RVD returning to WWE?

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  1. Yes, He gives me nostalgia and is entertaining

  2. No, He's old and needs to retire this insist!

  3. No, I just don't like him

  4. Yes, I just like him

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    So as the link above says RVD wants some WWE action and WWE will probably be happy to give it him but was he just getting the fans happy?

    We all know RVD hasn't been released but rather he has a shorter schedule, not like Brock Lesnar's where he gets payed for a appearance and is getting payed per month as well but rather he works when WWE wants him to when he needs or wants to go home he can, like what happened to him last year, RVD was really entertaining in his latest stint with great matches with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, and a pretty good match with Del Rio, They should have and him win the Rumble not Botoxsta if they wanted a older guy to win.

    Hopefully we could see him at Mania, in my personal opinion he has a lot to bring to the table and ones is a World Title reign and a IC/US title reign before he retries

    Also what about Rhyno?
  2. Not a fan of his plus he acts like a dick.
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  3. I'm going to vote for the non existent poll option.

    "No, But i do like him."
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  4. I want a brand split. Bring RVD back for a 10 man MITB match at 'Mania
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  5. Why? and plus i knew i forgot something on that poll when i made it
  6. I only see RVD where he really truly belongs. ECW and we don't have that anymore.
  7. RVD belongs in a product that sooths his first and best persona, WWE doesn't allow it, TNA destroys it, he should just go to ROH or one of them indy promotions with a good product
  8. I like RVD. I don't care that he still does the same shit in the ring that he's been doing for the past 15-20 years, it's still entertaining and produces good/great matches and the fans still love him. lol @ people who judge him by his shitty TNA run.
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  9. Misleading topic, but I'd love to see RVD back. Yes he's a part timer, but he's still got it in the ring. If they can bring him into an entertaining storyline with a younger talent, it would be pretty damn good in my mind, as long as there are some good promos and a solid buildup.
  10. I'm all for him coming back and having a few matches so long as he's kept far, far away from any title matches, especially the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

  11. Yea he could be useful to put over upcoming talents.
  12. RVD is still amazing in the ring. You can deny his mic skills and say he's overrated. But, regardless, he can keep up with the best of em and is fun to watch in the ring.
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  13. i'd love to see rvd back
  14. I see no news on WWE wanting him back for Wrestlemania 30 and also RVD just wants the pay day so he can buy some more weed
  15. i would smoke out with rvd. id also like to do some coke with iron sheik.
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  16. RVD always fun to watch because nobody gets higher, than R V D
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  17. You no he stopped like 4 years ago, sure he wants a payday, would you wrestle for 12-15 minutes for PPV and get paid $100,000s? of coarse you would

    RVD got into this business at young age i think he was 21 and actually Jim Corette said the reason Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar were paired was because Jim said Brock didn't know how to sell/give good moves, he was there to give them a tackle start pandering to the crowd and tag Benjy in to do his athletic stuff. Bottom line is Brock Lesnar has always been in WWE for the money.

    Only people who care about wrestling make continuous appearances if they don't have another profession, where Brock just shoots animals, sorry if this offended you, i'm just saying RVD has a bigger desire for wrestling rather than Brock Lesnar
  18. I would like to see him come back to help a few of the younger stars go over... but as far as a title of any kind.. no.