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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Crayo, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Voting needs to go up. Too many people make threads and stories without voting. From now on you should implement a system where not voting restricts your participation in IWT. You can use public polls to determine who votes and who doesn't. No title shots to those who don't regularly vote.
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  3. But I agree. Being someone who just got back into IWT, seems like voting is a lot lower then it use to be. When I first started it everyone was all over voting. Like 20+ votes each... Now it is like no one votes anymore.
  4. Is voting down for PPV/Event matches or just dark matches? You can't really expect people to give too much of a fuck about dark matches IMHO
  5. Le wild Crayo in the IWT section. Greetings, master.

    Agreed though, we need like a 3 strike policy.

    You need to vote in at least 75% of matches at a PPV/Uprising show or you get a strike. When you get to 3 strikes, you're suspended for 1 month.
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  6. PPVs and MEs should be voted on. Dark matches would be nice to have votes but meh it's understandable if no one does as it's mainly used to hone the gimmicks anyway or to extend a feud
  7. I just view dark matches as practice anyhow. I don't think people should be bent out of shape if they aren't getting views or votes for that.

    If people who are active around IWT aren't voting for most event and especially PPV matches then it is an issue.
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  8. I like this idea, although you guys know my stance on voting. However, my only concern would be that if we force people to vote, they're not gonna read the promos. Other than that I think it's a pretty solid idea. It's a little harsh on the suspension time. I mean, you could cheat in a match and only get two weeks of suspension.

    I have a suggestion if you're willing to hear it
  9. Go
  10. I want to hear it
  11. I suggest that you do the whole 3 strike thing, 1 month suspension. However if a person votes in 75% of 3 shows consecutively, their strikes get reset back to 0. Just a minor add on
  12. Maybe 3 shows in a row they get 1 taken off, so if they have 2 they go back to 1 instead of 0?
  13. Yeah that sounds good. Would also motion for the month thing to be 2 weeks for the 1st, then if they miss another after the strike then 1 month, followed by 2 months. Banning from the section came to mind, but it seems a little much for voting. I think they'll get the point after months os suspension.

    Also what would we do for non-participant voters? or would we just limit votes to participants only? I think it would be good if we didn't limit it
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  14. Just discount their votes from the poll numbers.
  15. I have another idea.

    What if we made voters sign up to a non-participant contract before they could vote in IWT, that way we could place the same rule on them. There are people like deth who don't participate but vote. I don't think we should exclude users like that. It would also guarantee that they would vote in 75% of card matches, which is a pretty good thing.

    What do you think?
  16. but what if jonathan doesn't vote whos gunna ban him?
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  17. That's a good idea actually.

    God i love you crayo.