Ryan Davis You Are Wrong

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  1. I never stick to rules and that bet you did i will be remaining as blackfire and you know what i want a rematch so come at me right now unless you arw a chicken
  2. I might just rename myself my name will now be The h bomb
  3. I going to rename myself i am called the h bomb
  4. @Tsar This dude legit needs to follow through with the stipulation
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  5. remove kekbab
  6. WUKOfficial, you made the stipulation and if you don't want to follow them; you can best serve a suspension.
  7. im just saying i just got best by rayn doe not sound right so im just saying change it to another name
  8. You lost, take the name or get that Titus O'Neil
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  9. who is Titus O'Neil
    look i not trying to keep the blackfire but im trying to change it to a new name i got beat by ryan sound not fitting no offences so can we pick another one
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Fine i will keep the name but i will not say that in my porno just to cut time
  13. Promo not porno im not doing that lol
  14. @Ryan Davis chooses your name to WHATEVER he wants. If you don't want him to change it, or you want him to change it to something you want. You can get that shaft. The longer you argue, the longer the suspension will be, if you don't follow through on your word.
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  15. We already disided we are keeping the name ok
  16. I like you, you're a cool cat