Ryback is overrated

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  1. Ryback is overrated. Seriously hes not that tough put him against the Big Show or Mark Henry and then lets see if hes saying feed me more then. Ryback wouldnt last a minute in the ring with a big guy like Big Show or Mark Henry. Ryback is nothing special and is just a goldberg wannabe
  2. I'd say underrated to be honest. Put Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and others in the ring against Mark Henry, possibly Big Show and they would also fail. They may have beat him before but if it wasn't booked, they probs couldn't beat him. Ryback could probably beat superstars like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena etc. WWE have just used him to make people jobbers
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  3. Kayfabe at it's finest.
  4. Okay, I'm going to ignore the Henry and Show inclusion, but I agree he's overrated.
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  6. we wouldn't know who would win if he were going against cm punk and cena because when he was skip he defeated bryan and others.

    + hes better now
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  8. He's underrated but your kayfabing is priceless.
  9. He's clearly being shoved down our throats. I hate his guts.
  10. One segment per show and missing some RAW's/PPV's is shoved down our throats? His segments are short too...

    He's got himself over facing jobbers, that's talent. He's definitely no Sheamus being in every segment and every main event.
  11. he is weak though... anyone remember him struggling to lift that guy above his head? bet cena could do that easily
  12. I like him. :obama:
  13. He's a sloppy in-ring worker. He can clearly injure someone easily and he almost injured Swagger.
    He isn't even a safe worker and his character is legitimately recycled. Come up with something new WWE!
  14. BLFFL kayfabbin' it up as usual.

    At the upcoming Vengeance ppv, would Ryback vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship draw viewers? Interesting thought to ponder...
  15. I hope not.
  16. So you went from one bullshit reason to another lol. He isn't a sloppy worker at all, he works an aggressive style like Drew McIntyre does. That's a good thing, it LOOKS like it hurts opponents but it doesn't. Sheamus was the same when he was a heel too.

    His gimmick is nothing like Goldbergs either, I honestly don't get the comparison other than look and booking. Ryback's character offers WAY more and Ryback plays it so much better. If you're annoyed because of the recycled dominant gimmick then you shouldn't watch professional wrestling lol.
  17. He almost killed Swagger!
    Feed Me More is one of the gayest chant ever.
    He's everything that Vince likes in a future Champion which pisses me off.( AKA Big Muscular guy)

    Just say I hate Ryback as much as Dolph'sZiggler hates Orton.
  18. Yet another thread I identified as BrockLesnarFan's before even coming in. :pity:
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  19. Everyone see's it coming.
  20. 1) He didn't almost kill him and it was Swagger's fault for not jumping high enough.

    2) I could list so many gay Rock chants. A chant is a good chant if people are chanting. That's a good quote <--

    3) Rock was muscular, Stone Cold was muscular, whether we like it or not big muscled men do draw. Ryback looks like a fucking monster, you can't argue his look.

    I understand you hate him, I'm just looking for legitimate reasons :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.