Weekly Saturday Night Exodus - Week 3 - Match Card

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  1. Tough bottom half of the card to make with the last 7 people, just because Creed and The Frosts are in a tag team and wouldn't be right for them to face each other, then Trodai, Votan and JJ are all face. This seemed to make the most sense.
  2. inb4 heavywight
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  3. Trodaí wins all the matches, there's your prediction.
  4. Seems like you need a heel.....Robert Blake will come back in style at the PPV :emoji_wink:
  5. Should've been a fatal-4-way with my controller as the 4th participant in the match.
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  6. Lukey @LukeTheGreatFTW vs Luis Alvarado @Hybrid
    Winner: @LukeTheGreatFTW
    Reason: He's too great

    The Amazing H @SupaHeeroh vs Caleb Hayes @Jet Starr
    Winner: @SupaHeeroh
    Reason: I really want to see H vs Lukey. no other reason that that

    Triple Threat Match: Randy Borton @Randy Borton vs Blackjack @DemonHunter1257 vs Des Pierson @Emo
    Winner: @DemonHunter1257
    Reason: I still have no idea what a Emo is but I'm not racist so I'm going with Blackjack

    Singles Match: Trodai @SmoothCriminal vs Ty Creed @Ellis Sullivan
    Winner: @SmoothCriminal
    Reason: Ellis has had a break, the ring rust(@Ring Rust ) will catch up to him
    Triple Threat Match: King Votan @KingsPunch vs The Webmaster @MintMidget69 vs Jason Frost @W0LFBAN3666
    Winner: Webmaster's Xbox controller
    Reason: turns out there's a Inside joke that I don't know about

    Singles Match: JJ Colton @InFaMoUs1 vs Tyson Frost @SmudgyParasite
    Winner: @SmudgyParasite
    Reason: I can't spoil something from Game of Thrones so if you have seen it then you would get my answer to this
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  7. Ask and you shall recieve.
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  8. Me too... Me too... UNDERDOGS UNITE!
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  9. I'll be the one standing tall after I smack the sh*t out of Alvarado in @Randy Borton's honour.
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  10. That's absolutely terrifying
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  11. good
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