Rumored names for 2013 Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 16, 2012.

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  2. Kevin Nash For Hall of Fame! :Otunga:

    Wonder If Scott Hall would induct him :notsure:
  3. Kevin Nash? :facepalm1:
  4. Im glad that foley and backlund will be inducted. not really interested in nash. I bet nash got himself in for bashing benoit :obama: vince probably got a boner when he heard about it.
  5. Kevin Nash will probably be inducted due to his ties with Triple H. Look's like we see another Kliq re-union at HOF next year.
  6. Nash has had a great career, of course he's going in. A big factor in the original NWO, multiple time world champ amongst other accomplishments.
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  7. Mick Foley is one that I agree should get inducted. He took a lot of bumps in wrestling, and he stay committed. He is a good athlete, had a great career, a unique gimmick, and even world championship matches. Loved him mostly in ECW, and I know WWE counts past ECW and WCW history with their careers, so that'll be good.
  8. The WWE is running out of credible hall of famers. Next thing you know 2014 hall of fame is all celebrities.
  9. JBL should get inducted soon. He was a successful tag team man and a great single competitor. Plus when he leaves him and Farooq can leave while the APA theme plays and be a couple of badasses :boss1: :boss1: :damn: :jbl:
  10. JBL will most likely be inducted once he is done climbing his mountains.
  11. I remember the good ole days when APA use to climb mountains together....

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    [​IMG] Good times....good times :damn: :jbl:
  12. So what other wrestlers are left to be inducted?
  13. :win: With Backlund, this crappy HoF will get just a bit more prestigious.
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  14. They'll probably hold off on JBL until they get Wrestlemania back in Texas.

    You've still got Rocky, Hall, the NWO as a unit (have to work something out to bring Hogan back for that one, but....), Edge deserves it, plus all of those real old-school guys that haven't been inducted. Not to mention Lita, Trish, some other good Divas.

    Oh, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

  15. FOLEY will mark my freaking tits off!
  16. Savage or who gives a fuck
  17. Foley, Nash and Backlund are all good choices.

    This year was the perfect chance for Savage to go in but he didn't. He probably won't go in next year either. Ultimate Warrior is one I would put in, but much like in 2010, he would probably decline the offer. I know a lot of people here would probably say he doesn't deserve to go in but he was a huge superstar back in the day, and people still talk about him to this day for a reason. The fact that he knew maybe four moves means nothing. Plus, looking at some of the other names in there, there's no way you can say some of them are more deserving than the Warrior. Rick Martel is also someone I used to like, and considering they've put some midcard names from that 80's/90's period (even Koko B. Ware...), they might as well put Martel in there, too. At least Martel was an AWA World Champion at one point.
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