Ryback HAS to win at MITB

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  1. Ryback HAS to win at MITB and beat Jericho otherwise his WWE career is over the way hes been treated since Payback is fucking wrong he quit his match against Miz WTF is this shit?. Its do or die for Ryback at MITB he has to beat Jericho and prove he is the big guy monster heel
  2. Beating Jericho doesn't mean much these days. They should put him in an angle in which he gets injured and rest his character for a while. Then in a few months they can bring him back and try again.
  3. Didn't you hate Ryback? :sad:
    And he either wins or takes him out the next night on RAW.
  4. Honestly with the way he's being booked now, why not have Jericho win and start a "downward spiral" for Ryback? Seems to be a better way to go with the character than to try to book him seriously at this point.
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  5. I remember when BLFFL hated Ryback and said the Shield was just a flash in the pan who were going to be fired by Wrestlemania 29.
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  6. I can see Jericho winning, so that this becomes a big rivalry for Summerslam and Ryback can take out Jericho, so he can go tour with his bad music

  7. I think this would be a good idea. He can even save face somewhat with the heel turn against Cena by saying he wanted to take out Cena and become WWE Champion to make up for his string of losses and all the stuff about Cena never helping him was just an excuse to hate Cena and extra motivate him.

    Play up the injured leg and have him tap out to Jericho at MITB, something I'm sure he's never done before (more proof of hitting rock bottom.) The loss pisses him off so much that he starts trashing shit everywhere around ringside, like slamming steel chairs against the post and throwing the steel steps and stuff. (Ironically, this is similar to Jericho's temper tantrum back in WCW when he kept losing matches.) The next night on Raw, he gives a promo about how this isn't what a monster is supposed to be - losing a Hell In The Cell match (Punk), getting repeatedly destroyed by a pack of rookies he should have been able to take apart (The Shield), getting bested by another big man (Mark Henry), failing yet another chance to win the WWE Championship (John Cena), calling off a match because of a measly hurt leg (The Miz) and then tapping out outright (Chris Jericho.) Afterwards, he then just drops the mic and disappears from Raw for awhile.

    The Jericho match itself won't make or break Ryback either way. If he defeats Jericho, then he doesn't suddenly gain much needed credibility in the eyes of the fans, especially when everyone (including Fandango) beats Jericho these days. If he loses to Jericho, well, he isn't really any worse off.
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  8. Ryback sucks.
  9. I'd prefer him losing and getting lower and lower on the card till he's relegated to Superstars to tag team with Tons of Funk.
  10. Tons of Funk deserve better.
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  11. Heath Slater should win a match against Ryback :yay:
  12. Should end in a DQ with a mid card feuding with Ryback.
  13. He should be interrupted by Bork Laser, setting up the worst match/storyline of all time.
  14. If it'd end in a DQ it wouldn't help either guy. Ryback can be put over by Jericho or Jericho could look strong by beating Ryback. A DQ won't help either one of them though.
  15. Albert > > > > Ryhack
  16. The only reason Ryback is facing Jericho in a singles match and isn't in a MITB ladder match is so he can get a win on PPV. The last time Ryback got a PPV win was at MITB 2012.
  17. After his 'backstage segment' last night I think WWE is trying to bury the guy lol