News RVD Buries The Entire TNA Roster, States He's Above Them

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    Rob Van Dam, who returned to WWE one month ago, said his matches have been better since returning to WWE because he's working with better talent.

    RVD essentially said in an audio blog following Tuesday's Smackdown TV taping in San Jose, California that he was working with wrestlers not at the level of WWE in his previous company, TNA, which he avoided identifying by name.

    RVD's full monologue on returning to WWE:

    "I was riding my bike a few days ago in Hermosa Beach (Calif.), and someone on the beach said, 'RVD, welcome home, brother!' I'm sharing this because they weren't saying, 'Welcome home,' meaning, 'Welcome home to California.' They were saying, 'Welcome back to WWE. This is where you belong.' You know why? Because WWE is truly the best of the best when it comes to professional wrestling. What makes it the best? Way, way, way more people watch WWE than any other wrestling. The percentage of the global population that tunes into WWE is just fathoms above the amount of people who watch any other wrestling. Does that alone make it the best? Maybe not. But, you have to admit WWE is the standard-setters; they have the best wrestlers.

    "Now, you could say, 'That's an opinion,' and 'I prefer a different style of wrestling.' Okay, you have the right to that opinion, but I can tell you from being in the ring with these guys that once I went to WWE, I noticed right away the skill level, the well-roundedness, the talent of the wrestlers in WWE - way above where I had been before.

    "Many of you noticed my matches were better, but you couldn't put your finger on why they're better. I'm telling you it's because I'm swimming in a different pool. Some of the other guys - their achievements are not as grand, the stars that they have wrestled are not as well-rounded, they're used to wrestling each other, and they're limited. Fans might prefer that, it's going to be a small group of fans that will support that and that the wrestlers will be exposed to. And, that's fine if that's what you're looking for. But, if you're looking for the best of the best, if you're looking for the best Superstars, it's right here, baby. WWE.

    "So, I like my position there. Who else has stood the test of time like RVD? Have I not proven that I'm doing something right? When will people stop trying to give me their unwanted advice? When will people realize I got this? And that goes for life, not just for wrestling. I got this. Okay?"

  2. So let me get this straight, in what world or galaxy are (not counting Chris Jericho and Christian, all the guys he wrestled on TV in WWE in 2013)):

    - Darren Young
    - Wade Barrett
    - Fandango
    - Alberto Del Rio
    - Big E Langston
    - Randy Orton

    BETTER than " Some of the other guys - their achievements are not as grand, the stars that they have wrestled are not as well-rounded, they're used to wrestling each other, and they're limited." :

    - Sting
    - AJ Styles
    - Bobby Roode
    - James Storm
    - Kurt Angle
    - Samoa Joe

    Not to mention the others he had feuds with in TNA (Daniels, Magnus, Joey Ryan, Bully Ray, Zema Ion - everybody better than the never-ending-talent-of-the-WWE above)
  3. Whilst I agree RVD is just being retarded again, let's not bury Orton and ADR here. They can hang with every wrestler you have listed there. The rest, I agree with. He sounds stupidly bitter, but I'm not sure why you let RVD bother you. I know he's burying TNA - a company you adore - but I highly doubt anyone is taking his words or rants as factual information. It's RVD; he's a lazy stoner.
  4. I'll skip the ADR and Orton discussion to talk important stuff...

    It bothers me because I hate monotone, retarded, hypocritical, going-through-motions people who later claim it wasn't their fault if the their matches were boring. I wouldn't be bothered if he buried a few guys like Rob Terry, Kenny King, Christian York or Ken Anderson, but the entire 50 ppl roster? That's just wrong on so many levels when that roster has AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe as it's pioneers.

    Your second-to-last sentence is right. Even on Pwtorch (the WWE fanboyz site) the fans are claiming this guy is a dumb fuck.

    And I don't mind lazy stoners per se. I am lazy myself often times, and would love to stone myself to near-death sometime lol.
  5. Exactly. You said it yourself; it was a stupid thing to say but no one believes any of it. The only people who would buy anything that comes out of his mouth are fans like Gohan who want to find reasons to hate TNA. Do you really care about those types of fans? In a dream world, I'd have TNA's best talents all conveniently have interviews and bury the fuck out of RVD. Everyone knows how shit RVD was in TNA, and a lot of people still despise watching him (I am one of them). If RVD's matches sucked in TNA, RVD is the reason why.
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  6. My interest level dropped when he said talent level... WWE is so formulaic that of course the matches will have that crossover appeal... its like calling Cena a great wrestler...he is , but is limited so he doesn't mistakes that would expose his limitations

    In TNA, they are given more freedom...freedom to make mistakes and have bad matches....TNA is not as formulaic and doesn't romanticize the perfect wrestler the way WWE does

    It's tense backstage in WWE for a reason...saying the wrong thing could get you de-pushed....of course the WWE style appeals worldwide, the style is almost mistake and risk fee
  7. Basically, I'll resume what happens in one sentence. Rob smoked weed before that interview.
  8. I didn't like RVD in TNA because his matches weren't of good quality, wasn't entertaining and nor where they decent. I admire TNA's talent such as Austin Aries, Bobby R, Chris. Daniels, Kazarian, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, James Storm and the list continues.

    It's not right for RVD to be burying the whole locker room, but I do think he shouldn't be the whole reason of blame. TNA management should be more strict on wrestlers match quality to ensure that they're providing quality and lazy-free matches. If the management is more strict on this, it'll most defiantly help their company in the long run.
  9. Just a bitter stoner, screw RVD. He's got to be happy in WWE since the matches tend to be slower and more his pace now that he's old and all.
  10. Gotta give credit where credit is due, now to Pwtorch. Their site is still biased and shit though.

    One of their editors on this subject:

  11. Rob Van Dam posted a new audio blog addressing the criticism towards his comments about the TNA roster.
    This guy, every time he speaks out, makes himself look more and more and more arrogant and stupid, it's something unbeliavable.
  12. Fuck RVD. Dude is shit on the mic, old as fuck, and just a pathetic "athlete" who has to ride WWE talent's dick (see show/henry) to have a match in the 2nd fucking ppv he is in. They are already clutching to keep him relevant, as it isnt believable he has a chance vs ambrose. Already.
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  13. I understand people not liking RVD but you can't say he is a bad athlete he seems healthy enough to me. I am pretty sure for his age and how long he has been a wrestler his body has actually done quite well theres alot of talent that has not lasted anywhere near as long as rvd and not done even half of the crazy stuff he has done in the past.
  14. i dont give a fuck about 6 years ago (sorry if language upsets you) i care about now. He is taking tv time off of competitors who have earned their spot in the upper card, but now are back down while another part timer hits certain spots week after week. RVD is better looking than he was in TNA, but then again, he looked like absolute trash in TNA. There he was going over young talent, in wwe he just slows things down. Dude wont see gold.
  15. I don't think you need to worry about him being there too long i expect he got signed for a year or something ,all i was trying to say was i don't think its fair to say he is a bad athlete maybe vince has bought him in to help train younger guys? I do agree i would rather see someone fresh and good atm in his TV time though it baffles me why ziggler seems to of been dropped from having a match weekly now.
  16. Brother RVD was going over all the young talent in TNA to make himself look relevant, taking the xdivision title and having straight up onesided matches weekly. He is garbage, and i wont pretend to support him. Ziggler is a different burial, all im saying is this is 10000x worse than rock, worse than people wanting scsa back (id go 2 months max) or loving part timers but hating on jericho. Jericho does what part timers should be doing, Bork laser is about to do the same this week. RVD is going to go over Ambrose, it's going to be horrible, and his next ppv will be forced. He might as well just face the miz every week

  17. Ain't no way that piece of trash is going over Ambrose bro.
  18. your balls will climb back in your stomach when your loverboy jobs to R-V-D. Its happening lol.

  19. The leader of The Shield ain't going to lose his title on the fucking pre-show. Wanna bet? Sig for a week.
  20. usertitle, not worth a sig. Fuck them both. You want to get big bets, let me know.