Storyline Ryan On The Hunt.

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  1. The Titantron shows a shaking cameras and loud footsteps racing towards a voice that seems to be getting louder. The cameramen race towards Aiden who is on the look out for Cole. "Move!" Aiden screams pushing crew members over tables. "Woah Hey!" Crew members start to panic moving out of harms way.

    Aiden grabs the crew member he flipped over the table by the throat. "Where's Reagan Cole!?" Aiden screams as the Crew member shake's he's head in confusion. Aiden releases the man and walks past the table he had flipped. "I know you're back here! I know you can fucking hear me!" Aiden screams as the camera continues to follow.

    Renee is now shown on the screen

    "Ladies and Gentleman, I am here with one of three wrestlers that have advanced to the finals of the X Division contendership weekend! Please welcome. my guest at this time, Pain!"
    Pain enters onto the screen and nods at Renee.
    "Now, This was just the start of your career here in IWT and with a win under your belt and a chance to chase the X Division title you must be feeling so confi.."
    Before Renee could finish Aiden knocks the power beam lights down causing both Pain And Renee to move to the side. "Yo, Bro!" Pain alerts Aiden as he puts he's arm infront of Renee protecting her from any harm. Aiden rips the IWT sign down causing Pain to grip Aiden's arm. "Aiden!" he yells in a stern manner. He flicks he's free hand to direct Renee away from the chaos erupting. "Aiden, Speak to me, Bud." Pain uses he's other hand to turn Aiden towards him. "Where's Reagan?" Aiden croaks in a demonic whisper.

    Pain shrugs as Aiden then croaks. "Move Please." Pain release's he's hold on Aiden as he watches Aiden march down the halls.

    "You okay?" Pain asks walking over to Renee who has her arms crossed in an uncomfortable manner.
    "Yeah. I'm fine." she flicks her hand in assurance.
    "Let's get you out of harms way" Pain steps over the broken items and keeps Renee beside him.

    The Cameraman zooms in on Aiden's eyes which look almost red in anger. "I think we should call a doctor." the cameraman whispers. "If you want to deal with the order of the night's wrath then by all means call them." The other cameraman responds as Aiden stops in he's tracks.

    Seeing someone in a hooded jumper, Aiden marches up ready to let Reagan have it. Aiden turns them around with he's fist clenched only to find it is Harriet Vargas. Aiden release's Harriet and sighs. "Have you seen Reagan?" he asks in a desperate manner. She turns away completely ignoring Ryan's temper tantrum. "Oh that's cute." Aiden responds walking off on the hunt once again.
    "School Yard Mentality"
    She mouths to herself

    Walking futher down the hall he see's a stranger drinking a beverage.
    Aiden walks up to him and looks at him. Not knowing who this man is he ignores him and scouts the area.
    The man looks at Aiden and asks.
    "Hi, I'm The British Kid!"
    He extends his hand out to Aiden who ignores he's gesture.
    "Do you want some?"
    The British Kid Rattles he's drink as Aiden stares at him with a blank look upon he's face.
    "It's Mountain dew"
    He perks smiling at Aiden.
    "Do you know where Reagan Cole is?"
    Aiden asks in a loss for hope manner.

    "Oh, you mean my former tag team partner?" He responds in surprise.
    Aiden gives a sadistic smirk before slamming him up against the wall by he's throat.
    "So you know where he is?"
    Aiden replies in a growl.

    He responds in a nervous manner as Aiden releases him. He gasps for air as Aiden stands over him. He shake's he's head before walking away.
    Feeling a tight grip on he's ankle Aiden looks down to see the man holding him.
    "You don't have to do this."
    He Whispers.
    Aiden responds as the man struggles to speak. He lift's himself up using Aiden's arm.
    "I know Reagan, He will do anything to get inside your head.."

    "And so will I."
    Aiden responds walking away from The British Kid.

    Making he's way out to the parking lot he finds Reagan's cellphone on the ground.
    "Oh Looky, Looky, Looks like I've got a new toy."
    Aiden begins to flick through Reagan's cellphone unaware of he's surroundings.


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  2. *Reagan Sneaks behind Aiden and hits him with a elbow to the Back of the Head and 10 Doctors come into View and Reagan and Half of the Doctors Grab Aiden's Legs and Arms as the Other Half of The Doctors put Aiden in A Insane Jacket!*
    Reagan: Brilliant.....
    *Reagan picks up his Phone and takes a Selfie of him putting one Foot on Aiden*
    Reagan: that will be good for later....
    *Reagan puts his Phone in his Pocket then he grabs a Familiar Weapon as Aiden Starts to Regain Conscience*
    Reagan: Remember this Aiden?
    *Aiden's Eyes Widen and he Lets out a Scream as Reagan hits Aiden with The Baseball Bat Multiple Times*
    Reagan: this is just a taster of what you are going to get tomorrow
    *Reagan climbs up on Car*
    *Reagan Evil Smiles as he Stares at Aiden then he Jumps off and Hits the Queen's Cross(Flying Headbutt)*
    Reagan: See ya Friday....if you can make it...
    *All of the Doctors take their Turns Kicking Aiden*
    Reagan: Guys,that's Enough....
    *The Doctors Follow Reagan as British Kid notices them as they Leave and Runs to the Scene and Looks down at Aiden
    Kid: i did tell you....
    *The British Kid starts Taking the Jacket Off Aiden as The Camera goes to Black*
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