Samuel Shaw: On The Brink?

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    The one constant of Samuel Shaw is that, above all, he’s found ways each week to send shivers down your spine. Not-so-affectionately labeled TNA’s “Creepy Bastard,” Shaw has sent terror throughout the locker room since showing up on IMPACT. Attacks on backstage staff, wrestlers and an obvious stalking problem with the lovely Christy Hemme have plagued Shaw’s otherwise impressive in-ring skill. It seemed as though things were finally taking a turn for the better when Gunner stepped in to help Shaw adjust to his post-nut hut life.

    However, the past two weeks have shown that all may not be well inside the mind of Shaw, still yet. A week ago, Shaw was caught dressing himself up in Gunner’s military uniform. Then, Shaw had a severe breakdown after the duo lost their tag team match against the pair of Bram and Magnus this week as well. Even more, Shaw denied Gunner’s attempt to hook him up with Brittany, which may be smart considering the Knockout’s similarly troubled past, but what worried us was his declaration that Shaw already had his eye on someone on the roster.

    Samuel Shaw is showing quite the weird attention towards Gunner and increasingly erratic behavior can’t help but make us wonder… Are we just around the corner from another terror spree from one of the most scary men in TNA today? Or is Samuel Shaw someone who is truly misunderstood — someone who needs even more of a helping hand to overcome his troubled past?

    What do you think of Samuel Shaw?

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  2. Shaw is the greatest! Him and Havok should hook up when she comes into the picture. I look forward to see how this whole storyline plays out in the end.