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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. @Emperor Lelouch Britannia

    I'll implement your "idea" right now. You don't have to get 30 votes, I'll do it now.

    As of right NOW anyone who votes in a match is required to write a reason for voting.

    If you don't, there will be no consequence. You won't be suspended. You won't be disallowed from voting.

    Happy now Gohan?
  2. This sounds fun.
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  4. Fine by me.
  5. i honestly hate the idea as i think less people will vote not many vote as it is
  6. It's not required so..doesn't make much of a difference..

    EDIT : Oops, read the original post wrong.
  7. Didn't I just agree to some shit like this earlier?
  8. Yes, you did. This is Gohan's "idea" that he's so bothered about he made a video for me ranting for 10 minutes about how inept I am and that I'm a dictator and such, so I gave him what he wanted. Except it won't be enforced.
  9. So if this one is Gohan's idea, isn't this the one where the vote doesn't count if we vote for the promos and don't explain it? Because if it is, I say no. I agree to the one I signed on the other thread.
  10. You are required to vote and write a reason. There's no stating what this reason is, it could be "cheese". If you don't write a reason your vote will still count and there'll be no punishments.
  11. Gohan didn't say ANYTHING about the vote reason being relevant, nor did he say anything about what would happen if they didn't write a reason.
  12. Forcing users to write a reason and then suspending them if they don't? That is not something I wish to be part of, and nor would Crayo allow it.
  13. Damn straight I won't.
  14. I'm gunna write cheese everytime for my reason just coz i can
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  15. So many loop holes to exploit, can't wait to see this come in, purely for the loop holes
  16. ok? so that have to write don't a reason? but there no consequence if that don't vote? so will there not count for that match then?
  17. So basically everything is the still the same since I already do this. Gotcha

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  18. Well, At least there won't be any stupid Petitions and useless Rants on people.....I Hope....
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  19. So basically it's optional. Aye Aye el capitan
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