Ring of Honor Samoa Joe is coming home!

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  1. Don't call it a comeback I guess.
    Arguably the greatest ROH champion of all time is coming home. I hope he has the fire lit under him.
  2. lmao the only fire he has lit is in the stove. RoH really taking sloppy 7ths pretty hard at this point.
  3. I kinda wish he'd return as a heel, everyone who has returned/debuted recently have all been faces. Then again no matter what Joe would do he'd still be received as a face so I guess there'd be no point anyways.
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  4. I'm fine with him as a face or a heel. I'm just glad a homegrown star in Samoa Joe is coming back to ROH and the indys as a whole. Hoping for the best.
  5. I wish I cared, I really do.
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  6. Not bad, interested to see how they're going to use him when he makes his debut.
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    Good news, definitely. Looking forward to seeing his return!
  8. I'd obviously be down for Punk vs Joe, too. As far as Punk's price goes, no idea, bro...
  9. Punk wouldn't go into that match to make big money, it'd be just for nostalgia purposes. That being said, I don't want to see that match.
  10. Good, Briscoe needs some dudes to run through
  11. Punk vs Fat Joe? Count me the fuck out, that's a TNA only match.
  12. Meltzer says Joe received offers from Lucha Underground/AAA, WWE ("talks") and New Japan. NJ would probably send him to NOAH (their own WWECW) first.
  13. ROH released an official statement regarding this news..

  14. Personally I think the WWE should refrain from signing Joe unless it's simply to help put over NXT development talents, pretty much any other promotion would be fine for him to wrestle with their main rosters but the WWE I don't think would have any use for him on the Main Roster.
  15. Yeah, I get that. But I'd be down (if there's a possibility in the near future) for Joe having a run in NXT, to be honest.