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    Announcer: The following contest is The Royal Rumble Match!
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    Mr Smith comes walking out with a big smile on his face.
    Christian: Who's this fuck?!
    El Nino: That's Mr. Smith, the new IWT Co-General Manager making his way down and it looks like he's gonna join us in commentary.

    Smith takes his seat at commentary.

    Mr Smith: What's up paper champ?
    Christian: My dick in yo momma
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    Announcer: Making his way to the ring, the participant who drew number one, Jacob Colton!
    El Nino: Jacob Colton entering the Royal Rumble at number one and you got to believe that the odds are against him here at this spot.
    Christian: The odds are always against him, he's a fucking jobber.

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    Announcer: Introducing the participant who drew number two, Andrew Evans!
    El Nino: Here comes a talented young man, who would love to be back in the main event scene in addition to holding tag gold with Spinz.
    Christian: *laughs* *starts clapping*
    Mr. Smith: If he keeps up his hard work he could be a main-eventer
    Christian: Jonathan? You hear me? Yeah, whose idea was it to hire Russo?

    The bell rings.

    Jacob arm wrenches Andrew, but Andrew flips it around and pushes Jacob towards the corner. Andrew runs at him and hits him with a body splash. He immediately tries to eliminate Jacob in the corner. Jacob elbows Andrew off of him.

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    The crowd pops and Joey Bryant chants start. Joey comes out of the curtains with a determined look on his face before running down to the ring

    Christian: Joey Bryant future IWT Champion ladies and gentlemen!
    El Nino: He is the odds on favorite to win with 5 other participants having his back
    Mr. Smith: Not only the future IWT Champion, but the future of this company, just listen to this crowd!

    Joey Bryant leaps over the top rope, with his attention on Andrew. Jacob Colton comes from the side hits him with clothesline, sending him over the top rope and on to the floor. Joey Bryant looks shocked as he gets back up. He tries to get back in the ring, but the ref's hold him back

    El Nino: Oh my god! Jacob Colton has just eliminated Joey Bryant!

    *The crowd starts chanting bullshit. Big D The Smark holds up a sign that says " IWT Out of Buildness"

    Mr. Smith: I told you Joey Bryant was gonna lose, he doesn't have a future here!

    *Christian slams his headset on the table and facepalms*

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    Butters runs down to the ring, slides between the ropes, and starts trading fists with Jacob Colton.

    Loud Fan: What the fuck is a Butters?

    El Nino: Here comes one of our newest superstars, Butters. Looking to make a name for himself here
    Christian: Is this one of those Make-A-Wish kids?
    Mr. Smith: He's one my latest acquisitions and is already more of a contender than Jacob Colton

    Colton hits Butters with a clothesline to take him down, but Andrew runs behind Jacob lifts him over the top rope. Jacob holds on to the top rope and Butters gets up to help him.

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    Mike Boston paces the entrance way then sprints down to the and goes for Jacob Colton.

    *The crowd starts chanting Joey Bryant*
    El Nino: Da Beacon!

    Butters and Andrew both notice him and stop pushing Jacob Colton. Colton puts his feet on the apron and pulls Boston out of the ring by his hair. Boston holds on to the ropes until he thinks he sees a unicorn. He lets go of the ropes and hops over the barricade to find the unicorn. Jacob Colton springboards back into the ring and hits Andrew and Butters with a double clothesline. Jacob grabs Andrew and tosses him over the top rope. Andrew lands on the apron.

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    Spinz dashes down to the ring to save Andrew.

    Christian: Here comes the Armanian Nipple Twister
    Mr. Smith: He makes one hell of a salad
    El Nino: And he came right on time of Andrew is about to be eliminated

    Colton punches Andrew off of the apron and Spinz catches Andrew just in time. He rolls Andrew back into the ring and they both go after Jacob. Andrew whips Jacob into the ropes then hits him with a super kick, Jacob is dazed and turns to get hit with Spinz's running knee.

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    David runs down to the ring and immediately goes after Spinz, but Spinz manages to hang on to the ropes.

    El Nino: Here comes the one half of The Cure, David Erro
    Christian: You mean David Error
    El Nino: No I'm sure it's David Erro
    Mr.Smith: He's right it's David Error. Stop botching commentary

    Andrew goes over to Spinz, but a recovered Butters nails him with a running dropkick, making him fall through the 2nd rope and on to the floor.

    Christian: That's it for Andrew! He's eliminated!
    El Nino: Hold on a second, he didn't go over the top rope. He's not eliminated.
    Christian: Well he should be!

    Butters starts helping David push Spinz over the rope. Spinz struggles to stay cling to the ropes. Jacob Colton manages to get up and helps the two eliminate Spinz, knocking him to the floor.

    Christian: Well he's eliminated! You gonna correct me now, you taco eating wetback.
    El Nino: Don't disrespect the taco. I will only warn you once

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    Johnny B. Cool runs down to the ring

    Christian: We just let anyone in the rumble this year didn't we.
    Mr. Smith: Here's another one of my acquisitions, Johnny B. Cool

    Johnny enters the ring and has a stare down with David. He is attacked from the side by Jacob Colton and David are attacked by Butters. Andrew just now starts coming to his senses and sees Spinz walking towards the curtain.

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    Chrisitan: Oh boy, here comes the other half of those idiots.

    Dexx Duggan comes running down to the ring and right behind him is Master Wang with a pair of chopsticks. Duggan jumps on the apron and kicks Master Wang in the face. He hops over the top rope. A weary Andrew tries to clothesline him after getting in the ring but he reverses it into a DDT. Dexx runs over to Colton and hits him with a hurricanrana! His momentum is stopped when he tries to attack Butters but gets hit with a spinning elbow for his troubles.

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    Senhor slowly walks down to the ring, watching the chaos in the rumble match.

    El Nino: Senhor's being smart, taking his time getting to the ring.
    Christian: He isn't taking his time, that's his max speed.
    Mr. Smith: He's actually just now making his entrance for the 1985 Royal Rumble

    Johnny and Butters start exchanging lefts and rights. Jacob Colton and Andrew are lying down on the mat while David catches his breath in the corner.

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    Trip in the Head runs down to the ring on all fours. He hits Senhor with his forearm at ringside. Then picks him up and tosses him in the ring.

    Mr. Smith: I think he just broke his hip!
    El Nino: Trip in the Head, not wasting anytime.
    Christian: Is he dead?

    Trip enters the ring and starts stomping on Senhor. David moves over to grab Jacob Colton by the head and pushes him into the turnbuckle. David starts punching him the gut. Andrew gets to his feet finally.

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    Reagan Cole walks down to the ring with a confident strut.

    El Nino: The man who declared he would be winning the Royal Rumble tonight in his debut

    Reagan makes a B-Line for Andrew and hits him with a spear in the corner.

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    Edward Coleman runs the ring and hits Trip with his forearm, stopping his attack on Senhor. Trip turns around with an angry look on his face. Coleman backs up, but Triip palms Coleman's face and pushes him over the top rope and on to the floor.

    Mr. Smith: That's how long I thought Colton was gonna last.
    Christian: There goes a member from the audience. I encourage the fans not to get that close to the action
    El Nino: That was Edward Coleman
    Christian: Your mom's Edward Coleman.

    Trip in the Head grabs Johnny B. Cool and picks him up in a gorilla press. He tosses Johnny out of the ring and he lands on Xanth who's sitting in the crowd. The refs check and his feet haven't touched the floor. Cool stands on top of Xanth's stomach and looks at the apron which is 10 feet away. Johnny bounces on Xanth's stomach and jumps all the way to the apron. The crowd pops. Johnny goes back in the ring.

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    Chris Kaizer heads down to the ring and immediately heads for David. He tosses David over the the top, but he lands on his feet. David starts trading blows with Chris on the apron. Kaizer gets punches back by David, but before David can get back in, Chris hits him with a boot to the face when he's entering through the ropes. David falls out to the floor before he can fully get back into the ring, eliminating him.

    Meanwhile Trip walks over to Dexx Duggan, grabs him, then tosses him so hard over the rope that he doesn't even get to touch them, landing right on his back on the floor.

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    *crowd pop* B.Dazzle walks out of the curtains and looks over at the crowd before jogging down to the ring.

    El Nino: And the crowd has come alive here in Pittsburg
    Christian: Why?! This guy lost his Intercontinental Championship to a moron!
    Mr. Smith: Hey Christian, when is your match for the World Championship? Oh you don't have one?

    Dazzle slides into the ring and starts hammering Johnny B. Cool with a series of punches, making him tie up in the ropes. Dazzle pulls back his fist to the crowd and delivers the last right to Johnny, sending him over the top rope. The crowd starts chanting "Dazzle"

    Mr. Smith: He just came off a successful tag title defense. He is on his way to the main event!

    Reagan Cole runs at Dazzle. Dazzle sidesteps him and sends him over the rope and on to the floor. Kaizer runs to Dazzle and gets caught with a spine buster. The crowd in on their feet as Dazzle makes his way to Kaizer's head.

    Mr. Smith: The most dazzling move in sports entertainment!

    Dazzle rebounds on both sides of the ring rope, he kicks his leg up and hits him with an elbow

    Mr.Smith: THE DAZZLING ELBOW! THE DAZZLING ELBOW! The roof has just popped off the arena!

    Dazzle picks up Kaizer and tosses him over the rope.

    -End of Part 1-
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    Seabs comes out drunk and staggers to the ring. He rolls into the ring and Dazzle moves in front of him. Seabs is caught of guard and gets scared. He jumps, then loses balance, falling out of the ring. Trip in the Head sneaks up behind Dazzle and tries to lift him over the rope. Dazzle hangs on to the rope. Butterz lifts up Senhor from the corner and pulls him by his hair to the ropes while running. Senhor hangs on to the ropes and Butters turns around. Senhor pulls himself back over the ropes.

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    Dat Kid charges down to the ring.

    Mr.Smith: Flying faggot! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
    Christian: *puts his hands up*

    Kid gets on the apron and springboards, trying to hid Colton with Dat Kill From Jersey. Colton dodges and rolls out of the bottom rope. Kid chases him around the ring and Colton slides in. Kid slides in behind him, but get hits with a super kick from Andrew. Andrew drags Kid to the corner and sits him up on a turnbuckle. Andrew runs to the opposite corner, rebounds, and hits Kid with a Bronco Buster.

    Christian: Dat Kid! No longer a virgin!
    Mr. Smith: Dat Kid! No longer a vegan!

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    No one comes out front the curtains. Farooq crawls out from under the announcers table on Mr. Smith's side. Farooq wipes his mouth and burps.

    Farooq: Can I have a title shot now?

    Mr. Smith winks at him and Farooq heads to the ring apron. Senhor goes to Andrew and starts stomping on Kid in the corner with Andrew. Farooq pulls a 36" plasma from under the ring and the crowd goes starts chanting "We Want Plasmas". Farooq tosses it to the side and the crowd boos. Farooq goes back under the ring and pulls out a 42" plasma. the crowd goes wild. Farooq slides in the ring and hits Senhor and Andrew in the head with the plasma. Farooq tosses the plasma on the ground and picks up Senhor.

    Farooq: This is for calling me *****!

    Farooq hits Senhor Perfect with the Canadian Destroyer on the plasma tv, hurting himself in the process. Butters seizes the opportunity to grab Senhor again and with him to the top rope. Senhor collapses and pulls on the top rope. Butterz goes over he top rope and hits the floor. Senhor is laid out by the apron. He pulls himself up and laughs at Butters. Dazzle comes from behind Senhor and tosses him over the top rope.

    El Nino: Dazzle eliminated Perfect! That's the 2nd time he's taken something from Senhor.
    Christian: What's the 1st thing? His social security.

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    Alias Antonio runs out and he nods at Trip who's in the ring. They both head over Andrew and club him from behind. Trip lifts him up in a powerbomb position. Alias goes to the top turnbuckle. Trips hits the powerbomb and Alias comes down with a leg drop on Andrew.

    Dat Kid crawls away from The Order and Alias picks up Kid by his tights. Alias looks like he's about to take out Kid, but he props him up and pats him on the back.

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    Sir Lee comes out walking to the ring. Alias attention snaps to Sir Lee. Jacob Colton comes out of nowhere and tackles Trip. Alias goes to pull off Jacob on Trip and Lee runs to the ring while Alias is distracted. Kid just stands there and watches as Sir Lee quickly lifts Alias over the top rope and on to the floor. Alias lands on his feet and he sees Kid just standing there. Alias tries to enter the ring to get Kid, but he's held by the refs and pushed back. Kid just stares at Alias with no expression on his face.

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    Unknown walks calmly down to the ring, taking his time. Trip manages to get Jacob off him with a knee to the gut. Trip heads for Dat Kid grabs him by the neck, he tosses him across the ring and Dat Kid lands on his knees. Kid gets back up and tackles Trip in the corner, he starts hitting him with shoulder thrusts. Trip clubs him in the back to stop the assault.

    Andrew starts to come to after getting hit with the TV and Farooq gets up as well. B.Dazzle gets Farooq in position for a B Bottom, Andrew runs into Dazzle and gets himself in position for a B Bottom at the same time. Both of them left up Dazzle for a double team flapjack. Unkown steps into the ring.

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    *Huge crowd pop*

    El Nino: It can't be...
    Christian: What? Did you shit yourself again?
    Mr. Smith: Another one of my acquisitions.

    Mr. Sackfist sprints to the ring. Sackfist slides through and spears Dat Kid to the ground and off of Trip. Sackfist mounts Kid and starts nailing him with a flurry of fists. Dat Kid flips Sack over nails him with a few punches of his own. They continue to do this until they roll out of the ring.

    El Nino: You can tell this is personal! Dat Kid fired Sackfist when he lost the tournament to be #1 Contender for the IWT Championship after he made the finals!
    Christian: He should be fired again! There's a reason his Mr. Midcarder!

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    Marcus Anthony runs out to the ring and slides under the ropes. He taps Trip on the shoulder and they both head for B.Dazzle, stomping him while he's on the ground.

    El Nino: The order possibly trying to injure one half of the current tag champs

    Sack throws Kid into the steel steps and Kid flips over it. Sack goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair. Kid crawls on his back away from Sack. Sack throws the chair at Kid and Kid catches it. Sack stomps on the chair and it ricochets off Kid's head.

    Sir Lee picks up B.Dazzle and tosses him over the rope. Dazzle lands on the ropes, but he drags Sir Lee over the top. They start trading punches on the apron. Dazzle kicks Lee in the midsection and gets him in a B. Bottom position. B. Dazzle hits the B. Bottom on Lee and he holds on to the rope while Lee lands on the ground. Dazzle enters the ring.

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    Frie runs out to the ring and knees Mr. Sackfist in the back to get him away from Dat Kid.

    Frie removes the chair off of Kid to reveal Kid's busted open face. Frie starts to pick up Kid. Mr. Sackfist gets up and moves over to commentary. He pushes Christian out of his chair and takes it from him. Sackfist hits Frie with a steel chair. Dat Kid collapses to the ground when Frie lets go. Sack tosses Frie back into the ring so he can continue to work on Kid. B. Dazzle immediately picks up Frie and tosses him over the top rope,

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    A fan in the crowd holds a sign in front of their face that says "Aids is softer than baby shit". The sign is put down to reveal Danielson wearing his Anonymous mask.

    Christian: This guy still exists?
    Mr. Smith: We should send this guy back to FSW
    El Nino: Fuck you Smith!
    Mr. Smith: Where'd that come from? You okay buddy?

    Danielson makes his way through the crowd and over the barricade. He walks up the steel steps and Unknown stands in the middle of the ring looking at Danielson. Unknown balls his fists up and Danielson tilts his head.

    Danielson qucikly enters the ring, but Unknown starts to clobber him in the back. Danielson pushes Unknown away and kicks him in the shin, making Unknown take a knee. Danielson repeatedly kicks Unknown in the chest, before going for a kick to the head. Unknown dodges the kick and spears Danielson. Unknown tries to take off the Anonymous mask as Danielson struggles to hold on to it. Danielson kicks Unknown in the gut to push him away and the mask rips off as Unknown holds it. Danielson gets up with his head tilted, then he looks up at Unknown to reveal that he is wearing another mask. Danielson wags his finger no to Unknown.

    Farooq turns Danielson around and Danielson immediately hits him with a right hand, making him stumble into the corner. Andrew kicks Unknown in the ribs. Danielson runs to Farooq with a clothesline, Farooq dodges it by leaping over the top rope and on to the apron. Sackfist throws Dat Kid back into the ring. Farooq goes for a springboard, but Sackfist who's already by ringside pulls Farooq down and he falls face first on the floor. Sack enters the ring again,

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    Nick runs out to the ring

    El Nino: Here comes a man who is no stranger to battle royals. Mr. Proving Grounds himself.

    Nick slides into the ring and tries going after Dat Kid, who's being pummeled by Sack. Sackfist pushes Nick away from Kid.

    Mr. Smith: Looks like Sackfist isn't keen on sharing.

    Nick pushes Sakcfist back, then Sack nails Nick with punches as Dat Kid crawls away from the two of them. Hammer tries to grab Danny who's still looking at Farooq on the floor, but Danny pushes him into Sack. Mr. Sakcfist who's now frustrated, grabs Hammer and pushes him to the ropes. Nick tries to interfere but Danielson his a german duplex on him from behind, before helping Sackfist throw Hammer over the top rope and on to the floor.

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    The crowd pops

    A short school bus pulls into the arena as the doors open smoke comes out of the door. Frank The Jock steps off the bus and pops the collar of his varsity jacket before running down to the ring.

    El Nino: Oh God...
    Christian: He isn't supposed to be here! He didn't sign the damn contract!
    Mr Smith: I bet he slept with Britanica to get her rumble number.

    Andrew goes for Frank The Jock, but gets kicked in the gut, then gets a "Summer"


    Trip goes for FTJ and he gets a Summer. Unknown and Danielson try to go for FTJ, but they get hit with a double summer. Sack turns FTJ around and grabs him by the throat, but Jacob Colton low blows Sakcfist. FTJ then hits Mr. Sackfist with a Summer


    Frank The Jock and Nano turn to see a bloodied Dat Kid on the ground. They pick him up. Jacob Colton holds Dat Kid and FTJ pulls out his jock strap. The crowd goes into a frenzy as FTJ shoves his jock strap in Dat Kid's mouth before hitting him with a Summer.

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    Bruce Knight jogs down to the ring, high fiving fans as he passes by.

    El Nino: Here comes Bruce Knight
    Christian: Pay attention closely folks, because this is one of the few times this man will ever be in a pay per view
    Mr. Smith: What a waste of a top spot

    Bruce quickly picks up Anonymous and tosses him over the top rope while he's still groggy from the assault from FTJ. Nick puts Bruce in a sleeper hold from behind. Bruce moves to the turnbuckle, then quickly runs up it, and goes over the top rope, landing on the apron to release the hold. Nick goes for a running elbow, but Bruce pulls down the top rope and Nick falls out of the ring. Nano goes over to Bruce and puts his boot in his ribs to push him out of the ring.!

    Frank The Jock looks over at the ramp and is shocked.

    Frank: This isn't EBW! :gtfo:

    Mr. Smith: Who's the fat kid?
    Christian: Oh my god it's the Big Show!
    El Nino: It's Jeff from EBW! He's cashing his Money in the Lunchbox!

    Jacob takes his attention off Forrest to look at the ramp. Bruce gets back up and climbs the turnbuckle. He hits Jacob with an Double Axe Handle, then runs over to a distracted Frank The Jock and tosses him over the top rope and on to the floor!

    El Nino: Frank The Jock has just been eliminated
    Christian: THIS IS BOLDSHIT!

    Frank The Jock is shocked as he slams his hands on the apron. He goes chasing after Jeff.

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    El Nino: Well here comes the real entrant into the rumble

    Rodrigo comes out to the ring and starts going at it with Bruce. A fresh Rodrigo gets the upper hand when he dodges a right hand from Dazzle and follows up with a neck breaker. Rodrigo leaps over the top rope to the apron is about to go to the turnbuckle until he sees Jacob Colton who is just now getting up. Jacob is signaled by his old tag team partner Rodrigo to go for a swanton. Jacob slowly climbs to the turnbuckle

    From out of nowhere an exhausted Dat Kid springboards off the top rope and hits Rodrigo with a big boot, knocking him to the ground. Dat Kid collapses to the mat after.

    Jacob takes too long to get to the top rope and Bruce hits him with an uppercut

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    Gav the Chav runs down to the ring, but with everyone knocked out he doesn't know what to do. Gav asks for a mic.

    When you find candy bars under your breasts
    That's a Jonathan
    If you jack off all day without taking a rest
    That's a Jonathan

    Andrew starts to get up. Gav goes to the turnbuckle and tries to get the crowd to clap to the beat of the song. Andrew pushes Gav off the top rope and on to the floor. The crowd boos Andrew. The rest of the guys in the ring start to come to as well. Dazzle gets his second wind and unlike the others he kips up. Dazzle goes to Sackfist and tosses him over the top rope and on to the floor.

    His momentum is short lived when. Unknown, Andrew, and Trip attack him from behind. Trip picks up Dazzle getting ready to powerbomb him. Andrew and Unkown hold him steady so Dazzle can't escape. Dazzle grabs Unknown's mask and Andrews hair, then hurricanranas over the top rope.Trip flips on to the floor, while Andrew and Unknown dangle on the top rope, while Dazzle holds them to keep himself rom falling. Dazzle slides back into the ring and lifts them both up over their teetered position on the top rope.

    Jacob Colton who's still on the top rope sees Kid is still on the ground and he makes the taunts as he's about to go for a Swanton. Mr Smith throws down his headset and climbs the ring apron, then pushes Jacob Colton off of the top turnbuckle and he hits the barricade. Mr Smith wipes his hands clean then heads backstage while Colton is out cold.

    El Nino: What the hell was that all about?
    Christian: Other than not wanting Jobber Colton headlining Wrestlemania?

    Dat Kid climbs up to his feet, one ring rope at a time. B. Dazzle stalks Kid as he gets to his feet.The crowd is getting louder by the second. Kid turns around and B.Dazzle gets him in position then hits Kid with the B. Bottom. David, Jwab, Joey, and Frie come running down the ramp. Dazzle tosses Dat Kid over the top rope, but four guys catch him. Alias runs down the ramp with Trip, Marcus, and Brtianica. They assault the group, causing Jwab and David to drop Dat Kid on to the floor before he can be tossed back into the ring.

    Dazzle is yelling at the groups, telling them to leave ringsideThe brawl ensues outside and The Cure runs out through the crowd. Joey Bryant grabs Kid and places him on his shoulders as he follows The Cure through the crowd with Frie. The Order chases right after them.

    Bruce Knight sneaks behind Dazzle and tosses him over the top rope and on the ground. The bell rings.

    Show Spoiler

    The winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble match...Bruce Knight

    Christian: Who?
    El Nino: I will admit, this is unexpected.

    The crowd starts chanting Joey Bryant as Bruce can't believe the victory. He raises his arms up as the sign for Wrestlemania 2 has a grand display of fireworks.
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  3. Legit almost got mad about the mask but
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  4. SWERVE! :russo:
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  5. Great job though, laughed a lot.
  6. That was sick as hell, I applaud all who worked on this. Some parts were funny as fuck and others fit right into storylines. Can't wait to RP about this tomorrow, going to be a big one. Well done, IWT is in it's prime with the work guys are puttin in.
  7. You guys should give loads of credit to Jabri. He wrote nearly all of it and we threw around ideas.
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  8. 36 inch aint enough, I need 42!!!
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  9. Glad to see I was pretty active in this. Thank you Ambrose lol. Good stuff @Dat Kid
  10. Thank you Reigns.

    I feel like a made man now.
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  11. This was really entertaining...Farooq and his Plasmas and xanth's Cameo....Good job guys!
  12. I laughed for a solid 10 minutes and re-read the FTJ part three times. That was some of the funniest stuff i've ever read. Great job guys.
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  13. I knew you would love that
  14. I cant wait for FTJ to see it lol the Lunchbox part was epic.
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    It was hilarious lol I disappeared after helping trip

    Edit: saw that I was referred to as hammer instead of Marcus Anthony lol I'm an idiot
  16. I noticed that too lol.

    Took me a minute to put the SUMMER stuff together when I read it lol. I was like SUMMER? OHHHHHH STUNNER! Now that makes more sense.
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  17. arrive. Stummer everyone. Job.
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  18. This was truly marvellous, I did lol so hard at "Cashing in his money in the lunchbox" :lol1::dawg:
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  19. Money in the lunchbox should be a new ppv
  20. Better be a sweet lunchbox!