Spoiler Rumoured card for NoC

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  1. Punk and Ziggler challenging for mid card titles :zeb: Wyatts/Usos will be pre-show maybe. lol'd @ "One of the total divas"

    Looks like BS.
  2. Seems like a decent card, Bryan and Orton will steal the show and Ziggler and Ambrose will steal the midcard. Natalya Vs AJ Lee would be awesome.
  3. Told y'all niggas it would be Ziggler vs Ambrose

    Aids Johnson
  4. Punk vs Axel makes sense given the feud and all. Will add credibility to the belt. Ziggler vs Ambrose, uh... depending on how it's booked along with the main story it may be alright.
  5. I could have predicted that card. (Except Usos vs Wyatts) BS
  6. :facepalm: you're right again, but holy shit does this suck.
  7. Ziggler being involved in the big storyline going forward sucks? Who'da thunk it.
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  8. Wish Ziggler was in RVD's spot to be honest
  9. Given the arc they had before with him yep. The illogical movement from what should have been him reclaiming the title to background character is an annoyance.
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  10. Btw, No fucking Rhodes? Sandow?
  11. Put Cody and Damien in it and you're pretty much set to go. Maybe throw Christian somewhere.
  12. If this card is true I'm just gonna go ahead and predict that Ambrose/Ziggler will be MOTN.
  13. I doubt they'll top Bryan Orton, mainly due to lack of time. In a years time for a world title however they'd steal it.
  14. If they're given a good 15 minutes and the finish isn't overbooked I could see their match stealing the show. Then again you're talking to the inner mark in me atm cause I've wanted to see the two feud for quite a while.
  15. Rollins selling to Show and Henry is going to be great to watch.
  16. Aside from the last two matches, it was pretty easy to predict the rest just judging from this past week's Raw. Another one I expect to be added is Rhodes and Sandow in a match with Sandow's briefcase on the line. Yeah, it isn't for a title but the briefcase is the quick road to the second most important championship in the company and that should be considered enough. Besides, there's been a few matches (though only a few) at this PPV in the past that haven't been for a title. Usos/Harper and Rowan wouldn't have a title at the center of it either. (Sandow can go over Rhodes this time and end this feud.)
  17. I'd also guess Natalya would be the one getting the shot.
  18. I'm going to Guess Punks gonna lose to Axel but they'll make it in a way that both men leave the match with some credibility.
    As for Ziggler, With the WHC scene including some tough guys as of late, I think Ziggler deserves a WHC shot....but Seeing as he's against Ambrose, I'm intrested to see what they plan on doing....Possible Feud?
    Only if this card is true....
  19. If this ends up being the final card I foresee a lot of Heel wins for this PPV.
  20. I dont see Ambrose stealing the show, I mean, the build can be fantastic but the guy isnt the best in ring worker