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  1. He saved himself in my opinion. I knew from the off that the "smart" UK fans were going to chant "boring". So first, he got cheap heat by calling them stupid, which was a great move. Second, he then used a "curse word" which inevitably causes a reaction. Calling Ryback a fat lazy bastard or whatever he said was gold, and saved the segment imo.

    Foley was on his game as well. The only issue I had with Ryback's promo is he talked too long towards the end, and he moves around too much, but his delivery is great imo.
  2. I like his promos. He speaks the truth, he talks in a furious way and it makes his promos better. You are right on the spots and yeah, his promo was a bit long so he kept repeating himself for a time.
  3. Foley was amazing as usual. Hope he sticks around for promos like these because at the moment I don't think there's anyone better than him on the stick - certainly no faces that are.

    Ryback was actually decent enough tonight, although I still think turning him heel was a massive mistake. The only thing Ryback really has is presence and badassery, and those two things are taken away from almost every WWE heel.
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  4. It's the best promo I've seen Ryback do but still falls flat for me. I don't know if it's his vocal inflections that I don't like but his delivery just sounds off to me. Either way this latest promo was his best yet imo.
  5. Meh. I enjoyed the one backstage last week better. This one was alright and did the job, but I thought him 'snapping' and going into a rant of some sorts felt completely opposite about what Ryback should be about, which to me is more of a guy who stands there with a calm attitude and doesn't let his emotions get the better of him when he speaks (even if he speaks with an aggressive tone.) Call it nitpicking if you want. He was out there in front of the crowd this week as opposed to being backstage last week though, so he did well considering that.
  6. Fell really flat personally, but the content was better than expected. Was it Ryback or the writers?

    Worried about reactions in London? Berate a legend and go for cheap heat, then get your promo in. Namedrop SuperCena, and end it with a swear word. You're good to go.
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  7. Foley always haves amazing promos, but I'm not a fan of Ryback promos
  8. Promo was good enough indeed. But turning him heel is a pretty stupid decision, I believe.
  9. Jumping onto this thread just to reply to this and say I completeley agree with this. He shouldn't of changed heel in my opinion.

  10. Very good stuff from Ryback and Foley.
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  11. Foley is fucking incredible.
  12. Delbusto2 can make anything look fucking amazing.
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  13. I think it was decent, I didn't like the whole Cena saving Ryback part though, and Ryback's mic time should have been cut in half, also Ryback should have stayed calm when ding his mic work. I enjoyed it slightly, but nothing special to me.
  14. Ryback promos make... me... snore. Make.. me.. snore.

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  15. I think a lot of people are with Ryback on this one, i know i am, i'm so fed up with superCena:ricardo:
  16. Foley = [​IMG]

    Ryback = [​IMG]
  17. wow yet OK?
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