Ryback as Bane, bizarre idea I found on the tinternet.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Aug 3, 2012.

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    It's a strange concept but the more I think of it the more it kind of makes sense, Ryback as the man who breaks the spirit of one of the big faces could be golden.
  2. Very interesting concept. I really like the idea of him being hated yet respected for his ability to destroy his opponent.
  3. Bane looks intellectual though, at least in this new movie he does. He looks like he's smart as well as fucking tough. Ryback -- even though I'm his biggest mark -- kind of looks like a dope. Though, his promo he cut on SmackDown made him seem quite intelligent actually, it depends on his mic work. I love the idea though.
  4. Yes Bane is suppose to look smart. In the comics he has a genius level intellect and the strategic mind of a master general. He figured out Batman's identity and the location of the batcave in under a week in the comics and devised a plan that would end with him breaking Batman's back which worked.
  5. Such a comic fan boy :lol1:

    Ryback imo is talented enough to pull it off though. Depends on his look I guess.
  6. Seems like a monster heel to me (the Ryback described on the text, that is).
  7. Just thought of a way to incorporate that actually, you know in the Knightfall arc where Bane released all the prisoners from Arkham, how about having Ryback recruit everyone who Cena has wronged in the past. Think Barrett after the TLC incident, Orton if he turned heel, pissed off Punk, Miz and Ziggler. All have a reason to vendetta against Cena for varying reason, they wouldn't be a stable but Ryback would promise them one shot at him, they'd take it to gain their revenge on Cena, this leads to a beaten down Cena being destroyed by them before Ryback got a WWE title match, say he won MITB for example. Ryback squashes him and causes a kayfabe injury, he breaks the unbreakable spirit.
  8. I'm very fond of this concept, always envisioned for a heel like that.
  9. I just dont see ryback being too successful as a face
  10. What the fuck are you going on about
  11. I'm guessing reading isn't your strong point, try looking at the words until they form into sentences. Everyone else could grasp the concept, why can't you?
  12. He's talking about how the batman villain Bane, could be used successfully by Ryback as a gimmick.
  13. Thank you, although reading the article makes you realize there is more to it than that.
  14. Too late. Punk's not a babyface now.
  15. The article just used him as an example, IMO breaking Cena would do more for a heel anyway. He's the bionic man.