Weekly Saturday Night Exodus - Week 5 - Results

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  1. I FUCKING CALLED IT YOU BITCHES! Ben Song is getting that push :kappa:
  2. Ben Song getting the upset victory on Lukey!?! World Heavyweight Champion Lukey!?!
    I gotta say I'm shocked.
  3. Didn't actually want the belt anyway.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I won the match, but @Jet Starr and @SupaHeeroh didnt like how I won so, we decide to let it end as a draw.
  6. how did you win?
  7. You pinned off of a reversal/glitch. You did not win. Had you gotten a second pin, I wouldn't have cared. I just didn't want a retarded loss on my record.
  8. He was trying to hit me with my curb stomp, and he didn't know that I have a finisher so what happened is that when he tried to hit me I press the Y button to hit him with a catching RKO.
  9. It was the glitched standing Curb Stomp that gives you the catch finisher no matter what. He didn't have enough stamina to do a finisher legitimately and it basically did the mid-move RKO. @TheFrostyBlur
  10. I remember that. Can't do anything about it and requires nothing from the other person.
  11. Sadly I didn't. There was network errors everywhere for the first ten minutes but I have a clip of me hitting my third dropkick (which easily could've ended it) but that light headed ass ref fell to the ground. I will have my revenge on Lil Song!
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  12. Ha!! I actually saw that clip.
  13. I also tried to hit him with a diving dropkick but he was too far away from me and I tried to go for the Super Dropkick in the corner but my stamina wasn't going up quick enough.
  14. To be fair you can use a finisher in that situation
  15. Regardless, that move is glitched and he did not have enough stamina to be able to actually do it.