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  1. Michael walks out wearing a goofy beret and silk shirt with white cargo pants. He has a microphone in his back pocket. He dances a little and makes his way down to the ring.

    Michael: This is my empire. I've inherited it! I went to the Creative wing of the IWT Headquarters before the show started. And rummaging through the rubish, there. I found traces of a crazy cat women. I found traces of a Dominoe addict. I found traces of a black guy. I found traces of an oily guy who loves vitamins and roids. And I found A LOT of whiskey. Well for the first time since 2013. The trash has been dumped. I've dumped the trash that cluttered my new building.

    Michael: I pride myself on wearing the same shirt, I've been sweating and crying in for the better part of a month putting together a show, for all of you...but of course it had set backs. Never has a problem rattled the very core of a company like the no-shows. I book the matches, flights, limos, hotels, room service, chiropractor and masseuses. But some people want to be spoon fed success, but I spoon fed something else. Their pink slip.

    Michael: Speaking of my empire, I'd like to talk about one of it's champion knights. Christian. I'm the one that made Christian relevant again. He was long in retirement back when I contacted him through his AOL email account. We asked for his Skype. And Danielson, Christian and I were just talking shit for a couple of hours when we asked him to join The New Generation. He accepted, and now a year later he's well into a title run that could last almost an entire year! I'm the best thing to happen to him. Just like I was the best thing to happen to the IWT. Sometimes I think that lil' jap...Nero?...had it right the entire time. IWT was on life support, but I'm the one pumping the air.

    Michael: Now that I got that off my chest...
    *Michael stops dancing*
    Michael: Let's get to the point.

    Michael: I've been running try outs in every bingo hall, and middle school gym I can find, and I found some good talents. One of those talents was a man who calls himself The Demon. He won his debut against The Cleaner, earlier tonight. The Man to carry this company into the Next Generation... @Prince Bálor. You put on a good showing. Completely unoriginal, but I'm not complaining. I'd like to bring you out here, so I can get a few words with my newest employee.
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  2. ***The arena fades to black and then red lights start flashing!***

    ***Out comes Prince Bálor, greeted with boos, but is full of himself, for having done what he'd promised he would. He stands on top of the ramp, grabs a mic and says...***

    You're damn right, Michael! I am THE man to carry IWT into the new era. I'd said it on my very first night here, that I am the future and I couldn't care less if anyone liked it or not.
    Now that I have cleaned up THE CLEANER, I will do the same with everyone else.
    Now, why am I out here?
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    Michael grows angry...
    Michael lifts the microphone to his mouth and begins...

    Michael: Who in the aqua marine hell do you think you are? I found you scrubbing toilets at an FSW show, and now you think you're a big shot? Let me tell you something kid. I'm your boss. You either respect me or I can make your life a living hell. You hear me playa? I would recommend you realize your place in this company. You're no where near any title, as far as I'm concerned. You need to know your damn role...and shut your mou-

    Before Michael can finish his sentence The Dazzler makes his return to the IWT! Michael is in shock.

    Dazzle walks out to a massive pop that even rang Marcus Anthony's ears! He's wearing a tribal pattern vest and slick dress pants. He lifts his sun glasses to his eyes and takes a big sniff before he walks around the ramp rubbing his goosebumps. He lifts the microphone to his mouth and begins.


    After a long pause and 'Dazzler' chant. He resumes talking.

    Dazzle: Who in the hell do you think you are Jabroni? You talking to this kid like he's some amateur? He's won more matches in one night than you have in your damn career. The Dazzler recognizes talent because The Dazzler IS talent. And when it comes to Michael...IT DOESN'T MATTER who you think is talented. Because at the end of the day, you're just hear to carry The Dazzler's junk! Speaking of junk, Dazzle think it's time The Dazzler takes out the junk in his ring!

    *Dazzler runs down to the ring. He begins to pound away Michael. After 4 punches Michael bounces off the ropes and into a spinebuster. Dazzler jumps to Michael's head and stands above him. He throws off his vest, into the crowd, and runs off the ropes 2 times before land a People's Elbow. Michael is stunned, and jumps to his feet to run away. But Dazzler twists him around and hits a dazzling Dazzle Bottom. Michael roles out of the ring, and Dazzle picks up the microphone*


    The Dazzler and Balor raise their arms in victory and hug before they make their way out of the ring together.
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