Rumored entrance theme for dem boys

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  1. Hmm okay.... Okay song but I expect it to be edited and cut a fair deal for the entrance, maybe mixed as well. It can work if the titantron is done right and the entrance is rightly choreographed.

  2. Fucking gay. Tbh.

    WAYYYYYY too soft and watered down for someone as beastly and crazy as Dean Ambrose.
    We need more hard rock/metal themes with balls and aggression. So sick of these pansy pop/rock themes.


    Probably the closest we have to any of these is Ryback and Punks themes.
  3. But. This is not a theme solely for Ambrose. It is for the group as a whole. The thing that irks me about how the internet has reacted to all this is the supposed idea that this is all done just for Ambrose. There is no guarantee that he will be the front runner for the group it could just as easily be Rollins or Reigns. Each man has an equal opportunity and right to succeed but it seems like most of the IWC chooses to only focus on Ambrose. I am a fan of Dean's work but it irks me that most seem to overlook such an amazing competitor as Seth and such a promising guy like Roman just for one guy. Ambrose despite all his skills can just as easily tank, it is sad but true. There is no guarantee that he will be an instant success.
  4. Still, it's a bunch of guys who are ambushing and beating the crap out of people. This theme would be a better fir for a diva or something..

    This group of "henchmen" or whatever should have a much more aggressive and ballsier theme imo.
  5. Though, you do have a point I guess a lot of us are getting carried away with the Ambrose fanboyism, but imo, it's because he's head and shoulders above Rollins. I like Rolling but to me, Ambrose is up there with Punk when it comes to mic skills, is oozing with charisma, is a natural lunatic heel and is very good in the ring and he actually has a pretty decent look (bigger guy who just looks like an asskicker, similar to Barrett). Again, I do like Rollins but he hasn't impressed me or made me "mark" out as much as Dean has.
  6. The theme if this is the correct one will most obviously be mixed to fit them more. Just like Alex Riley's theme was mixed quite heavily. But since it is rumored there is no guarantee this will be the final theme.

    As I said in another thread as well. Neither of these three guys should be the leader of their little kliq. Instead I'd book them with a manager or mentor of sorts, be it Punk or Heyman or whoever that can act as the spider in the web for them. This allows them to work individual feuds whilst at the same time taking part in a larger overlapping feud. This allows to showcase all three both individually and as a team and with a manager it helps cover up that Roman isn't the best on the mic for example. It gives them the individual exposure that is needed to make a name for themselves and the main scene exposure of being associated with top talent. Kind of like Randy and Batista in evolution.

    They should do this until after Wrestlemania sometime and then one of them (I'd go with Seth due to him having that babyface look and charm) should turn face and turn on the group/the mentor and feud with them for a while. Putting him over as a face. Repeat this with Roman some months later and then you can have Dean just walk away to do his thing since I don't see him working as a face. I'd instead have him break off down the road to start a feud of his own with an already over babyface to cement him.

    That's kind off how I would do it. A rough plan but a plan
  7. As my mom says. "Taste is like the ass, split in two." I myself am a bigger Rollins mark than I am an Ambrose mark. I like Dean and his work but I like Rollins more. I mark majorly for high flyers and Seth is one of the best pure grapplers mixed with a high flying style to come out of ROH. His work with Age of the Fall proved that he could be a vicious and sadistic heel as well and he is touted as one of the best ROH champions for a reason. It comes down to personal taste basically. No disrespect to Dean who is awesome but Rollins is more my cup of tea.
  8. Yeah, that sounds pretty good actually.
    I think CM Punk being the manager/leader and promoting them under his "best in the world" gimmick could be very helpful.
    I do agree that Rollins should turn face, he should then feud with Ambrose and they can have some epic matches/promos that would put both of them over.
  9. Yeah, an Ambrose/Rollins rivalry is proven to work. Their FCW rivalry was great both from an entertainment and wrestling stand point. It could be one of the big WWE rivalries for the "new era".

    No disrespect to Roman either. He has been in it for only two years but he is very good for a 2 year rookie. You've got to admit he has an impressive look as well, being a huge ass Samoan and all. He looks like an enforcer. He's got some great wrestling lineage as well, his cousins include the Usos, the Rock and Umaga. He just needs more polish so if they do anything like what I suggested then I think he will be hanging with Punk and Heyman the longest since he can benefit from it allot.
  10. He does indeed have a great look, pretty damn beastly. Didn't know he was related to Rocky and the rest, that's pretty cool. They could easily play up to that.
  11. Yeah his backstory writes itself basically. All three guys can be successes. There is a reason the internet went haywire for all three of them on Monday/Sunday and compared it to when Cena, Orton and Batista debuted.

    If we were to draw those comparisons I'd pit Seth as the Cena due to his face charisma. Ambrose as the Orton and Roman as the Batista.
  12. Ha Cincinnati based... Another Ohio reference. We just own everything
  13. http:emoji_confused:/ Remember this theme? Badass
  14. Would only be decent for an enforcer group if heavily mixed.
  15. This is epic. Fuck the haters. Slow starting songs = awesome entrances.
  16. Love how Ambrose is in the middle there too. He's the real boss.
  17. I'm going to keep my words soft and sweet because I may need to eat them later. But that theme sucks.
  18. Read 'Dem Boys' and assumed the thread was about the briscoes and nearly peed a little thinking wwe had signed them

    fuck you stop
  19. ^ I thought that as well.