Santino Buried?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. So I guess this is the end of him? Looks like Bryan buried him Yesterday...
  2. He didn't really bury him, Santino was a joke character before his match with Bryan and he's in the same position now. He wasn't devalued in the eyes of the audience hence he wasn't buried.
  3. Can see why people will say buried, I believe I said it but he's not been buried. Thing is though he's insanely over and he and Bryan should of been given much more time than they were yesterday. Why did they not have much time? :shovel: needed his 20+ minute promo.
  4. Santino is fucking entertaining, far more entertaining than the Big Show and Mark Henry feud thats for sure. He's getting a pretty good push now. Although it probably won't go anywhere either way.
  5. Santino can't be buried, he is needed to smell Natalya's farts
  6. Santino was a character soley made to look other guys look good.
  7. Thing is though he's really over, really really over. If they were going to just feed him to Bryan on RAW, why let him eliminate 2 stars in the chamber and last until the end?
  8. Because that entire EC was a joke and WWE doesn't book things in a sensible manor? Idk just a guess
  9. I actually had good prospects for Santino when he made his debut against Umaga (R.I.P), I remember liking him. But the WWE ruined him, in my opinion, they made him a laughing stock and nothing more. I don't think he was buried, especially at the hands of Daniel Bryan (considering he is the World Heavyweight Champion and one of the best wrestlers around). I think he was buried years ago.
  10. Agreed, though his comedy gimmick is sometimes gold. He makes me laugh most of the time but they've made it so he just can not be taken seriously, but he's over now and he needs to be repackaged.
  11. Can he be repacked though? Or is it too late for him?
  12. I don't think you can repackage him tbf. He's always going to be the comedy character. The same thing is happening with Ryder.. he won't be taken seriously at any point in his career because he's always going to be the comedy character broski
  13. I dunno, I'm taking Ryder more seriously in this current feud. Just needs a few matches where Santino becomes the underdog that is really hard to beat and he can become a comedy version of Rey. I know that's probably ludicrous but I definitely feel he can be repackaged enough for him to look stronger than he is now.
  14. Ryder is more of a punchline than ever after this storyline to me. It's an over the top bad soap opera rip off
  15. OTT Soap-Opera stuff? Welcome to WWE Dolph.
  16. I disagree. I think both Santino and Ryder, in order to be repackaged, could use a heel turn, with a serious gimmick change. It would be a big boost, if they could pull it off.
  17. Not sure if Ryder can be heel with his YouTube show getting him more and more fans. He's still so over, "We want ryder" chants were all over RAW last night.

    Santino perhaps, would be strange at first.
  18. Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, is that you?
  19. I think a heel turn would be perfect in a scenario like this, coming out as a complete shock.
  20. Random heel turns for over babyfaces?