Storyline Rumble approacheth (No time for Flamingo-buisness)

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  1. *Camera men approaches door to the chamber, they knock and open, no one is in there and the room is empty, they close the door*
    Camera Man 1: I thought this was it?
    Camera Man 2:Me too, I swear- *banging noise comes from in the room, the men look at each other, then the door opens out comes Duggan and Boston @rko2004 dressed like knights, Wang is behind them*
    Camera Man 1: W-w-where-
    Leo: Enough! Now you 2 dress wearing the traditional gear, its time for you to go into action.
    Dexx: This stuff is heavy.
    Leo: Of course it is, flamingo code you walk to the rumble wearing as much weight as possible! Don't worry you take it off before you get in the ring. Now we haven't had any success at all, none so the panda predicts no win from any of you in this sadly. But listen in that ring lies 28 other fighters those who oppose the panda and say we all belong in sanitariums, time to prove them wrong! Show that the zebra can make it over the rainbow, show them black is the new indigo and show them bears can lay eggs, lets do this! No time for Flamingo buisness tonight the flamingo FLIES!!!!
    Dexx: Indeed it does, Boston, if we meet its bullrope code we are rivals, and *looks at his RR number (9), Boston shows him his(5) and then Duggan shows Boston his* yeah it looks like we'll meet. I wish you the best of luck Beacon to Boston.
    *Shakes hand and they bump helmets*
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  2. *Boston rubs his head a little*
    Mike: Ah... yes! Good luck to you too, I don't wanna brag though but... *Mike takes out a pear, Leo takes his glasses off* You know what i'm talking about...
    Leo: Wrong Pear! *laughs a little, Mike takes a quick look*
    Mike: What? I thou- AWWWW it took me 5 days to choose and I still.
    Leo*lauging*: Unwise choice of pears Boston haha! We still need to work on your Pear language!
    Mike: Well whatever the magic Pear is a myth, *takes out his sword, points in the direction of the ring* Alright onward beacon! To the rumble! CHARGE!!!!! *Duggan and Boston runs towards the ring entrance to clerk in for the rumble*
    Leo: Such desperate men but such little to no chance of winning, but I love them for that...*smiles, picks up the pear* hmmmmm, wow, really wrong pear.
  3. OOC: im beginning to see the genius in this gimmick
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