News Ryback Confronts Fan At Show Over Steroids Sign

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    Prior to a Tables Match against John Cena at today's WWE live event in Brisbane, Australia, Ryback angrily confronted a fan holding a sign reading "Feed Me More 'Roids." The WWE Superstar went on verbal outburst toward the fan and reportedly said he would "f*****g see him outside." Additionally, he ordered security to confiscate the sign. The ordeal occurred as Cena was making his entrance to the ring.

    Ryback acknowledged another taboo subject the day before at a WWE live event in Sydney as he goaded ringside fans chanting "Goldberg!"

    -Lords of Pain
  2. Inb4 Ryback leaves the company by himself haha
  3. Nice thread title.

  4. Yeah, I just noticed that lol. Anyway, nice post.
  5. He better HOPE that a lot of fans don't catch wind of this. He thins the goldberg chants are bad now? Oh lord, they could get 10 times worse if he shows that it gets to him.
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  7. Only good thing about that video was hearing some Audioslave.
  8. And that fan was Ryback's mom.
  9. Oh wow, somebody is very butthurt... :happy:
  10. Good for him. If I worked are arse of in the gym all the time and then was told by some nobody that I use steriods, I'd be pretty pissed off, too.
  11. After reading this news I'm going off Ryback this guy clearly has issues he threatened a fan that's surely has to get him fined/suspended/fired? As a WWE employee you don't threaten a fan Vince has to do something about this Ryback could be on the verge of snapping and seriously hurting someone. The fans are the reason why WWE are in business this really isn't good publicity a wrestler threatening fan. I really hope Vince hears about this and sorts out Ryback when he's back in the states from this tour
  12. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND! You change your opinion on Ryback every bloody news story!
  13. inb4 More steroid signs.
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  14. I actually agree with Ryback's actions as I would do the same, but I think he should definitely tone down his attitude. He's already got some heat, and with stuff like this happening, he's bound to get more.
  15. He shouldn't have retorted, but fuck fans who chant Goldberg. There is no comparison any more. How can a guy who loses every single PPV match be compared to Goldberg? He's bald, that's it. It's the same moronic people chanting Goldberg that chant Husky Harris.
  16. Yep, while Ryback was always shit, it's a dick move. They tried to ruin Bray Wyatt's debut but it was way too bad-ass for that shit.:booker:
  17. :willis: what's worng with chanting goldberg?
  18. It's pathetic. The comparisons are non-existent now. It's just a stupid chant to chant.
  19. Okay, I understand why Ryback should be mad over a sign like that, but at least he could act professional and ignore it. He's just adding fuel to the fire now.