Ryder wants to be SMS GM

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  2. :facepalm: No...just....... :gtfo:
  3. i have no problem in having him as a general manager. he seems to be a loveable guy. and we need someone who can actually entertain us, unlike booker t...
  4. A lot of the kids seem to love him so it would make sense for Ryder to be the GM of Saturday Morning Slam. Considering his persona he would fit in really well.
  5. The guy isn't exactly being utilized on Raw, and I think he would be a good fit for SMS. I don't see anything wrong with letting him be GM of the show. The guy is entertaining and kid-friendly, so it should work.
  6. Think it'd be a smart move for the WWE to be fair he's huge with kids so give him a chance. Frees him up from wasting his time jobbing and would be better for him as well as who wants to be a jobber really.
  7. I can't understand the reason why WWE seems as if they hate him. I think he'd be good as SMS's GM. I mean, why not. It's not like he's doing anything else. :facepalm:
  8. I'd rather see him as SMS GM than jobbing to everyone even though he has a decent Finisher and Signature move. (Rough Ryder/Zack Attack and the Broski boot.)
  9. Ryder wants anything and everything.
  10. And I want a flying pony.

    But we don't get what we want.

    :gtfo: ryder
  11. Well Zack, apparently that job went to Foley.
  12. Zack...U will always have a place at superstars
  13. From what I understand Foley is interim GM until the tournament is complete.
  14. I read a recap and it seems like Foley is permanent since the permanent one was to be revealed today. Bryan is his assistant as well.
  15. :Robbie: :damn:
  16. I'm fine with Bryan being the assistant on SMS. It has nearly no impact on the "real" WWE. SMS seems to just be a show were they can goof around.
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  17. I see this as a last ditch effort for him to have WWE hold on to him for something. A part of me wants him to get it because I wouldn't want to see him released, but at the same time I'd rather see him in a better place than the GM for a kids show.

    inb4 Hornswoggle as GM & Ryder gets released
  18. SMS is the best show the WWE has, Foley is a dope face commish and Bry as his assistant is great too.