Sackfist vs Gohan

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Who won?

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  1. MrSackfist

  2. Gohan6425

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    This will be a 3 promo match between me and Respect Gohan6425


  2. I am watching.
  3. when are we starting?
  4. I am writing my promo now, then I will update the thread with a poll
  5. i have poll made already on the steam site.
  6. We will have it hear as people know this site
  7. have then come on the steam and vote its not that harded.
  8. I'll just edit my post and add a poll
  9. Ok Gohan I am going to start with a promo:

    To get this match, you wanted me to win 3 matches at Extreme Rules. FTJ, matches against you are becoming rare. As rare as a match against the Undertaker. But the thing is rare matches are supposed to be enjoyable, but to get a match with you, you have to complete some goals like I am on some sort of quest? Gohan you look down on the IWT roster, rejecting matches against upcoming stars such as Airbourne and Based God Darth. You say you'll only compete in the WWE/WHC title contest. You are a glorified mid-carder who stays in the main event because you freak if something doesn't go your way.

    I don't believe you can beat Christian, I don't believe you can beat Aids, I beat both of them, so I don't believe you can beat me. I have recently returned and I have been in more matches than you and won more. After this match, you will be seen as a mid-carder and a true mid-carder and after christian gets through with you, you will move down to the division you belong, earn your way back to the top. I have contributed more to IWT than you have since it began..

    So lets here what you say FTJ
  10. how do i put my video on here!?
  11. Woah so much profanity from a mid-card wannabe. You prove my point, you challenge aids for a championship, you won't challenge anyone for a non-title match. The company is revolutionized? I didn't know that you were running things here. You won't ever hold both, once you lose your championship match, you'll head off with your tail between your legs.

    I have 3 matches at Extreme Rules helping this company develop divisions, you are a selfish little guy, your title matches have been handed to you, you haven't earned a title match. I have earned all my title matches, and I hold this cruiserweight champion on long after you leave IWT after Jonathon or Brit bans you again for your complaining and constant title matches. Here is a list of People who are miles better than you:

    Christian, Senhor, Dat Kid, Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker, Jacob Colton, Airbourne, Adam - because they are all willing to invest in this company and because of you, guys like Danielson, Rodrigo leave this company.

    There is no one in this company who believes your going to win. I wanted to tag with you because if by some miracle we won, it would be absolutely jokes. It would be an amazing accomplishment on my part to win the titles with a joke of a competitor like you. You call yourself the python, pythons are constrictors, and after I win tonight and Christian beats your sorry ass on ER, we will have lifted the constriction on IWT so better members can move up to the main event and you take your rightful place in jobberville, population: You.
  12. You made me? You got me to the cruiserweight champion? I beat NanoRah by 3 votes, without you I would have won. You say you are the best, based off what I have seen, you keep proving your a mid-carder, heck that is still giving you a bone, you should be carrying my bags, why? I beat Christian and Aids, I beat the two champions in one week, you go on and one about how you beat them, I have done something you can't do, and that is beat the champions back to back FTJ, all your spelling out from your promo is Frank Tells Jokes.

    You think your the best, but are so deluded, you are going to lose at Extreme Rules, then I ask you what will you do? Let me answer that for you: You'll sulk, maybe drop Crayo a few pm's about voting them you will either leave like the coward you are and have proven to be by dodging match after match. Or if you don't leave, you'll demand another shot. I am really interested to hear what you'll do when you lose. You aren't respected, and you know why, because you are a fake champion. If you do lose against Christian, you should move back to the mid-card because it is where you belong, earn your spot for the title. Most importantly when you move back to the mid-card, there will be one free open space that heck, If I fancy, I'll go after the main event championships. And Gohan, when I win, you will never get a shot unless you jump my hurdles.

    (Make your last promo count)
  14. I am watching your stream. Votes are going to occur here as IWT occurs here.
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