino: Here comes out one of IWT's newest star, Rita!
    Mr. Smith: Wow, she's hot!
    Christian: Fun fact, I got to feel her up during a match.
    El Nino: That does sound fun! Where do I sign up?

    Rita comes through the bottom rope as the men in the crowd cheer. She goes up to Drake and slaps him across the face. Drake gets mad and goes for a punch, but Rita ducks it and connects a neckbreaker on him. D'Z tried to attack her from behind, but she once again ducks and hits him with a backbreaker. She sets him up on a corner and hits a running knee on him.

    Entrant #28 (open)

    Christian: Holy shit, it's Sage! SAGE! She hasn't been seen in this company for nearly two years!

    Sage runs into the ring and taunts the crowd. She walks up to Rita and pushes her believing that she looks better. Rita pushes her back and they start going at it. Sage irish whips Rita onto the ropes and hits her with a dropkick as she returns. Sage catches D'Z in the corner and hits him with a bronco buster to his enjoyment. She sights an exhausted Drake on relaxing on the opposite corner and raises her hand.

    El Nino: She's setting up for her finisher!

    Sage walks up to Drake and has him in a crotch grab. Drake being in pain starts spanking Sage for her to stop. We see an angry Farooq running from the back and entering the ring who starts punching Drake. Sage jumps on Farooq's back and gets him in a sleeper hold. Drake tries to take advantage by leaning the both of them against the ropes.

    Entrant #29 (open)

    El Nino: Woah, look he have here? Number 29 is the former GM of IWT, Trip. I thought that he had died after he lost his Survivor Series match!
    Mr. Smith: Yeah, there's actually a rule preventing that...
    Christian: From the former GM to being aligned with Michael. How much he's fallen!

    Trip quickly runs in to the ring and both him and Michael eliminate all three competitors Sage, Farooq and Drake.

    Christian: Drake and Sage have been eliminated! Drake has lasted a long 55 minutes in the match.

    Drake who is outside of the ring gets angry and starts attacking Farooq. Farooq superkicks him and starts searching under the ring. He pulls out a huge 36" plasma TV and holds it up high. Drake slowly gets up and Farooq goes to hit it through his head. Drake ducks and the TV goes through Sage. Farooq is in shock and Drake runs to the back. Trip and Michael sight Eric Draven and do a double suplex on him. They then proceed to pick him up and throw him out of the ring. Bruce Knight goes to attack both men, but they grab his neck and throw him over the top rope as well.
    El Nino: Michael and Trip just dominating the Rumble right now. This looks bad for everyone else. They're all tired while these two are fresh. Will number 30 be able to change this at all?

    Entrant #30 (open)

    We see Chris Kaizer on the titantron backstage sleeping. We look over and see the show George Lopez playing in the background.
    George Lopez: I GOTZ THIS!
    Mr. Smith: Nope. Well it looks like Chris Kaizer doesn't have this. He's sleeping, so I guess we're not getting a last entrant.
    El Nino: He just let an opportunity of a lifetime fly by! It's rare to get a number 30!
    Christian: That's it folks! All competitors are now in the ring!

    Trip and Michael go for a laid out D'Z and pick him up. Thegy throw him over the top rope like trash. As that's going on, Aiden Ryan and Aids are going at it. Aiden Ryan irish whips Aids over the top rope, but he lands safely. George slides back in the ring to assist Aids, but Aiden pushes him towards Aids. Aids falls out of the ring and is eliminated! Aids looks onto him as George tries to explain that it was an accident. Aids warns George that Aiden is behind him, so George notices and throws Aiden over the top rope eliminating him. He also notices Alkatraz running towards him and does a back body drop on him and over the top rope.

    The final five competitors left are Rita, Lee, George, Michael and Trip. Michael and Trip go for George as Rita and Lee start fighting each other. Rita grabs Lee and sets him up for a piledriver, but he counters and hits a northern lights suplex! Lee picks up Rita and throws her over the top rope. Michael notices and quickly charges for Lee. Michael tries to eliminate Lee, but gets kicked on the gut. Lee grabs Micahel and hits him with an arm drag. He quickly goes up and does a diving knee drop on him. Trip who has managed to have control of George realizes that Michael is in trouble. He rushes over there to assist him.

    Trip goes up to Lee and hits him with a face buster. He tells Michael to get up so they can eliminate him. Michael gets up and they push Lee towards the ropes, but he somehow resists there force to get thrown over. George attacks Trip from behind and throws him over the top rope. Trip lands safely. Michael who realizes it goes to attack George but gets thrown over the ropes by Lee. Michael lands safely as well. Lee and George dropkick both of them in sync eliminating them.

    Lee and George look at each other and then at the Wrestlemania sign.

    Both men are exhausted and they both trade rights to each other. George gets advantage and does a side slam on Lee. Lee gets in a crawling position gasping for air. George goes to the corner and sets up for a curb stomp. George goes for the curb stomps but gets hit by a thunderous spear by Lee! Lee picks up George and throws him over the top rope eliminating him.


    Ring Announcer: Your winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble, LEE!

    El Nino: Oh my god, what a shocker! Two years in a row and unexpected winner!
    Mr. Smith: This is why I love this PPV's, the unpredictability of it!
    Christian: Congratulations to Lee, but if he chooses to fight me at Mania, he'll regret it.

    Lee goes on the top of the top rope and points at the Wrestlemania sign. The pyro starts going off and confetti starts falling from the rafters.

    El Nino: Congratulations to the Royal Rumble winner, Lee!
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  3. *Smoke transcends from the stage floor as the crowd dish out their typical LOUD mixed reaction for Alias. Through the dark and smoke, comes out Alias Antonio who's carrying the IWT Championship and the tag belt. Alias slowly walks down the ramp stalking Lee as Lee looks back at him*

    El Nino: Looks like the IWT Championship is here tonight! Christian, why'd you say he was gone earlier... Christian?

    Christian removes his headset and emerges behind Lee. Christian waits for Lee to turn around and knocks him out with his World Heavyweight Championship belt. Alias smirks and enters the ring as Christian and Alias hug. Christian and Alias drop there World Titles on the side. Christian goes outside and grabs a chair from ringside. He brings it back into the ring and places it in the middle of the ring. Alias gets up on the top rope as Christian picks up a laid out Lee and positions him for the Killswitch. Alias comes diving down with a double footstomp on Lee's back while Christian executes the killswitch on the chair. Lee is laid out and Alias and Christian look down on him

    Christian and Alias grab their World and Tag belts and raise them high as their theme plays throughout the arena.

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  4. Fuck it. I'm gonna YOLO it. There are three parts now depending on the winner.
    I'm posting the second part.
  5. Good job, Little Lee.
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  6. So kaizer got axel's elimination essentially?
  7. i didn't like the truth being told when i entered. i'm suing you all for sexual abuse.
  8. *Lord Lee proudly points to the logo*
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  9. Kind of want to clear this up, but the only thing I'm willing to copy from WWE'S Rumble are the eliminations. (Some of them since there were many irrelevant stars in it.)
    I feel as we're our own brand, so I don't want to make it word by word like WWE's Rumble. If I did, you would basically be reading what WWE did with you instead of the number you picked.
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  10. Fine with me
  11. You did have like 5+ eliminations, so I think you did well for a Rumble match. Such luck though that you and Tsar picked Show and Kane. lol
  12. I know right
  13. Awesome match! Was a very fun read!

    Well done, lee!
  14. Very cool read this was. Fun entrants throughout, great job Shadow and Punk. Grats to Lee.
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  15. Shadow didn't do anything except his opening promo. lmao
    Also, shout out to Bill Clinton for distracting me from writing it.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I still think its funny that this is all it says for these guys. Just says "eliminate". Period. No details. Just got it done. :boss1:
  18. Right before your entrance, it said that they were leaning towards the ropes. Could give you an idea, but just wanted to get it over with. lol
  19. Oh right, duh. My bad.

    Hey, it doesn't say who drop kicked who out, but since George was last dealing with tsar in the writing is it safe to assume it was lee who eliminated me? Just curious for future storyline points.

    I love how all that stuff happens and everyone "interacts" in IWT at the rumble. Lee eliminated Rita near the end too so she could have a beef with him for ruining her title chances as well. Probably other storyline jump off points too if people needed them.
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  20. Yeah, I wasn't really paying attention to any of it. Just got bored of writing since last year, myself, Dat Kid and Shadow bounced off ideas. This year we did a skype call but for some reason we were talking about George Lopez. Other than that, I had to write everything by myself and I think Shadow just wrote Mr. Smith's opening promo until El Nino appeared.

    Things to make sure if you write it next year.

    > If we have open spots, get a list of them and see if you could do involve IWT history with it. (The Cure, D'Z and Aids, Farooq and 36" Plasma, etc.)
    > Get everyone's theme. I'm pretty sure Aids has like 10 themes currently.
    > Get at least 3 moves from each competitor unless they're jobbing.
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