RVD reveals why he left TNA

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    Not sure why RVD is so God damn bitter.
  2. Yeah, the guy is sounding bitter in his recent interviews. Unsure why, the guy is just doing whatever he wants these days, he gets lots of money and works the shedule he wants. Maybe he found what what we think about him nowadays.
  3. The dude is such a piece of shit. He was one of the worst X division champs, has horrible builds, scripted matches, and just wasnt what TNA wanted.

    Just another old man who thinks he deserves the spotlight over young talent. Someone should remind him of his age...
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  4. Who cares what this fucking twat has to say about anything.
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  5. One month ago, RVD said TNA treated him with the utmost class and respect, but in his latest comments, he said the company wasn't respectful. :george:
  6. I agree. Fuck that clown
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  7. The X division went from the most exciting fast paced action in TNA, to the most boring part of TNA during his reign. He should be apologizing for tarnishing that belt as long as he did.
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  8. exactly, those matches were 100% to put RVD over as unbeatable, and make his opponent look weak as hell.
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  9. You guys are just jealous that he is so good at implementing useless flips into his matches.
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  10. Vintage Bob.
  11. I call it orchestrated tumbling
  12. He and JoMo should be a tag team
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  14. Yes because shortly gaining the TNA World Championship in his debut, and gaining the X Division championship really shows that they disrespected him. Maybe he should have worked on putting more people over and stop trying to hold the spotlight when he can't even keep up with the light. If he wants to be bitter to Impact Wrestling, then he can throw his little fits, as long as he's not on the show it'll just be that much better.
  15. One comment that is probably true, and I agree with it:

    "What I think happened.

    Impact announces they are touring the country full time now.
    RVD who is known for disliking traveling said "fuck this. If I have to travel let me see how much Vince wants to pay and get a better offer from TNA"
    Offer comes in. Tells TNA. TNA says we want you, but it wont be at that rate or your old salary
    RVD walks away."

    RVD has a big ego. He asked for a certain amount of money, TNA said "no", and he takes that as disrespect.
    The biggest RVD fan is RVD.

  16. only*
  17. Even Nero hates his stinkin guts

  18. When he came to TNA, wasn't he signing one of the biggest contracts in TNA history for limited dates (remember when he was written off TV in 2010)?

    Typical veterans, no surprise this would happen. But if he's this opposed to traveling then he would HATE working for Vince... Wait, wait, wait: TNA didn't want him back unless he'd take a pay cut? Aww shit. *Insert Applicable Daniels Gif Here*
  19. Screw bitter ass RVD, spewing some bullshit reason why he left, it's a huge blessing for TNA that he has, now just hope they show Chavo the same level of disrespect too, so we can wave bye to his ass as well
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  20. He was probably high at the time of the tweet.
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