RRW Title Divisons and Champions

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    Welcome to the RRW Title Divisions!
    Once you have selected your title division you may change it, but you will lose all of your points you have gained! If you select the Intercontinental Championship division you will need to accumulate 20 points to get a title shot! If you decide to choose the RRW Championship division you will have to get 40 points for a title shot!
    What will you choose?

    RRW Championship Division
    Current Champion: N/A

    Finn Balor ( @Ellis Sullivan )
    Matt Hardy TNA 2016 ( @Sam?! )
    Hulk Hogan ( @Ovaldinho )
    Brock Lesnar ( @Electro )

    Brian Pillman ( @Drag )
    Aj Styles ( @Harrison )
    Kenny Omega ( @Kylojo Ren )
    Joe Hendry ( @Geek773 )
    Seth Rollins ( @TheKingSonic

    CM Punk ( @Ricky Daniels )
    Adam Cole ( @CBK_15 )

    Intercontinental Championship Division
    Current Champion: N/A
    Razor Ramon ( @AfricanScatMahn )
    Bray Wyatt ( @The ReagMaster )
    Noam Dar ( @DemonHunter1257 )
    Kevin Owens ( @Declandimi )
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