News Ryback's Reaction On RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 1, 2013.

  1. :sad:
  2. Turn. Him. Tweener. Turn. Him. Tweener. Turn. Him. Tweener.
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  3. Lol all he has to do is swing his arms and beg for "feed me more" chants. The sheepish crowd will eat it up.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Well.. That sucks.
  6. Didnt notice it.
    WWE should have kept ryback as heel. And have a Henry vs Ryback vs Cena and Sheamus vs Orton vs Show.
    So Cena could pin henry after gettin shellshocked by ryback.
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  8. Really? Did anyone get one? Jericho and Fandango yes. But even the pop for DZ seemed low.
  9. I don't find Ryback to be particularly charismatic as a face or in his current role as a heel. At least as a tweener he was more interesting and unpredictable at the beginning of his career. Personally I think the WWE would be better off booking him as a tweener than what they've been doing with this heel role. His need for revenge against Cena just comes off rather stale and boring, at least from my perspective.
  10. He fakn sucks. Keep em off me bloody telly
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  11. Fans don't have much reason to cheer him. Entrance music sucks too. Who would pop for intro like that?
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  12. The same people who buy this
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  13. :lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1: They really do that now? Hahaha great stuff. Well, still, they had something good with Ryback but they manage to make him worse at every single booking decision. Not hoping for improvements anymore.
  14. The intro is more over than him, no one chants Ryback they just chant feed me more.
  15. The catch phase is over, but they don't pop when he comes out. They only chant mid-match, more out of habit than any real affection for the character/superstar.
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  16. Disagree, he gets feed me more during his entrance too from what I've seen. It's similar to people popping for RR instead of adr.
  17. Really? I never noticed, but then again, I haven't really seen anything recent. Last I saw they were dead during his entrance.
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  18. Agree w/ Laura, I've certainly never noticed a crowd popping for his entrance, but I have on multiple occasions noted how dead the crowd was during a Ryberg entrance.
  19. What reaction did they expect? He's a heel, it's like he was coming to save the day. Meanwhile, their heels that are actually over (The Shield) were already in the ring.

    Maybe they shouldn't have had Ryback go on a losing streak that made him look like shit (current at 0-8 for big matches) if they wanted people to care about him.
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