Ryback Failing A Drug Test

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  1. This is an idea someone had on another forum about how you can keep the streak alive and keep Punk the champion, and I don't think it's been mentioned here. Maybe Ryback wins the WWE Title on Sunday, and he gets over more by being the guy who finally ended Punk's almost year long title reign. But then Vince appears the next night on Raw and tells Ryback he is stripped of the title and suspended because he failed a drug test. The title is either given back to Punk or Punk wins the vacant title in a tournament or battle royal or just a straight up booked one-on-one Cena/Punk match. It is then later revealed that Punk and Heyman were the ones who tampered with Ryback's drug test and made it look like he violated the drug policy when he didn't.

  2. Don't know if they would bring drug testing to light.
  3. yh wwe are very strict when it comes to drugs
  4. Nope. Punk will leave with title somehow Ryback still unbeaten at HIAC. Dont know how but it will. Maybe Lesnar would attack him before the match.
  5. It's a very good idea, I like it but I don't think it's something that WWE would do.
  6. They would never bring a drug test up, even if someone had tampered with it.
  7. Didn't Vince and Michaels do something involving a drug test in their feud back in 2006?
  8. That was when WWE was a lot more edgy.
  9. And in the end, in February next year, Jeff Hardy is revealed as Ryback's mentor.
  10. It would interrupt Punk's streak which just doesn't need to be interrupted at all. I like the idea of Heyman screwing Ryback but if it results in Punk losing his streak then no thank you.
  11. This is a fantastic idea.

    In other words, WWE would never use it.
  12. Yeah, it's a very good idea but they don't mention drug testing on screen.
  13. I agree about Punk's streak, but at the same time, at least a guy like Ryback (as opposed to an established legend like the Rock) gets the credit for ending the 'streak', whereas you still get the title back on Punk (without Ryback losing his own streak) in time for the Rumble to face The Rock.
  14. Yeah but if he's going to end the streak then have him be put over as the new top dog like Jericho said. If he's going to win, then win cleanly and really push him as your new draw. Don't give him a win which really does nothing for Ryback and just ruins a really fantastic streak that Punk has, and having it booked like this would end Punk's streak but would give Ryback no title and no real push.
  15. Don't think that Ryback will do that.