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    Just for the people who didn't watch SmackDown, or never knew how he left the WWE. He lost a Steel Cage Match to CM Punk in August-September of 2009.

    I've liked Hardy for a long time. I'd be happy for him to return to the WWE. It would be better if Matt Hardy returns with him, but I doubt Matt will choose another useless stint over a far more relaxed and well paid independent schedule with ROH, TNA and such. Jeff Hardy on the other hand should be happy he'd be working, about, the same schedule but with a better pay and more stable future. Opinions on this?
  2. I'd like it for The Hardy Boyz to return, been a fan of theirs for a long time.
  3. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Prime Time Playerz vs. The New Dayz
  4. "We seem to fuck up making new stars every chance we get, any other strung up has been we can dig up?"
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  5. He's still kewl I guess.
  6. A whole new generation of scene kids to sell neon colored pantyhose sleeves to.
  7. Matt vs Owens, lets go.:ko:
  8. Fuck it, I'd be so down
  9. I'm not a huge fan of either Hardy, but it would be fun to see Jeff and Matt or just Jeff (at least for a while...I have a feeling it wouldn't be long before Matt was back on board, too) back in the WWE, especially if it was given the same type of push that the Dudleyz return was.

    I do think it would be a tremendous opportunity to build them back up and then feed them to K.O., Cesaro, Neville, the next big thing to come up from NXT, etc.

  10. Is he still a big risk? I have no idea if he's screwed up or not recently. He's got a stupid ability to get over if required and he's a strong pick for the sympathetic babyface role if not.
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  11. He's just come back from breaking his leg but I don't think he's ring work ready just yet. And I think Jeff still is on something. Not sure what. Matt is supposed to be clean outside of living with Reby Sky.
  12. Yeah his ring will always be ugly IMO, I heard they have him as EC3's assistant or something. So he's still passing out in hallways?
  13. Haven't heard anything like that. So he might be clean, or he could be like Angle and be clean at work but out of it when not at work
  14. What hints has he given you he is still using?
  15. Jeff is a bomb waiting to implode. Jeff is fun to watch and has this ability to make people like him, but once he starts to get big again, it'll all turn to shit. He can barely handle his own life.
  16. I like Jeff Hardy and wouldn't mind seeing him back in WWE, but honestly it's not something that I am really overly concerned about one way or the other.
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  17. Yeah I don't think he. An handle a full time gig with the current roster any way. He always looks like he's in severe, real pain.
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  18. That's what comes with taking massive bumps in your late 30s. He took a bump from the top of a steel cage onto Steel Steps. This was directly after a season of Ladder and Hardcore matches with The Dudleys and The American Wolves, where he also took massive bumps.

    He needs to play it smart, at his age, unless he wants to end up like Mick Foley. Who says he feels the effects of his wrestling style every day.
  19. You see anything more talkworthy than that this year though? He is going to end up more like Ali than Foley.
  20. I'll just assume you're talking about 2014. And yeah I agree, but being a noteworthy competitor isn't something someone who's accomplished so much like Jeff, should be worrying about when he can really do long term damage in this fragile stage of his career.

    Was it hella cool? Yeah. But I'm just pointing out some hard truth.
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