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  1. After the tag title match at The Royal Rumble I think there should be a slight adjustment to the rules. I realized that Jonathan more times than often ends up having to extend the time period because of work, school, ect. I've experienced this when I made matches and I'm sure the others in creative have as well. What I'm suggesting is that promo periods should last until the end of voting periods. What that means is you get the standard 24hr promo period, then voting will open as usual, but instead of competitors being unable to post anymore promos they would be able to continue to post their promos until the end of the voting period.

    Now here's the penalty for posting late. If you have two bad promos in the beginning and you decided to post the GOAT promo at the last hour of the voting period, you probably won't win because everyone will have already voted, so essentially the faster you get your promo in, the better your chances are of winning.

    There are a lot of instances in the IWT where competitors run out of time because of personal reasons and that really hinders the potential quality of the matches we all want to see, so instead of creative constantly having to extend time limits it would probably be best if promos were allowed to be posted during the voting periods.

    Just to clarify:
    Matches with promo limits would of course not be able to surpass the max promo rule.
  2. If you can't get 2/3 promos in 24 hours (sometimes 36+ hours) then... :pity1:

    9 times out of 10 I'll extend the promo time if necessary, but always having it so that they can promo after voting starts is pointless.
  3. I'll ask everyone who opposes the idea to please give valid reasoning other than personal opinions, so that we can all understand their perspectives. Thank you
  4. Someone's reason can be their opinion... uhm... :urm:
  5. It can, but if you're going to have an opinion about something, then back it up with some facts. C'mon Jono you're supposed to be Triple H. It's not about being personal it's about what's best for business
  6. 1.It gives people an easy excuse for not voting

    2. Like you say you could vote for competitor a then competitor b could comback with an epic promo and you wanna vote for them instead but you can't because you already voted
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  7. Because it just doesn't make sense. It's called voting period for a reason. It's useless since some people will vote right away.
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  8. Eh, it's just getting their promo in at the last minute. Should be able to post it up within voting time if they barely get the time to do it.
  9. 1. Already taken care of with the new voting strikes rule

    2. And that's the penalty of being late. It's a system that gives people with personal things more time, but at the same time it doesn't baby them.
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  10. This isn't personal? It makes no sense to let people promo once the voting has started, it's just going to lead to "Ah I want to change my vote to ... uhm, you can't... well that sucks... losers claim to be the winners because people voted for winners but losers put in a last promo after the 'deciding voters' had voted...
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  11. Hey, Dat Kid, is it fair you voted?
  12. Like I said to gav, it's a system that lets people have the opportunity to post, but it isn't super lenient. The earlier they post the better chance they have at getting votes because not everyone votes immediately. That way it isn't unfair to the people who have posted on time.
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  13. If I could bring up another example. In may I was in a triple threat with Victoria Parker and Rodrigo for the IWT Championship. I had no internet over the weekend because I was at a relatives house. So I was literally racing to get home to Jersey which is an hour a way, which left me with no time to post. Jono had to extend the time and by then I had 30 mins left, which forced me to post a pretty terrible promo, and I obviously lost.

    Had the rule been in place I would have lost some votes due to being late, but at the same time my promo would have been better and possibly gave me a me a better chance getting the votes of people who hadn't even gotten around to reading yet.
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  14. I can see the points on both sides here so far, but I think a better solution would be change the parameters for the matches, not allow promos while voting is open (unless its a special match type, but that's another topic). Now when I say parameters of the match I mean perhaps the default time length should just be 36 hours to post promos instead of 24? AND if that happens then I also vote we put more restrictions on the number of promos one person can do, even in championship matches. I could see some matches' promos being WAAAAAY too long if they were given that much time and had unlimited promos. Just my my opinion though
  15. Time allowed = 36 hours
    Promo limit for most matches = 3 promos

  16. I dig it
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