RR 2014 Promo

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  1. lol ziggler "in love yet?"
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  2. Saw that earlier, pretty awesome. I'm just imagining Scott Steiner being in a speed date kinda thing, I can't get it off my head. I'm hungry.
  3. Goldust's was the best part. I bet she'll never forget the name.......Goldust~
  4. Haha I love this :')
  5. :lol1: I had a mustache once
  6. I love when they do things like this. Sorta reminds me of the Wrestlemania 21 commercials they did.
  7. Here's the extended version which is even better. Reigns line was great.

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  8. Axel takes the cake. "You into...hardcore?"
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  9. "I fight for justice, but right now I'm all about just us."
  10. They took all the best lines out the Ashual advert:

    "Normally I'm into justice, now I'm into just...us."
  11. "In love yet?"- DZ

    :yes: I am
  12. That's a ten yard penalty....for bein' fine!
  13. "Would you like to see my Cobra?":lol1:
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