Clash of Champions Rumored Clash of Champions Outcome

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  1. Open if you wanna know, I put it in here in case this topic gets featured or somebody accidentally clicks and doesn't wanna know.

    Here's the spoiler (open)
    WWE News: Kevin Owens Expected To Lose WWE Universal Championship At ‘WWE Clash of Champions’

    But, that only means he can lose the title Seth am I right?
    But there is the question... will Seth remain a babyface or would WWE revert him straight to heel and have him feud with Reigns again? I would say keep Seth the baby face champion of RAW for a while if this happens.
  2. Pretty awful article. They basically gave their prediction and titled it as if there was a source telling them this.
  3. Wait it doesn't say that? Maybe I should start reading again
  4. Oh, boy. Some of you will never learn. Don't ever believe anything you read on Inquisitr. They are trash.
  5. It is 100% factual that Owens definitely might drop the belt - me
  6. Don't get me wrong I love Seth Rollins and would love to see him as champ, but having Kevin Owens (one of the best WWE wrestlers) lose the Universal Championship on his first PPV defense is kind of soon I would say like survivor series maybe or if they want it sooner then Hell in a Cell, but Clash of Champions seems really early. But still would love to see Rollins as champ
  7. Obviously failed a wellness policy test.
  8. Who ever wrote is article must not know that Owens has the man in his corner and his name-ugh is the GAME-UGH.
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  9. Whoever wrote the article does not know he is a STUPID IDIOT! :y2j:
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  10. It's pretty hard to speculate results like this when most the time the wrestlers themselves don't even know if they are gonna win the title until the day of the match.

    Anyhow I think Owens will remain champion
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