Storyline Sanity Is A Weird Thing...

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  1. Dylan Gray is standing in the boiler room inside the arena, dark with a light pointing at him, Gray is looking at the floor.

    "I try, I try again, I try harder, I try my hardest, but I come up short, over, over again, but it's the same outcome, just missing out."

    "I've been doing this all my life, and I conquer, conquer everywhere I go, but IWT, it's a different story, you get so close, but it turns out to be so far, and it all comes crashing down, all the work put in, not paying off, all my effort, not paying off, sanity only goes so far, and my sanity is starting to fade out, my sanity is being blown into oblivion, I can't take it. But i'll have to."

    "Hightower, Young, Dragon, just a few names jumping the line, taking my rightful spot, I deserve better."

    "Sanity. Sanity is a weird thing, you can have all the sanity in the world, but you take a wrong turn and it's gone."

    "I took the wrong turn."
    "But it can only get better..."