Storyline Ryan Vs The "Medical Unit"

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  1. Aiden is standing in the center of the ring with the fans booing him.

    " All week after mania I've been feeling so conflicted. I've had nothing in this company but I could always rely on you guys to give me unconditional support, even in my darker times. "

    The fans stay silent as Aiden struggles to find words.

    "You're all wondering why I have this new persona and Why I've left you all in the dark. I feel as if I owe you guys an explanation. You see the thing is..."

    Before Aiden Could Finish he hears another voice.

    "Mr Ryan. "
    A voice echo's as a man in a suit marches out in a furious manner.

    The fans boo the man in interruption. He make's he's way up the steel steps and enters in the ring via the middle rope.

    "You were told by the medical staff that you are to be supervised at all times within the IWT arena."
    The man points at Aiden in a degrading manner.

    Aiden shake's he's head.
    "I'm not going to comply with your silly demands. Nor do I t hink i need supervision of any sort. I'm not a danger to anyone here in IWT. My Mania Match should pretty much sum that up. Now if you don't mind, I would like to get back to my once were people."

    Aiden goes to speak into the microphone as the man grabs Aiden's wrist.

    "Mr Ryan. I will use force. Please return with me to the medical staff."
    The man warns Aiden as he grips Aiden's wrist tighter.

    Aiden Responds in a serious manner.
    "I'm sorry, but as far as I'm concerned you and your fascist medical staff and shove it!"
    Aiden responds as he throws a sharp right hand into the jaw of the man instantly making him release Aiden's wrist.

    With the fans jumping up in excitement, Aiden squares up with he's fists. "Come on!" Aiden yells at the man in frustration.

    Aiden grabs the man into a headlock as the man pleads for mercy. "Stop, Mr Ryan!" The man yells as the fans encourage to keep going.

    "Tell me doctor, Do you feel degraded!? Do you feel belittled!?" Aiden yells as the man tries to get away. "Good." Aiden smirks dropping the man into a DDT. With the fans cheering in excitement Aiden shake's he's head in disapproval of what he had done.

    Gripping the bottom rope Aiden rolls out and sits on the apron of the ring.
    Looking around the arena he feels confused as to why the fans are applauding him.

    Talent Needed For Storyline. (open)
    I would love for some people to help me out in this storyline, It will not effect any storylines you are currently in. This is just backstage segments, etc. just to make this storyline more alive with more people. A mixture of heel and faces would be awesome. If you are interested, Please PM me and we can get to work. :)

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