Ryback's Shirt!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saylor, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. - The Ryback "Feed Me More" t-shirt is available at WWEShop.com.

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  2. I don't buy wrestling shirts, but I like it. Better than some of the colorful kiddy crap they've been putting out. I'm surprised it's not bright red with a giant cartoon mouth on it to be honest.
  3. I would've liked that shirt. :vince:
  4. I like it. :boss1:
  5. I'm getting it. :boss1:
  6. Seriously?
  7. Yeah, most WWE shirts suck dick. The White CM Punk shirt is pretty cool, and Lesnar's shirt is decent. That's about it.

    The only wrestling shirt I've even considered getting is this one
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    I'll probably pick it up soon..

    Oh and it's not even a WWE shirt :dawg:
  8. Personally, the only shirt I'd buy ever from WWE is the Dolph Ziggler's showing off one.
  9. I could buy Cena's cancer shirt just for the positive cause. A yes shirt as well or a Ziggler one.
  10. Fan of Punk's BITW one. I like this shirt tbh.
  11. Illuminati shirt.:pity:
  12. That's what I thought, too. :otunga:
  13. Whilst reading the opening few words of that, I thought you were going to say you liked his hideous Yellow GTS one. :vince:
  14. Haha thought this said Ryback's Shit.
    I can't read. lol

    I would have liked it more if it just said "Feed Me More" on it. Less is more WWE! That's why I like the Miz's shirt, and Dolph's shirt. They are both simple. Also love the white Punk shirt. The yellow one is only okay. I would have liked it more if it was red or some other color.
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  15. :yes:
  16. I like the Ryback one strangely think its a cool design.
  17. I read it the exact same way lmao.
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