Sackfist vs Nanorah14

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Who won?

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  1. NanoRah14

  2. Sackfist

  1. This following match is a 3 promo match where the winner will get to pick the stipulation in the title rematch between @Sackfist & NanoRah14.

    After the 3 promos are done, it will be followed by 24 hours of voting.

    Nano you may begin
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    *Theme hits and Orden walks down the ramp, enters the ring in his usual ring attire and waits his opponent do the same*

    So it's supposed I'll start, well, I'm here standing here to fight this man, he took the best title I've ever held, also is the only one I've ever held but I won it and proved what I'm capable of in that match, but that's past and doesn't deserves to be remembered in every stupid match I compete in, and history proves I'm better than him but you all idiots can't see it because he looks better than me but this high risk taker is going to prove again he's the greatest in the IWT roster. Come on, I've been everyday in this arena, I've been training and found a tag partner, we didn't even have a fight and when it came he left me, he kicked me harder than anyone here has kicked me before, he even made me bleed but here that won't happen again, I'm alone in this match but without him I'm much better, he was an obstacle to me, without him I'll fight as I am, the most dangerous superstar here, I don't care if I get injured if because of that I get the win, the gold isn't the most important thing here, I don't want a gold if I only win that match, what really matters is the victory/loses rate, why do I want a title if I don't deserve it? The truth is that having it and can't even win a match against a rookie if it's not for the title would prove I don't need to be the champion, that's why I'll win this match.

    And you Sackfist, you're weak, when the match starts getting a bit slower you can't prove you're better than me, that's why you, cowardly, picked this match, that way you couldn't show how weak you are.

    *Orden waits to see how Sackfist attacks and then kick him so strongly he will get knocked out*
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    Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his shoulder and removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt.
    The New Cruiserweight Champion Orden, a guy who fought you and beat you so bad it took you (looks at watch) 2 weeks and 4 days to all of a sudden get yourself together to face me in a rematch. You see I am the champion who doesn't need his advantage, that is why I agreed to have this little, lets call it a pre-ass whooping before it gets extreme.

    Ever since I took this title from you, life hasn't been going well, you lost a tag team partner and now are clutching at straws in hope that your career gets better. While I won this title and now go on to face FailFaceFTW for the European Title after I beat RiotRaven and your former tag team partner and the current tag team champion, so you could consider this title lucky, but I don't believe in luck, I won this title and the triple threat match because I know I am that good.

    But what bugs me is you said that when this match gets slow, I can't prove myself, Nano, I think your forgetting, I proved myself when I beat you back in the beginning of April, I had this match, because I know I can beat you in our rematch, I am just adding another win to my record and we know the fans don't want to listen to you ramble and mutter all night. So junior say what you gotta say, because the Champion has come to play
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    Come on man, you can't be serious right now, you just beat me once and didn't take me more than one hour to ask for this match, you should remember that, and yeah, you're the current champion but when I end with you, you'll be the same as you are but without the title, you'll be nothing. You beat me once, now doesn't matter who wins because whoever wins will only pick the stipulation but will be me who at Extreme Rules will rewrite history and beat you for that championship and after I beat Adam in our ladder match with a European Championship match contract holding at the top we may fight once again for the European Championship because you have nothing to do against me for this title, and then I'll have to face you because you'll be the champion. I don't care about what the IWT universe really think because I can fight by my own, maybe lose my tag team partner helped me but I'm better without him, I don't need anyone's help to prove I'm the best and after Extreme Rules you'll be crying for your title lose and I'll be standing in the middle of the ring raising this title up.

    *Orden looks at the title*

    You're right in something, I've lost a lot of things since you beat me but the fact is that not all the loses are a bad thing and this loses have made me grow as a person, as a wrestler and as a man, a thing you will never be. Now bring your game and try to win me because after my last promo you'll be laid in the floor and knocked out, I'll pick the stipulation and your title reign will be nothing, I'll start my new reign in which I'll fight more than you have, doesn't matter if it's to defend my title or simply to fight because that's what I do, I don't need championships to prove I'm a great wrestler and the only thing you do is fight to earn a title match or grow in some of your groups, don't fight like a little princess, fight as a man because you enjoy it as I do!
  5. You think you'll win this match, just like you thought you would retain your title back in early April, and what happened Junior, you lost your title to the guy standing right in front of you, because you were not and still are not worthy to be champion. Now from where I am standing, I can see why Rodrigo would rather tag with CrayJ than you, because you can't contribute, you couldn't defend your title. Your in two matches at Extreme Rules like you said, you have our title match and a No.1 Contender match. Now Junior I would take a step back and analyse things. You fought me while I had two other matches on, a Triple Threat Match and another one on one match, and you didn't get the job done, are you sure now you want to face me while distracted with another match?

    Here is the difference between you and me, I can fight 3 matches, and still win. You can fight 1 match and lose. I can fight 3 PPV matches and not have any doubt, you have one title defense and you doubted yourself. Are you starting to see what I am seeing? I can beat you in any match, any match that you or I or those two pencil pushers in the back called Gm's come up with, you couldn't win a simple match. I am better than you, I need no advantage to beat you, but when my hand is raised, I am giving the fans an exciting match to look forward to, because the Cruiserweight division is all about the excitement, something you didn't contribute during your reign aka snore fest.

    Make your last move junior, and make it count
  6. You see, this is your second promo and you're starting to copy what you did in our last match, you haven't been training, you haven't done anything new since the first time I fought you, and that time you even copied one of my promos. But as I said before this is past and that's where you're living, you said you beat me, yeah, you did it ONCE but that error won't happen twice, and the truth is that I have never said I think I can beat you because the truth is that this match is almost over, I know I can beat you and I didn't need anyone's help to do it, I'm not the wrestler you knew, I'm better than ever I you're just about to see it.

    I'm standing in front of you, the one who took my title but that hasn't stopped me and here I am, fighting with you because I have what it takes to stand in the ring, admit my errors and face like no one has done before, you still treat me like a rookie but you aren't facing a rookie anymore because I'm not a rookie and I can prove that to you, now this match is almost over, this is my last move but this will be the move.

    *Orden hits a Reverse of Fate on Sackfist, goes under the ring and picks a ladder, Orden climbs the ladder and hits a 5 Star Swanton Bomb on Sacfist*
    *Orden goes for the pin*

    Referee: 1... 2...

    *Orden stopped the pin*

    You wanna know why I stopped the pin? I didn't want you to lose that way, I prefer to make it more entertaining, when you see the votes in the poll you'll be the one who loses this time and I'll be declared the winner of this match, you say you don't need your advantage but the truth is that if you don't need it you would give it to me without fighting and here we are, in this ring. And Champ, you have to search a bit better because at Extreme Rules I have not only two matches, I'm competing against you, against Adam in a ladder match and I'm facing the Spanish power and my former tag team champion Rodrigo, apart from Rodrigo the other matches will be nothing, I can beat you with only one promo if I want so you must train a bit harder because at Extreme Rules the match won't be like this, our match will be a hell better than this shit and the crowd knows it, they don't want a boring match and that's why I'll win because entertainment is ME!
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  7. Sackfist grabs mic and gets to his feet.

    I don't think you've been up to date Junior, word is Rodrigo is outta here. Vamoos, adios muchacho. Gone. So you better check your diary, and while you do here is a post you can add:

    Dear Diary, why oh why must I challenge people who I just know are better than me, I know it shows I have guts, but I seem to lose. Why diary oh why?

    And here is your answer junior, you are a rookie, you can deny it, but it is what you are, you need to go back and train because you ain't ready to fight in the big leagues. You needed this match, I don't, I can easily beat you at Extreme Rules with or without a stipulation choice. But to get to add my little flavor to this delicious recipe we are making will make the match that much more special. When you lose at Extreme Rules, you will have lost not once, not twice but three times to me Junior. You can fight Adam, and win a European Title match, but you need to pray and pray damn hard that I don't become European Champion. Because if I do, Junior you better not waste my time like you are doing at Extreme Rules, and that is based on what your doing right now, squawking like a bird who doesn't get any attention.

    Your desperation stinks Junior, you knew I was better when I challenged you for your title, why waste a rematch clause against me and waste the time of the fans who need to see a Jobber like you take on a Champion like me. And you should never, never...

    Sackfist blasts Orden with the mic, lifts him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry, swings the lower body off, applies an inverted front face-lock and connects with a cutter.

    Sackfist lies face down, facing Orden who is out.

    You are the fallen lion, and I have took the pride lands, Junior the old lion who lost never gets the pride back. Like that Lion you have two options, go out and find a new pride or die alone.

    Sackfist drops the mic and walks out
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  8. And that's how our match ends, we need now the poll, don't we?
  9. Who do you guys think is the winner of this match? We don't have a poll right now but the match is over so it's your turn, write the winners name and I'll be updating this as if it's a poll
  10. Added a poll, place your votes
    Great promo, simply incredible,
  12. this is the best i've seen of both these guys. great match
  13. I believe the match is over Jonathan. I am the winner
  14. The winner of this match, and the stipulation picker for their match at Extreme Rules... MrSackfist!