Same old shit!Im out!

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  1. *Theme music hits and Rodrigo comes out for a mixed reaction*

    *Walks slowly to the ring and grabs a mic*

    I’m out here tonight to cut my last promo. *Crowd is shocked*
    Yes, my last promo. But I didn’t want to leave this company without writing history in it. I will probably never be a HOF, but at this point I don’t care. My career has been ephemeral, but you gotta agree with me. It has been a hell of a career.
    I’ve never had a good relationship with you people, mainly because I don’t care about you. You are the ones who pay to watch me ,and not the other way round. *Crowd boos*
    Don’t boo me. The IWT is possible because of you. Every guy here depends of you. You run this company , this is nothing without you. And that’s something certain guys in this business cannot understand. Guys who are in the power for odd reasons. Guys who think that control gives power and that power can fill their empty lifes. But not, inside that persona, a dickhead, a faggot is hidden. They try to make your career a hell, and in this case, this guy reached his objective.
    Since I came into this company, I’ve always been treated as a midcarder. A guy who would always be jobbing to guys. No matter if I was in the developmental section, there was a guy that always tried to cut my wings. Why? Because he’s nothing without power, He knew I could destroy him, anyday and anytime.
    I cannot understand how could he became GM. That’s my I asked britanica to add me to RAW. He’s a child,just like me, and he should be washing my underwear at the locker room instead of being bitching all the time. As I’ve said before, I don’t blame him. That’s the only reason he gives himself to live.
    But anyway, he’s not even someone I should focus on. He’s trash, and I get rid of trash. As I’ve said before, my career has been short. I’ve been the underdog, screwed, betrayed,alone and finally champion. I’ve meet a lot of people here, some guys I could even consider friends.
    I’ve teamed up with the user who will become the best talker in this company. I’ve had an epic feud with Dat Kid. My archenemy. But the guy that I respect the most at the back. I never knew my last match would be against him. But I’m proud to admit that it was the best match Ive been.
    We have a champion that it's a joke,a fucking joke,the rookie was better,get over it,forfeit,give away your championship,because you dont deserve it.In my book,the champ must be the best and this guy hasnt showed is the best so why should he be champ?. We have a lot of guys who deserve to be champ,and we have a faggot instead?Please,go back to the indies.
    This is life,here the old lions need to retire and let the new guys do their job.Otherwise,they will be overshadowed by people like me. Dont give up, it took me five months to win my first championship and look where I'm now. Holding not one or two but three championships.
    I might now be the best promo cutter,but I'm the guy who worked harder than anyone to make this *Rises his belts* possible. If they spent 15 minutes writing their promos,I spent 30. But that's how you reach glory,and I'm leaving writing history.I dont want you to miss me,i just want you to realise how hard I worked and that I'm leaving because a non-life faggot got the control of this company.
    So...I'm not gonna keep this with me.
    *Rises MOD title* This one was my first belt,I'm now VP of MOD. Believe it or not Im above jonathan and that's something he cannot stand.There you go Britanica take it.
    *Rises Us title*This one is my favourite title. I didnt carry it around what I understood how important it is. I won this title by beating Kid in the best match this company has had. But its time to leave,I hope the new guy its at least half as good as I was.
    *Puts both titles on the floor*
    It's time for me to go.But I gotta say something before. Victoria,Orden. You guys are gold,you might not like each other but I know you will reach the top of the card someday. You are awesome.
    That's all. Fuck Jonathan,Fuck aids.I’ve had road block after road block after road block thrown in my way. Not only did I get passed those road blocks but I did it while flipping off the people who put up those road blocks. But not anymore.
    Rodrigo is leaving the building.
  2. *Victoria walks out with her tag team belt around her waist and the Divas title on her shoulder

    Rodrigo, I still don't quite comprehend why you're doing this. We worked together to bring Dat Kid to his knees the night of my wedding. We just reunited and now you want to walk out on your dream of being the best in this company? I appreciate the sentiment about me and saying I'm the best, but now you're leaving me out cold with no tag team partner. You're leaving me in a very unfavorable position to find a new tag team partner so close to Extreme Rules, and frankly, I don't appreciate that.

    It wasn't too long ago when you came out during my wedding and said how we were alike - how we're both willing to do absolutely anything to be champions and to prove our worth. By walking out of this ring and out of this company, you're leaving behind everything that's most important to you.
  3. Good luck in your future endeavours [​IMG]

  4. *Orden walks down the ramp and enters the ring, while he's crying he picks a mic and starts talking*

    You're happy now? Really? You've lost one of the best superstars you've ever had, when he does something he does it because he feels it, he fought for this company but you treated him as crap, you're worthless, he's one of the best I've ever seen competing him, my dream when I get here was to someday be as good as he is and now he's leaving because of YOU! The IWT universe didn't really appreciate him but they enjoyed watching him fight and I'm not the best wrestler you have, I know, but I won't let you do what you want, you hurt him and every action has a reaction, I'll make sure Rodrigo enters to the HOF and I'll make sure you pay for what you've done, doesn't matter if after what I do I'm fired but I'll do it for one of my friends, he kicked me, he's the first man that made me bleed and it was in your wedding Victoria, now you need a tag partner and Rodrigo doesn't seem to come back, I'm not as good as he is but I canfight so if yo want to tag with me it'd be a great honor.

    *Orden keeps crying while he keeps talking*

    Hope everything you do in your future goes good brother, I really appreciate you and I'll miss you, anything will be the same for me when you leave, hope someday you decide to come back, I'll be waiting that day until I die, sorry to say goodbye but is your decision, I'll have to accept it.

    *Orden hugs Rodrigo for 4 seconds and let im go, Orden keeps crying and thinking he's a baby*
  5. :lol1: nice, calling me without referencing me until the very end. Classy.

    If you want some kind of, retribution, I'll fight you. Extreme Rules, 1 vs 1. The great Jonathan, vs. that jobber known as Rodrigo.

    Or you too much of a pussy to accept?
  6. Didn't you listen he's retired? Maybe he hasn't even heard you, but I'm able to fight with you at Extreme Rules if that's what you want, fight a jobber, the only problem with this is that I'm not as good as him so the match won't be that good
  7. Wait did you just call me a jobber? The ultimate jobber calling me? Oh wow.

    No thanks, I don't have any interest in you.
  8. You know why you don't want to fight me... You're afraid to LOSE! That's why nobody here wants to fight me and that's why I lose, I'm strong enough to beat all your roster but they vote the weakest as the champion because they don't like me, admit it, I'm right now the best one you have and after this tuesday in my cage match with Aids you'll see it
  9. Is that why you lost your first match as champion?
  10. Won't say that's why I lost and I'll admit I lost twice but at Extreme Rules you'll have to respect me as your NEW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION!