Summerslam Rumoured Summerslam matches

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  2. Champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler?

    is this how he is cashing in? he better win -.-
  3. I'm guessing he cashes in before Pedo, with DZ as champ. Bryan Jericho is also fap worthy.

  4. :yay: and then he defends at summerslam and retains!!!
  5. Either that or he gets into this match without the case, brogue kick by Sheamus leads to him pinning ADR. Fella celebrates, Dolph attacks him with the case then cashes in.
  6. Maybe he cashes in during the match? Sheamus-Del Rio in a one-on-one match but then Ziggler comes in and gets involved after they've done wore themselves out from a long match and he takes advantage.
  7. :fap:
  8. I thought they'd book Sheamus vs Del Rio and Ziggler vs Jericho, or Del Rio vs Mysterio and Sheamus vs Ziggler and Bryan vs Jericho... I don't know. Various possibilities.

    But anyway, if we have the three way, I'm sure it's not the cash in, he'll walk into the match with the briefcase and possibly cash in after he loses.
  9. We probably still will get Jeritroll / DZ dirtsheets and all that.


    Unless this means Jericho interrupting the wedding segment, I'd be down for watching all that crap just to see Bryan Chris.


    Also Jericho being the one who manipulated Kane could work I suppose, run Jericho vs Cena for the belt @ TLC. Saying Jericho was the one behind the hate being embraced :hmm:
  10. Fantasy booking again Seabs.
  11. Reads rumors: :yay:

    Notices F4WOnline: :downer:
  12. We better get Jericho/Ziggler
  13. Agreed. Put Ziggler over to the casuals as a beast mofo.
  14. DUMB! Undertaker vs. Shumus at SummerSlam for the World Title!
  15. Never, ever happening.
  16. Thank goodness.
  17. Even beyond that it's just a dream match to see those two get 15+ minutes at a PPV. Would be amazing to watch
  18. Think we can safely say it'll be MOTN if Bryan/Punk is no longer happening.
  19. YES IT IS!
  20. Noooo they should have DZ cash it in before and do DZ VS Chris Jericho. It would make lots of sense about the promo he cut on Y2J
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